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Doc on Shaq: “He feels awful about this”

Via the Herald: 

“Yeah, there’s nothing he can do,” said the Celtics coach. “It’s not like he’s not trying. I told our team that yesterday. He’s done everything he possibly can do to get healthy, and unfortunately for him he just hasn’t been able to do it. When he was originally injured no one even thought it was that serious. I think I said it wasn’t that big a deal – he’d be back in four or five days. It just never healed, it still hasn’t, and now every time he plays it gets worse. There’s nothing you can do about it, and we haven’t really.”

Here’s more from Rivers on a player who is so old (39), they actually played against each other:

“It’s too early to talk about it,” Rivers said of whether O’Neal’s career may have reached the end. “I’ve learned personally that you never try to make a decision in the heat of the battle. Emotionally you’re always going to make the wrong choice then. He’ll walk away for the summer and then decide what he wants to do.

“But this has been emotionally draining to him – more than you guys would know. He feels awful about this, because this is why he came here, to get to the playoffs, and then play in the playoffs, and not being able to do that has really hurt him."

Maybe it's because I'm in "hoping for a miracle mode"… but I would love for the C's to somehow get past Miami and Chicago…. and Shaq make a triumphant return in the Finals to limp his way through a few games and get another ring. 

On a related note, I'm already spending the Powerball money I'm about to win. 

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  • thats definitely not the way to go out, but hey, at least shaq can do pro vs joe and his reality show

  • Time for Shaq to fade into the sunset with some dignity. Ainge dpending on this guy was a lost gamble.