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Your Morning Dump… Where “All the pressure is on now”

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We didn't finish strong.  Lost and now am down 3-1.  Guys battled, but mental errors.  Had to have that one.  Now we gotta have the rest of these.  Heading to Miami in the am.  Tough loss.  Real tough loss.

Gotta win 3 now.  All the pressure is on now.

KG's Anta blog

I can hear the depression coming through my keyboard when I read this.  I'm not even sure what to say about it. 

The C's made mistakes that killed them.  The final play (more on that on page 2), the turnovers in OT… they just executed poorly down the stretch. 

The Celtics can win.  It's possible.  And if you want some measure of optimism, here it is:

Cs tweet
So… don't bury the Celtics yet… even though the coffin will probably be picked out today.  

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On Page 2: The guys talks about what happened on the last play of regulation

Doc Rivers: “We didn’t execute the play, I’ll just leave it at that. Ended up leaving Paul on the island. It’s a play we’ve run several times and we just didn’t execute it. [It] was supposed to be a pick-and-roll with a flare and none of it happened, which was unusual for us. But it happened.”

Paul Pierce: “It was supposed to end up with a fade for Ray [Allen], then I was coming off a pick-and-roll for Kevin [Garnett]. I guess there was a little confusion right there and we never got into it, and I had to force a bad shot.”

Ray Allen: “We wanted to get a pick-and-roll with Paul and Kevin. We kind of screwed it up because we wanted Paul to get the ball, and I’m at the free-throw line and I wanted to kind of fan off and create some misdirection and then Kevin go set the screen, and then from there see what we got. But I don’t think we got a great shot. Paul still got a shot at the basket. We’re kicking ourselves over that.”

Kevin Garnett: “The timing actually got messed up when he went and got the ball and miscommunication. Paul went with a couple seconds on the clock and felt like he had to be aggressive in that situation. But plays are all timing. If you don’t come off at a certain time, clock’s going, and Paul felt like he had to go. It’s what it was.”

Rajon Rondo: "It's a surprise but it happens, you know? Lotta talking in the huddle, but there wasn't enough listening, I believe."

CSNNE: Final play a microcosm of Celtics night

It was painful to watch that play unfold.  Pierce holding the ball… waiting for a pick to come that never did.

If the play really was for a screen and roll with KG and Pierce, then Ray got in the way.  

It looks like KG started to run to set the pick a little earlier than he should… so he stopped.  Then Ray trying to create the misdirection he's talking about in the quote got tangled up with KG and actually picked him as KG was heading towards Paul.  By that time there's 4 seconds on the clock and Paul felt like he had to do something. 

Then the frustration boils over and Pierce gives the very demonstrative "what are you doing?" to KG and Ray…. and then walks off with a "f–ing around man".  

This play was not pretty at all.  And uncharacteristic of the Celtics.  It's one thing for the C's to lose to a younger, more athletic team that executed down the stretch.  It's another for the C's to lose when they bumble through plays they know and make dumb mental errors.  

I don't know if it was exhaustion… emotions… or a combination of the two.  The Celtics had to hit that shot to win that game… and they didn't give themselves a good chance to get that done.

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  • I’m not really depressed. That’s because I expected exactly this – a first or second round exit for the Celtics. It’s been perfectly obvious ever since The Trade that we had gone from a first tier team to a second tier team.
    Don’t get me wrong. I WANTED to win last night. I was nearly in tears when the game ended. And I thought we still could win this series, and a championship, but I knew that the Big Three and Rondo, Rondo particularly, would have to play out of their heads for us to do it. And that didn’t happen. KG has lost three games out of four to Bosh. For us to beat the Heat, two things had to happen: KG had to beat Bosh, establishing himself in the paint particularly, and Rondo had to shine. Dwayne Wade took care of Rondo, with the dirtiest play I’ve ever seen in sports. I say dirtiest ever not because it was the most dangerous or nastiest, but because he deliberately took out the best player on the opposing team. I have NEVER seen anyone do that before.
    But it all goes back to Danny. We should have had homecourt advantage and we should have had a legitimate starting center. By “legitimate starting center” I do NOT mean to old gamers bravely trying to make it happen one more time, on their last legs.
    A lot of fans want to blame the Bench, or all the injuries. All that hurt, but we still were a dominant team, until The Trade. Then ubuntu went out the window for a month, and we never quite got it back. Then we traded a hole on the bench for a hole in the starting unit. Etc.. Usually, playing the Blame Game is not really on. But this time, this year, Danny is BEGGING for us to play the blame game. HE’S THE ONE WHO CHOSE TO TAKE AN INSANE GAMBLE. No one forced him to do it. Reportedly Rivers and the team even nixed one Perkins trade, and what did he do? He came back with another, making it clear that he was going to trade Perkins, no matter what. And why? He himself admitted, in a moment of candor I’m sure he wishes he had back, that he did it because of Perkins’ contract. In other words, he put a future contract problem over winning a championship this year. What do you think THAT did to the team’s esprit? Do you think that they were snowed like so many fans and media were by Danny’s claims that he did it all to win a championship this year? Do you think they believed him when he said “oh, I traded our starting center to win a championship!” Right. To win one for the Thunder, possibly.
    This year, yes, it’s time for the Blame Game.

  • At least this team is going down fighting, tough, and classy. Unlike some other teams we all could name.
    And as to the first comment, Danny has consistently said there was a twofold reason for the trade. I doubt he wants to take the comment about Perkins’ contract back, since he has made it many times. In Danny’s defense, the two teams that were supposed to benefit most from the Celtics losing Perkins– Orlando and the Lakers– turned out not to be a problem, as Danny speculated.
    I don’t blame Danny. I blame the freakish construction of Marquis Daniels’ spine.

  • D

    It’s only time for the blame game becaue you want to play it. Was Perk going to take the last shot? Was Perk going to set the screen? No and No! Because Perk never played in crunch time,and there is a reason for it. You have been on here going on and on for the last 2 months about “The Trade” as if we traded the best center in the league. This series has nothing to do with Perk, but shitheads like you want no need an excuse everytime we lose. Is Baby playing like shit because Perk is gone? Is Ray making boneheaded passes because Perk is gone? Do the Celtics get gassed because Perk is gone? Did you watch Perk last night? He was dragging his friggin leg! Jesus Christ if Seal Team 6 hadn’t shot Bin Laden and he got away you would have blamed “The Trade”. “See Danny Seal Team 6 has no Umbutu”. Get over it.

  • D

    Thank you making a great point. If Daniels doesn’t go down then probably none of the personal moves happen. You know what though? We still might have had a hard time with the previous roster and home court. They are playing good ball. Can’t take that away from them.

  • You encapsulated just about everything I would have said about the dolts who continue to prattle on about a center who isn’t contributing shit to the Thunder.
    This team is old. Period. Ran out of gas last night. Period. Jeff Green played well last night. Period.
    We get it. People who hate the trade are going to continue their desperate search for vindication, no matter how stupid it makes them look. We know you love Perkins, but frankly, shut the hell up about it. Kendrick Perkins makes NO difference whatsoever in this team today. None.
    Kendrick Perkins is not and never has been worth anything close to $9 million a year. He’s proving it every time he steps on the floor in Oklahoma City.
    He isn’t missed, and he won’t be in the future. Period. Anything else is bullshit.

  • We wouldn’t have home court anyway. This team is old. We’ve got to get our arms around it. This group is finito, and Danny’s got some work ahead of him breaking the group up, whether he moves one of the oldsters or does something with Rondo.
    The latter is certainly indefinite, but it’d be some entertainment watching the same dolts who consistently conflate Perkins’ talents elevate Rondo to Cousy-like status.
    I’ll say this for The Trade: It certainly dragged the Celtics blogosphere head-first into the stupid season.

  • I don’t like to point fingers after a tough loss. We didn’t play well all game and yet we still had a chance to win…it was right there. I’m just bumming today. It hurts to lose – and it hurts even more to talk about it.

  • The execution offensively in the fourth quarter was atrocious. If you want to blame something intelligently for the loss, that’s it. We played almost perfectly defensively in the fourth quarter to give ourselves a chance to win – we just couldn’t execute shit on the other end.
    Why this team struggles so much with the notion that the basketball is best taken to the rim in crunch time escapes me.
    Of course, we all know that Perkins would have changed all that.

  • We’ll have all summer to second guess the trade, but Perk would not have been part of the last 5 minutes or changed the fact that Miami had the fresher, more athletic guys in OT.
    JG has done a creditable job in his short stints guarding LBJ all series. Last night he was money as the featured guy on the post during the second quarter run. You can’t fault Doc for not using his athleticism more in the second half because Delonte was glued to D. Wade, you still need Ray and RR out there, and PP is the only player who create his own shot. JG is not that kind of player. He’s not a 1 or 1a type either. He’s exactly what he was in OKC … a third or fourth option.
    If the trade did meddle with chemistry you would be hard pressed to prove it by looking at the defensive numbers. Even with Perk they were a bad offensive rebounding team because they value getting back in transition. If they are not moving the ball or revert to ISO games the offense becomes stagnant. The problem was, and still is, a lack of individual scoring punch to match LBJ or Wade or Kobe in a 7 game series.
    In most circumstances this team doesn’t need another Alpha-Male, but unless you’re Durant/Westbrook or Curry/Ellis, it’s next to impossible to match JBL/Wade’s firepower. Their shot making capacity is unbelievable, and last night ours was not.

  • If this team was younger I could believe they could win the next 3 games but do I dare say it…they are too old. This is the last run for the Big 3. Doc’s drooping face in that post game presser said it all ..its too late.
    So who will be left on the roster after all this dust settles.

  • He was “money”? Not really. He scored once in the post. And he fumbled an easy fast break layup out of bounds, which is par for the course with him.
    You’re missing the point with Perkins. He’s not a better player than Green, he’s simply a much better fit here in Boston. But keep hitching the broken wagon to the O’Neals. They can’t even remain on the court when it matters.

  • See, here it is again with another dumb Perkins comment. I’ll ask again: What has Jeff Green done to prove your point? Nothing. Or Kristic, who rots on the bench because HE’S TERRIBLE. Green can’t contribute to this team until 2012-13, when he could start, which proves my point about why this trade failed. It was meant for the future and it sacrificed the present.

  • Please, stop with the moronic Perkins bullshit. He has done NOTHING in OKC, like he did NOTHING here.
    As most of you Perkins-o-phile dolts do, you’re relying on some esoteric piece of bullshit – “he was a better fit” – here that you have zero factual evidence to support. Fit my ass. There are 9 million reasons to ship his grossly overpaid, grossly overrated ass out for any kind of cornerman help.
    So let’s see your list. What exactly would Perkins have done to change the outcome last night – besides his stock technical foul for running his yap and the usual pair of illegal screens that stunt runs?
    And, of course, you’ve got predictably no answer for this one: How would the presence of the Human Foul Machine keep Paul Pierce from being as gassed as the other fossils we roll out in the starting lineup?
    Here you are, again, with another piece of Perkins stupidity. You really should take this whining bullshit to Celtics Blog, where there are plenty of dolts busy every day trying to equate their beloved Perk to Wilt Chamberlain.

  • Tell me, what factual evidence do you have that “fit” matters? Please produce quotes and statistics, although the numbers won’t help this nonsense you spew, because Perkins barely cracks the stat sheet.
    The idea that Kendrick Perkins would change the fact this team’s key players are old is 100 percent unadulterated bullshit.

  • There is no evidence to support his case, and you’re absolutely right. In the playoffs Perk is averaging 4.6 PPG, 7r, and shooting well below his days in a green uniform at 43%. He’s a -14 in a 9 game composite! His inside presence or screen setting ability would have not much of an impact against a team like Miami who plays small. The facts are this team cannot score enough in the playoffs against athletic teams who can close on the perimeter and make RR the shooter in the pick and roll game.

  • WE HAD TO MAKE THE TRADE. Goddammit I’m getting sick of it. Perkins is so overrated, and this is coming from a guy who fervently defended him during his most immature of basketball days.

  • The perk trade had to be done, he wanted more money than the C’s had!
    The Tony Allen trade back when was the big God he was one of the very few young ones on the team, and when Truth, Ray and KG are done with the game, what are the C’s gonna be? They’ll almost have to trade Rondo to compete, because he’ll be all they got, or Rondo’s career will be of similar fate to Pierce’s, before they landed Ray and KG.
    The officiating’s got me not even caring anymore though anyway, because it seems the Celtics are the most hated and screwed team in sports. What I used to love is when the Celts could beat the opponent and officials, but with the heat series, too many unjustified injures have been suffered where they can’t or won’t do that..
    If ya ask me the Celtics really needed to retaliate in Game 1 once Pierce was ejected for fouls committed on him..they should of sent Baby out there to deck Wade! But nothin..and the heat kept getting away with it more and more, even in Game 3 with Wade’s takedown of Rondo.
    Game 4 was called more Bostons way for the most part, but, too little to late.
    Back to back games during the season, 1 days rest ( even while travelling)’s now a young man’s sport and geared to give a huge advantage to guys under 30.