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Taking Stock: C’s – Heat Game 4

Taking stock 
After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

BuyRajon Rondo:  This is just one tough kid.  He didn't have a great game, but that he had a game at all was amazing.  I will buy him for the balls to go out there and do his job alone.

Delonte West:  He's the only guy off the bench we can count on right now.  And his clutch 3 was a gigantic reason we even had a chance to win.

Sell Glen Davis:  Holy mother of God is he just terrible right now.  Earlier this season, he was a big reason why we were winning games.  Now he's making it impossible to play him.  We needed 25 minutes out of him last night so KG could rest a little more… but the 17 he played turned out to be way too much.

Hold Doc Rivers: 38 minutes for a 1-armed Rondo was too much.  They sagged off him too much and it affected the rest of the team.  It made it too easy to double team in the post and neutralize KG… it made it too easy to clog the paint.  The C's needed to make another adjustment.  

The Big 3:  The execution down the stretch and then the little bit of bickering was uncharacteristic.  

The C's demise:  Last rites are being read and the doctors have one hand on the plug.  But I've seen enough episodes of "House" to know that sometimes a patient survives after the plug is pulled.  Yes, I'm relying on fiction to keep me going.  But until they're dead… I'm holding out hope.

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  • Frankly, I can’t wait for Big Baby to leave Boston.

  • agreed we could have had powe for the Min

  • KG can’t play 40 min a game anymore. With BB being a liability what adjustments does Doc have left given what the bench is. Rajon a trooper for wanting to play but the sagging off and his injury ineffective in getting guys to their spots in time means only choice is to play West. Not a lot options that I can see that gives you confidence to a game 5 win. Well i guess in additon to Laker Game 7 finals loss they can add Heat Game 4 loss to their brooding over the summer of what could have been. I am feeling the depression as its the end of the line for the Big 3.

  • The demise of Glen Davis was something nobody could see coming (especially in a contract year). Combine that with the awful Perkins trade, the wasteful O’Neal signings, and all the Celts have left for effective big men is…KG. That’s it. No longer an advantage vs. Miami. And now, with Rondo hurt, the PG matchup is lost as well.
    Miami is simply a better team right now. Can’t argue with that. Makes me sick that Pat Riley is proven right to stick with bums like Joel Anthony and Mike Bibby.

  • Orb

    Good God don’t remind me. In actual fact, we could use the guy with two bad knees, as long as he brought his one big heart.
    And forget “SELL” on Baby. We should shoot him out of town out of a cannon.

  • Can’t say that the O’Neal signings were wasteful. Shaq helped a lot in the reg. season to begin, Jermaine has been doing work in the playoffs. Too bad they never got to play well together.

  • Big Baby can’t lift or slide his feet quickly enough anymore. You’d think being his last contract year he’ d have kept himself in better shape. He’s got to have put on 10 or 15 lbs. since December. Also come to think about it didn’t Doc warn in December that the sagging off Rondo would be a problem in the playoffs. But at that time it was Rondo’s lack of shooting skills that was the concern. Who’d thought it would be an injury making him ineffective. But then again why should that be a surprise given how this year has gone.

  • Rondo needs to figure out if he really can or cannot give us more than five assists. If he can’t, he should ask Doc to start Delonte. That’s part of being a leader, Rondo.

  • Think he’d fit?

  • You can’t tell me that JO has not been an excellent addition to the team. If the Celtics lose this series, it will be because they suffered another injury at a crucial time. In ’09, it was KG. In ’10 it was Perkins, and now it is Rondo. There is no way we could beat Miami with Rondo playing hobbled. I think the fact that Doc never developed any of the bench players has hurt us in this series. For example, why didn’t he play Troy Murphy a little bit more? Yeah…I know he sucked during the regular season, but that was because of rust. If he could have gotten just a little more playing time, I’d bet he’d be performing better than Baby right now. It’s a shame that we chose to use a fat, undersized, inconsistent power forward instead of a legit 7 footer in Troy Murphy. In addition, Doc chose to use that same undersized power forward at center to close out games. WTF? He had Kristic! Don’t you remember how great he looked when we first got him? Yeah…he slumped shortly after, but Doc should have intervened and done something about it. I know what you guys might say, Kristic can’t defend. Well, if that is the case, then goddamn coach him to defend!!! Isn’t that what coaches are supposed to do?? Instead, Doc cut his minutes and completely devastated his confidence. Kristic is a natural center for crying out loud! He started for OKC! Why did we chose Baby over Kristic? The C’s had options. Doc just refused to utilize them. Now we are paying dearly for it.

  • Agreed. I suggest that all Celtics fans check this site at least five times today.

  • Leader or not, it isn’t Rondo’s job to decide whether it’s better for him or Delonte to be on the floor at any given time. That’s all on Doc.

  • Rondo doesn’t need to ask Doc to start Delonte. Doc needs to realize it himself and freakin’ start Delonte! He is the damn coach. The more I think about this season, the more frustrated I get with Doc. I think his refusal to use and develop the bench is costing us right now. In particular, his refusal to use anybody but Big Baby has screwed us over. Big Baby will always represent a disadvantage for us. Yeah I know…he has come up big at times, but he is mostly inconsistent. I just can’t help but think that if Troy Murphy and Nenad Kristic would have been worked with a little bit more, they could have contributed much more than Big Baby Davis. ARRGGGHHHH I am so pissed off right now I can barely work.

  • Nads could have helped for sure. He was used in NY series why not here? Nads + Baby + J Green could get KG and JO some rest.
    I also wonder if it made sense to stay small for so long in the 4th and OT. Doc should have tried 2-5 trips with size to pound down low. It also would have given Rondo some rest. West/Ray/PP/KG/JO could have bothered Miami’s small unit.