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Glen Davis needs to man up

If you see Glen Davis, please let him know. At this point in the postseason, he has no idea where to find himself.

“I’ve been nowhere to be found this whole playoffs,” he said. “I need to find myself.”

"I’m frustrated,” he said. “Really frustrated.”

"I don’t know where I’m at,” he said. “It’s my type of year. This is what I do. My years of big playing with the Celtics, playoff ball, this is when I play best. It’s not showing right now.”


This is embarrassing. Glen Davis is acting like a kid who just lost his puppy.

Man up.

Strap on a set.

Get angry.

The Heat are looking at this interview and laughing at you.

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  • Glen is beginning to sound like Chris Bosh.

  • Glen’s agent is looking at that interview and crying

  • To me, it seems like Baby already signed a contract with Pat Riley, and is earning it this series..more to add for Dan Gilberts “investigation”
    After what he’s shown, Doc should NOT be playing him at all! Jeez what about Murphy? At least he wouldn’t be giving the Heat baskets and missing almost do what he’s done in this series seems a hell of alot more than a ‘funk’. Yo Doc, there’s a fox in the henhouse!

  • Why oh why oh why did they ever trade TA!!?? That was just as if not more important that the Perk trade. It was great for Tony Allen though..he got the $$, he’s starting games and playing alot more minutes..Who are the Celts gonna have when Pierce, Garnet, and Ray retire..just Rondo?

  • The Perkins trade was made in the homestretch of the season. That makes it a devastating trade, to a team trying to build and maintain momentum and cohesion. Also, it left us with no starting center. Since then, we’ve been playing center-by-committee. So there’s no comparison between the Perkins Trade and Tony Allen, though God knows, I wish we had him.

  • What on earth do you expect Baby to say? He’s been terrible and he knows it.

  • I hear ya paul..I think for danny, it was mainly they didn’t have the cap space for Perk, and expected more out of yeah, it was a bad decision after the fact leaving the Cs with no solid center.. JOs been doing a decent job though and while I’m sure perk would’ve been great to have in this seriers, it mostly hindsight that shows that..we just didn’t know what the deal was with perk returning from the surgery and shaq played well at 1st.. I see jeff green doing pretty decent in the playoffs but krystic has been terrible. Celts gotta be worried about the future and green was a decent would’ve been nice to see him playing with TA..but they are in desperate need of a big center that can grab and hold onto the ball..
    That is supposedly why they got troy murphy but why isn’t he playing?? Especially over baby lately. Even von wafer

  • I’ll be very surprised if baby isn’t playing for the heat next season..he’s. Beyond terrible right now and if ya ask me, and cost us game 2 and game 4.. knowing what baby is capable of, I think he has had to actually try hard to be as basd as he’s been, and he’s demoralizing the rest of team by not helping in the post with D, and missing easy layups.
    There’s nothing he can say..he has to do or sit amd given his play he should definitely not be. in the game with less than 9 min. Left in the game. Murphy will help on the boards