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Gang Green Episode 4.32 live at 9pm

Streaming Video by Ustream.TVThe Gang is back to look at what happened in Game 4 and ahead to Game 5.  If you'd like to join in the chat, go over to their UStream page and hop in the chat room (you'll need to create an account, but you can log in with Twitter or Facebook).  

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  • This would be a good time for you to apologize to Boston for being such media hacks and sucking up to Danny over The Trade. How ’bout it? Time to come clean?

  • They have the right to share their own opinion about The Trade. If they liked it, they can like it. Personally, I’m not sure about The Trade, after all Kendrick Perkins was going to ask for a lot more money than he rightfully deserves on extension day and Danny pulled the trigger to bring in younger and fresher legs to a Celtics team that was getting tired in the regular season.

  • People with different opinions than you are hacks?
    Danny still had to pull a trade. And you can’t fault the guy for a player who had been playing well not panning out. Green was much better than he is now in OKC.
    And tell me how Marquis out for the year and a Perk who admits to being 65% can help this team right now?