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Enemy Chatter: The Big Frustration

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

There is a reason the Big Ticket many times becomes the Big Frustration.

Kevin Garnett, whose Lazarus performance in the inspiring Game 3 victory over Miami was key, left his bite at home and only brought his bark to Monday’s 98-90 overtime loss to the Heat. The Celtics trail the best-of-7 series 3-1, and Monday’s loss may be the wake for the Celtics’ Big 3 era.

While his 28-point, 18-rebound performance Saturday was as praised as his role in keeping counterpart Chris Bosh to one of the most embarrassing nights of his career, Garnett’s seven-point (on 1-of-10 shooting), 10-rebound stat line last night resembled Bosh’s Game 3 more than anything.

Miami Herald – Garnett returns to background

There's no bigger insult for an NBA big man than "Like a Bosh." But KG deserves it. He was awful.

I feared this scenario after Garnett logged 37 minutes in Game 3 with only one full day off before Game 4.

Maybe it's time we scale back our expectations of the Ticket? I shutter at the thought…

And the 'KG turtles in big moments' rap is so 2008. I believe he's exorcised those demons.

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  • It’s not hard to understand why the season is on the brink, and it cuts beyond KG. Davis checked out of this series after game one. KG and RR have only been able to dominate their individual match ups in game 3, and the Heat are not allowing RA space to dart off the down screens.
    If it’s true that Nate R. played his way off the team the same can be said of his pal donkey. Inexplicably BB turned the second most efficient unit (RR/KG/PP/RA/BB: 500+ min. played, 35-15, +161) in the reg. season into a post season enigma. Who can explain his free fall? Is it too many carbs in his diet, his knee, or has he peaked before his prime?
    As for RR, for those who lauded his game 3 heroics, it’s hypocritical to lambaste him for blowing that lay up. Yes it resulted in Miami taking the lead, but PP managed to tie the score and the Celts were in a position to run clock out and win the game. With 19 seconds left, 3 future HOF’s, and arguably the best coach in the league at drawing up half court plays off a dead ball, who could have predicted KG and Ray would screen themselves?
    Could it be fatigue?
    KG was 6 for 8 at the rim with 3 days rest, 0-2 and muscled off the blocks last night.
    Point well taken!
    You can make the argument that collectively they all were gassed, and this loss had similar remnants to game 7 of last year. Too many turnovers, dominated on the boards (45-28, 10-2 second chance points, 10-3 off. r) coupled with frequent dry spells from the field.

  • It’s not hypocritical to crush Rondo for missing the most basic of basketball plays: the lay-up. I fully agree Rondo is super tough, a competitor, and possesses intangibles many players just don’t have. But you can’t argue that he’s fundamentally flawed…that choke at the rim is common for him, with or without a bum elbow.

  • For the Celtics to beat the Heat, they need two things. They need Rondo playing well, and they need KG winning his matchup. For KG to win his matchup he needs to win the post, and refuse to take no for an answer. For Rondo to return to form, he needs to do the amazing, which would be, well, amazing.
    As for the Heat, they deserve NO respect at all. They are winning this series because Wade deliberately took out our best player. I’ve never seen that in sports before. They deserve only scorn.

  • Absolutely he’s flawed and frustrating for us to watch because if you measure RR by his peers (Rose/Westbrook/D.Will/CP3) they all have the mid range game he lacks … and they shoot FT’s well. In fairness RR is better defensively and can disrupt/alter a game without scoring. Still, his lack of a 15 ft. jump shot remains a detriment in the half court. Outside of PP this team still does not have a consistent scorer who can get his own shot. I was just defending RR based on comments in the Celtic blogsphere. Some were freaking out over the missed lay up, but it was not the reason why they lost.