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Your Morning Dump… Rondo can eat breakfast w/o a brace

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“They’ll play if nothing is broken, and that is a question,” Rivers said before Rondo went for the MRI at New England Baptist Hospital. “If he can play, he’s playing. Unless the doctors came today and said there’s no way he’s playing — and that’s the way it was (Saturday) night until it switched. Right now we’re going to go with they’re all playing, (Shaquille O’Neal) as well.”

Rivers’ initial impression of Rondo’s condition wasn’t nearly as promising.

“He was laying on the (trainer’s) table, he had a lot of ice on him, and with all of the stuff they’re probably giving him, he was still half asleep,” Rivers said. “They had given him some stuff for pain, obviously. We’ll get through this and see how it goes.

“I didn’t ask (if he thought he could play in Game 4), and I didn’t bring it up. I just wanted to see how he was doing, and that was it. You go in there, it’s a pretty busy room right now.”

Herald – MRI clean, Rondo in line to play

The main concern is Rondo, who spent most of yesterday getting treatment after he reported to the training center. He was spotted eating breakfast in Waltham with no brace or restraint on his arm, and the MRI confirmed that the damage was not as severe as feared.

Globe – Rondo to give it at try

Anytime a big-time sports star suffers a major injury, we get updates of this detail. Can Rondo eat breakfast? Can Rondo tie his sneakers? Can Rondo blow his nose? And I can't get enough.

I'm 99.9% sure Rondo will lace'em up and play. I'm 75% sure he'll be effective.

On a related note, I suffered a major skin burn on my elbow with cruising down the slides with my kids at Bobo's Indoor Playground this weekend. It hurts like hell, looks awful… but goddamnit, this is the playoffs and I will perservere.

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On Page 2, Glen Davis needs to free his mind.

The energy and numbers Davis produced in last season’s playoffs and in this regular season are what coach Doc Rivers hoped to see out of his fourth-year forward during this playoff run. But Davis isn’t living up to Rivers’s expectations.

“Not right now,’’ Rivers said. “But I believe he will. I don’t ever lose faith and I keep throwing him out there and I’m going to keep throwing him out there. He has to play better. And it’s not about scoring for him. It’s about rebounding. It’s about taking charges. He’s been our energy guy. That’s what he is and when he gets caught into thinking offense, I think that affects his game. We’ll free his mind eventually, and I think the sooner the better.’’

Globe – Rivers still a believer in Davis

Why do I think Glen Davis will bounce back and have a strong game at some point in this series? Because he always does. Big Baby may be our favorite whipping boy when he's struggling, but there's a reason Doc Rivers has confidence in his play. He delivers more often than not.

Joel Anthony is dominating this 1-on-1 match-up. With 6.7 ppg and 7 rpg, he's doubling Davis' (3.3 ppg, 3.3 rpg) production.

While we are all looking at Shaq to help clog the middle and prevent LeBron James and Dwyane Wade from getting to the hoop, Davis can be the man to do it by stepping in and taking charges. An offensive foul (or two) will deter James/Wade more than any hard foul.

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  • I feel you, brother. Took a large rock to the ankle while mowing yesterday, but this is the playoffs. You mow on one leg or you’re Andrew Bynum – a pussy.

  • The C’s are going to have to go even harder now. Miami has been punched, seen some film and were embarrassed. They are going to come out tonight just like the C’s did Saturday. Going to be a battle, keep your heads tonight boys. Same game plan of lock down D in the middle and get he ball into the post early, this one is going wire to wire so keep them off the free throw line! Baby has to turn it around while at home and we will need him on D, he takes a charge or two and he’ll be right back in it.

  • False Big M…..BBD will still suck, here is why Joel is a an awful match up for him. he is a smart active shot blocker who is quicker, taller,has more heart and more aggressive (i know misspelled it still hung over from SAT)then BBD. So BBD will fail something awful just keep playing shaq and we will be fine.

  • I still think it’s important to recognize that the attitude Baby showed in the forth quarter of game 2, where he bulled the ball inside against the Heat, is exactly the kind of aggressive attitude we need to beat them. Doc is right to remind Davis that we need him for the energy/toughness stuff, on defense and on the board, and that his offense is secondary, but it’s a REMINDER. Baby’s heart is in the right place. I think he’ll play well tonight.
    As for Rondo. Wow. This kid is going to have to reach deep tonight, if we are to win. I like what Chris Mullins said about Rondo; that his unpredictable way of playing gives him a leg up in a situation like this. The Heat may not be able to gameplan to take advantage of his injury as well as they might want to, because it’s far from clear how he will respond to it himself.