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Remember… Dwyane Wade likes to embarrass children

This is a little something I witnessed at the World Basketball Festival this summer.  This is Dwyane Wade at Rucker Park in New York "teaching" kids basketball… apparently by viciously rejecting their shots and taunting them. 

I figured since DWade's character was being questioned after the Rondo injury, I'd go back into the annals of Red's Army history to try to show that he really wasn't a total jackass.  

Ummm… I failed.  So I'm just reposting this.

Have at him.

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  • Well, it’s only 30 seconds of footage taken out of context, but wow. That’s demented. Maybe the Wade we are seeing in this series is the real Wade? I hope not.
    And I hope the Celtics show this Heat team how real champions play. That’s what I hope to see tonight and the rest of this series. The Heart of a Champion, Celtics style. KG as the Master of Menace. Paul Pierce as the Minister of Magic. Ray Ray as The One. Jermaine as The Answer. Delonte as Mr. Ice. Baby as The Tornado.
    And Rajon Rondo as The Killer Kid.
    Tough ball, not thug ball.

  • Now that the Lakers are out of the playoffs I can suggest the following. For even greater contrast show the vids of Kobe at Ruckers during WBF where he is actually instructing and encouraging the young kids not embarrassing them.
    The Heat are turning out to be just fakers.

  • Remember when Wade hurt his shoulder vs. Houston in the playoffs and was carted off in a wheelchair for an upper body injury, crying?
    I do…good times.

    There it is. Let me tell you… I was rather impressed with Kobe that day.