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Recap: Season on the brink after C’s run out of gas in OT

Lebron dunks game 4 The Celtics barely had enough gas in the tank for 48 minutes of basketball.  When the last play of the fourth quarter unfolded in no way, shape, or form that Doc Rivers drew it up, Paul Pierce managed to get a fadeaway jumper off that bounced off the rim.  

The miss was deadly.  The Celtics really didn't have anything left.  Miami's younger legs were too much in a 53 minute contest.  The only basket the Celtics could muster was a Paul Pierce layup to cut Miami's OT lead to three.  Boston would not score again. 

Meanwhile, the Heat's OT featured a ridiculous turnaround circus shot by Dwyane Wade and a soul crushing tip-in by Chris Bosh to seal it. 

Bosh didn't start the game playing great… but he finished with 20 and 12.  Kevin Garnett… one game after his best playoff performance as a Celtic… had 7 points on 1-10 shooting.  He did have 10 rebounds.  But he was not a factor on offense.  

LeBron and Wade combined for 63.  No one else scored more than 4 for Miami. 

Paul Pierce carried the load with 27.  Ray had 17 but was a non-factor in the first half.  Rondo had 10 and 5 with his one arm… but was too much of a liability offensively in OT so Doc sat him for a stretch.

Delonte and Jeff Green were pretty good offensively but they make key mistakes in the OT.  Glen Davis is just not playing well at all.  Not at all.

And so here we are.  The last of the NBA's old guard left in the playoffs and we seem destined to suffer their same fate.  San Antonio didn't have enough left.  Los Angeles didn't have enough left.  And unless the Celtics can find a way to win three games in a row against the LeBron and Wade show… the Celtics will be cast off as well.

It is not impossible… but it sure seems that way.  The Celtics needed to win their home games and bank on their experience and pressure to crumble the Heat in a pressure situation.  Now the Heat smell blood.  Of course, Miami could get cocky, come out flat in Game 5 and drop a game there.  Then it's back to Boston where the team could find some energy and get it to a "who knows what will happen" Game 7.

But I'm reaching there.  I can only hope desperation is the path to the fountain of youth.

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  • Brutal loss and the long-term implications will soon play out. Jumper after jumper down the stretch when they at least needed to get to the free-throw line. The Heat still dont seem that good but they hit some big shots when it mattered.
    Can the C’s win 3 in a row including 2 down there? I tend to dount it. I still think whoever wins this series wins the championship, and sadly, it looks like I’ll be rooting for Dallas in the finals. God, I hate that d-bag Mark Cuban.

  • 🙁 I think it’s done

  • I cannot believe Bosh Spice was the difference maker! Miami best win in 5 or this goes to 7.

  • Stay Classy Boston!……….

  • The miscommunication to end regulation really sealed it. These guys had nothing left in the tank. Rondo is playing with one arm, all the other stars are just worn down at this point. We basically gave this game away but the sad thing is we really could not afford to do so. Winning this series seems like a VERY daunting task now, my heart says we can do it but my head is screaming it’s over.
    We are getting ZERO contributions from Big Baby, he’s getting basically no PT at this point. Rondo on one arm giving all he can, Paul is playing well but we don’t have enough behind him if KG disappears like he did tonight. We all know this team has too much pride to go to Miami and mail it in but I think it’s gonna be near impossible from here on out.

  • Stay classy Boston? What did we do? The Celtics aren’t the LA Lakers and we haven’t broken anyone’s elbow nor called a reporter retarded.
    Get out of here.

  • Yep. I can definitely say this is totally over. I don’t even see the Celtics forcing a Game 7 whatsoever.
    Here is the thing.
    This game… I thought the Celtics played well and the fact that they still lost is disheartening. I’m pissed that KG didn’t force himself into the paint more often. What’s wrong with him?!
    There was just no more gas for the Celtics and another year we will have to wait for Banner 18…
    Goodbye Shaq, goodbye Big Three, get better soon Rondo, get out of here Big Baby, and goodnight Red’s Army.

  • As disheartening as this loss is, as much as it feels like it slipped through our fingers, as crushing as it apears to be over, I can’t can’t lay blame on the team full of warriors that are the Celtics. Can’t look back on turnovers or broken down plays, I’m just lucky to be a fan of a team that I know will go down guns blazing and not lay down like dogs. On to game 5.

  • +100000000

  • Agreed. Though my only “if only… ” moment was Ray bricking that technical free throw.

  • Celts were set up to win, LeBrick was bricking and ignoring open teammates. Pierce, Garnett got some rest and came back in with Heat getting gassed. It was theirs at that point but they forgot to run their offense, couldn’t get inside and the jumpers were off by miles. Hard to watch

  • I don’t feel Bosh was the differnce maker at all Shawn-it was the Rondo missed-layup, the team not executing on the final possession of regulation and us turning the damn ball over. Right?

  • Poor execution, turnovers, you’re not going to beat many teams, let alone one with 2 of the best players in the world on it like that. As much as it hurts for me to say it, the C’s old legs just didn’t have another 5 minutes of good bball left when needed. Could not get it done for those last 5 minutes. Still alive, but will take a miracle now. Have to beat a very good team 3 times in a row and twice on the road..

  • This is the last game the Celtics will be playing at the TD Garden until next Year. How sad as the team roster will not be the same. This is probably the last opportunity the BIG 4 had to win a ring together. End of an era

  • We can beat the Heat when we hammer them inside. But we chose not to do that. In the overtime, especially, we settled for threes. We had our chance tonight to dramatically change this series, but we didn’t do it. Would we have won tonight if Wade hadn’t hammered Rondo to the floor on Saturday? I think so. Wade knew what he was doing, and he got away with it.

  • Nope, I have to go with that open layup miss that Rondo managed to screw up on.

  • KG no post game tonight. After it had worked so friggin well last game. How does that happen? Only way I see it, only one to blame, is KG himself. Can’t see why he would choose to abandon that post strategy after seeing how well it worked. I just don’t understand….

  • that game would have been a blow-out in miami. celts played well for the 3 qrt’s, but couldn’t close them out. bye bye shaq, doc, bb, nads, wafer, murph, and thankfully only 1 year left on sheeds contract (did he play tonight?)

  • Wrong choice of words by me. I can’t believe Bosh Spice sealed the victory.
    I thought Allen’s missed technical was as much a difference maker as anything you listed.

  • Yeah that was painful.

  • At 35 years of age KG just doesn’t have it to play 40 minutes especially consecutive games. Not enough reliable supporting role players to pick up the min. Is KG back or he’s retiring after all this?????
    Ainge’s plan backfired…Shaq, Kristic, ….and so on. It looked so promising in December!

  • No..I didn't mean to discredit your point, and as much as I hate to admit it, he did make some key plays. But we beat ourselves mostly…as we have all season…sucks man..but we live to play one more day..

  • Rondo lost this game. He was a complete liability on offense and choked with his classic move, the missed layup. He frankly shouldn’t start game 5, not that it matters.

  • KG couldn’t force himself in the paint because the Heat were comically sagging off of Rondo.

  • He has Bosh Spice defending him and he still doesn’t take advantage of it. I’m starting to think that he just doesn’t have the physicality to play a game after another with consistent offense.

  • It is mind-boggling to me how ignorant some of you guys are. I feel like you should know better. This didn’t have to do with the Celtics “old legs”. Was that a factor? Yes. Was it what killed them? Nope. Like a couple of people said above, the Celtics are a much better halfcourt team when they are FORCED to settle for jumpers. Yes, you have to give credit to the Heat for their half-court defense, but the deciding factor is Rajon Rondo. It’s funny, many people say “The Celtics go as Rondo goes”–which is true–they can only win if he plays well enough in the rest of the game to outweigh how much of a liability he is on offense in the half court, or if the Celtics are able to get enough stops down the stretch to overcome how stagnant he makes them in the half court. They all look at each other like “what the hell do we do”, which they should. They are being forced to play 3 on 5. It is almost impressive that the big 3 are even able to do what they do at the end of games considering the circumstances. Age isn’t the MAJOR problem. These 3, even at this age, are good enough to be the 3 to lead this team. Rondo has no business being out there with under 3 minutes in many games. All season long we said “it’s okay, at least he shot it” when he missed shot after shot from midrange, then he teased us with being able to hit a couple at times, which did in fact make the Celtics unguardable. But, in fact, when it came down to it, he didn’t even attempt those shots when it mattered, because he couldn’t hit them. Rondo did some great stuff for this team, we had some great times, he’s a very interesting player who can be very fun to watch, and he can at time be a game changer. The problem is, he can be his own worst enemy (and the Celtics worst enemy) down the stretch of almost any game. Go back and watch the tape if you’re one of the people above denying this. Garnett TRIED to post, but every time he did, bibby or whoever was guarding rondo was literally there on the catch, and rondo just stayed at the top of the key most of the time, helplessly waiting for the ball to come back to him and refusing to attempt that midrange jumper that Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and Tony Parker have all been able to develop. Speaking from experience as someone who was not naturally good at shooting whatsoever, I was able to turn myself into one from years of extremely hard work in the gym. This is why I don’t believe for a second that Rondo worked as hard as he COULD have on his shot over the summer. I believe he worked with Price, I really do. But not enough, and clearly not in game-time situations and at game-speed. Semi-proper technique (which i’m sure he got from Price) and a nauseating amount of repetition is all it takes to become a decent shooter. He could have worked on that and nothing else and the Celtics could be raising banner 18. It’s just very frustrating for me as an avid Celtics fan since I can remember that he failed to develop the aspect of his game that was the most important. My friend sat right by Ainge tonight, and it was Ainge that told Doc to take Rondo out under three minutes. His own GM made Doc take him out. The very same man who paid him 55 million over 5 years. I say we give this guy one more summer to prove to us he can fix this problem. If he hasn’t by next year, then his lack of shooting ability and immature antics on and off the court (ie walking the way from his coach and captain during a timeout in a conference semi-final game) aren’t wanted by many people.
    This series is very close to over, but some guys on this team have a TON of pride. Come on Celtics.

  • ***AREN’T forced to shoot jumpers

  • Jake, next time use paragraphs.
    It was painful to read your wall of text…

  • i didnt watch the game but I thought we lost in regular time. I know we have stamina issues. since it is an OT loss. I am thinking C’s are not mentally down. That is the most important thing to win 3 in a row. If you can deal miami a mental blow you can win it. Call me crazy I still think C’s can do it. This celtic team can do it. After all rondo was no body when big 3 came. Garnett has to click. that is very important.

  • I knew from the last minutes of the 4th that Boston is gonna lose if the head into OT. They were so exhausted, it wasn’t funny. Still, I would have bet money on them making the final play and winning it at the buzzer. Oh well. I am not sure if they can win this series, but I am almost 100% sure that they will win on Wednesday. No way they are going down in 5.

  • absolutely correct. Having a point guard that no one has to guard on the perimeter severely limits your offensive options in the half court offense. This MUST be fixed.

  • 10 more minutes of the young legged Jeff Green and 3 or 4 less of PP, KG and Ray would make a difference at the end of games.

  • Time for the C’s to get blown out at south beach. Witness The celtics going home hah

  • One of the toughest games I’ve ever watched. KG couldn’t get it moving on offense, which was a key to the game. I think Rondo’s injury, coupled with how much time Delonte missed and his shoulder is the demise. There were several great cuts when Rondo wasn’t in the game and PP or Ray aren’t used to making that pass so there were missed opportunities left and right, and when Rondo was in the game his passes didn’t have enough zip and were getting picked.
    It wasn’t supposed to happen like this!
    “not like this”
    Funny, with all the talk about Rondo’s head it ends up being his body. And all that talk about the Big 3 being healthy and it’s our 25 year old… ugh, just head shaking.
    Sure, I am blaming the injury but I can’t ask much more of the guys, they were completely gassed and that last play in regulation was positively painful and pathetic to watch.
    KG was off but diving around like mad, busting his ass. Baby has lost his radar entirely, he has no idea which way the horizon is.

  • I agree that Rondo was the cog here, but probably for different reasons. I think his ability to facilitate was severely hindered in this game. So even with guys playing off him, he couldn’t drive/slice/and dice which are his strengths. I agree the problem needs to be addressed, KG was trying to post but had dudes literally hanging on him. I guess I hope that if Rondo was healthier he would have taken it to the rack and eventually loosened things up for KG. Ultimately, you are correct, this team goes as our PG goes because the Big 3 aren’t explosive enough to create their own shots anymore and that is a live-by/die-by approach.
    The problem needs to be addressed, though I fear after this series they will have a lot of problems to address.