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“NOTHING is over. Nothing.”

Later on this evening, the Celtics will play yet another huge game at the TD Garden. Tonight, they look to even-up the best of 7 series with the Miami Heat at 2 games apiece. It will be hard to top the drama we saw on Saturday night, but this game is just as big. Will Boston be able to maintain the intensity and defensive pressure? Will Rondo and DWest play through pain? Can The Captain and Ticket put-up big numbers?

Although Saturday's victory was triumphant and easily one of the best games I've ever witnessed in person, we are from done. There is much work to do, and the road to get back to the Finals will be full of obstacles. But any doubts that I had in this team are gone now. Their destiny is truly in their own hands. It's there for the taking Celtics. Now let's go out and get it.

I was surfing the 'net tonight and saw that our own Chuck aka "Big Mck" had a status on Facebook that read: "watching First Blood..". We both agreed that the cheesy, yet classic speech at the end by Stallone's John Rambo is truly fitting for the situation we find our Celtics in. Enjoy:


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  • I was just thinking that maybe Rondo hurting his left elbow might do wonders for his jump shot. Most poor jump shooters use too much of their off hand.

  • Nothing is over? 3-1 now. I think it’s safe to say that it’s over.
    Sorry for being pessimistic but Miami does, surprisingly, have the better team. The talent they have is just too much for the old Big Three and Ray Ray didn’t get ANY touches whatsoever.
    I think Ainge is ready to blow up this team after this season. There is no way another year with the C’s Big Three will combat Miami another year. We need younger players.

  • Lex

    Im pretty sure its over

  • Definitely not over.
    Wednesday? Over.

  • Ha ha!! Thanks for making this the “scapegoat post”. Nice..

  • Technically Lex, it’s not though..I know, I know… ;(