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Your Morning Dump… Did we witness KG’s best?


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"I was aggressive," said Garnett. "I won’t call it a zone. I’ve been in a zone and that wasn’t it. Man, I’ve been in a zone and that wasn’t it. I had a nice rhythm going. Guys looked for me. I had [Rajon Rondo] and Paul [Pierce] encouraging me. I’ve got to continue to be aggressive. It gives us a force and another source of scoring. At the same time, I can’t lose my focus on trying to slow [Chris] Bosh down and making sure that that is even ground. I’ve got to make sure that my focus is defense first and then being a post presence, or whatever I need to be, for this series."

Bosh finished 1-of-6 shooting for six points with five rebounds over 30:15. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Bosh woke up with a pinched nerve in his neck, but it might have actually come from watching many of Garnett's 20 attempts sail over him and through the twine.

Garnett was so locked in, coach Doc Rivers blatantly called plays for him even when Garnett didn't want the ball.

"It was funny, you could tell he needed a break with the two minutes left [in the third quarter]," said Rivers. "And I know his run. His head’s bobbing; you could just see it. And I called a punch — a post play for him — and he called it off and tried to call a movement play. So I called it back. And I went right back [to the post play] and said, ‘No, we’re going to the post — to you.’ And Kevin’s nuts because, when he scored, he’s running down the court [screaming], ‘Get the ball to me!’ And I’m laughing. I said, ‘Yeah, that’s what we’re trying to do.’"

ESPN Boston

While everyone is gushing about Rajon Rondo (and rightfully so), Kevin Garnett may have played his best game in a Celtics uniform. Pretty good timing, huh?

The patented jumper, those baby hooks and the gobbling up of nearly every rebound. His 18 boards were 7 more than the Heat's highest rebounder (Anthony – 11) and more than 3x greater than the Celtics second leading rebounder (Pierce – 5).

He absolutely owned Chris Bosh (6 points, 1-6 FG) and while you might laugh off that accomplishment, remember that Bosh got the best of KG in Games 1 and 2.

There are two huge questions hanging over Game 3. How will Rondo's elbow feel? And… Will the 34-year old Garnett be able to bounce back after such an exhausting performance?

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On Page 2, the defense was phenomenal.

The tone was initially set by Pierce, who harassed LeBron James on one end, then challenged him with an array of jumpers, pull-ups and drives on the other. Pierce scored nine points in the first five minutes of the game…

Boston played an aggressive two-way game that was all about a team that knew its season was on the line. Those wide open 3-pointers that James swished in Miami were now contested. When he drove to the basket, there was help waiting in the form of Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal and — gasp — even Shaquille O'Neal. The King played like a mere commoner on Saturday, missing 10 of his 16 shots and 4 of his 7 free throws. James checked out with 15 points.

Credit Pierce for affecting his rhythm. Resident whipping boy Jeff Green also provided the kind of gritty defense that skeptical Celtics fans have been waiting on since he arrived in a deal for the popular Kendrick Perkins.

ESPN Boston – Celtics stifle Heat with defense

Paul Pierce wins the defensive player of the game award. He was in Lebron's smug grill all night. I guess that Achilles wasn't a factor like I feared.

Pierce's effort was so infectious, even the mild-mannered Jeff Green played with a never-before-seen defensive urgency.

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  • In the first 5 minutes of the game, given their jawing, I thought things were shaping up to be a LeBron vs. Paul duel – but the game turned out to be so much more than that…
    My key take away from watching a combination of NBA TV, Comcast SportNet, and ESPN over the past 8 hours or so? Dwayne Wade is a punk-ass bitch.

  • Regarding Rondo’s dislocated elbow….I had a chronic dislocation of my shoulder back in high school. I know a bit about this injury. When you suffer an injury like this, immobilization is the key, especially for the first time it happens.
    On the initial dislocation, when the ball pops out of the socket, the ligaments that hold the joint tight get stretched out. If immobilized for 6 weeks or so, the joint will often tighten right back up and be good as new. If not immobilized, the chances of re-dislocating the joint are greater than the initial dislocation because the joint’s ligaments are stretched, leaving a slightly looser joint that will pop out easier. With each successive dislocation, the joint will be easier to re-dislocate, eventually popping out with just the slightest knocks on it.
    So, the possibility of this getting to be a problem, especially at the level of physical stress that happens in an NBA playoff game, are not encouraging. I’m wondering if the Celtic medical staff will be able to outfit him with some kind of brace, akin to the one Manu Ginobli wore recently. I hope they figure some way of providing support to that elbow, on its own it could become a problem.

  • KG is the best big in this series, by far. He can eat up Chrissy Bosh all day if he wants.
    RE: his best game: I’ll always love KG’sCeltic debut when he slapped a 20-20 on the Wizards and showed us his maniacal intensity for the 1st time.

  • Awesome performance, lot of adversity in a great playoff game. Bit of a worry early with Shaq but overall the play between the O’Neals was a welcome sight. Is there any chance the league reviews and sees something in the Rondo injury on Wade? I didn’t think so but watching it over and over again it looks like he intentionally tripped him. Rest it up fellas, carry it over to Monday!

  • Best performance ever by KG in a C’s uniform. I havnt seen that many inside moves since he was “the Kid”, plus the jumper was working, and he was focused on shutting Bosh and everyone else down. Celtic pride at it’s finest.

  • Certainly, it can be braced. I would imagine it’s going to require a painkiller to play Monday, and probably the removal of some fluid.

  • Great Blog, Alyssa showed it to me this morning. Rondo showed a lot of balls last night. A new found respect.

  • Welcome! I hope you keep on reading…