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What has Rajon Rondo been playing through all year?

In last night's post game, KG dropped a quote that probably caught a lot of people's attention.  He was talking about seeing Rondo come back from the dislocated elbow… and then he said this:

"I've seen [Rondo] play through some [injuries]," Garnett said after the game. "I'm not going to go through the list of injuries that you all are unaware of. I'm not going to put him out there like that, but I've seen him play through some horrific injuries. All of us sort of looked at each other like, 'What is he doing out here? Is he being smart right now?'

"When he came in, it was just typical Rondo. Shorty is a really tough, young individual and I don't know what he's going to be like when he's 35, but right now he's playing through a lot. He's showing a lot of heart, a lot of grit. We see it. That doesn't go unspoken or unseen. We see he's out there giving his full effort. We're following that lead."

My immediate thought was "what do you mean "horrific injuries"?  What injuries?  What haven't we been told about this kid?  What's he been hiding? 

Last night, Rondo put forth one of the ballsiest performances we've seen in a long time.  I was inconsolable when Rondo went down.  I saw everyone guessing about whether it was broken or if he was done until next season.  I even said in the immediate aftermath that my concern was whether he'd be ready for the start of training camp.  

So to see him come back out there was amazing.  And then to hear that he's been playing through all sorts of other injuries that we didn't know about… well… let's just say I think a lot of people owe Rondo a little bit of an apology. 

I get it.. we were all frustrated after dropping the first two games and we tend to look for scapegoats in that situation.  But while Rondo does have faults… while he can be a bit of an enigma… the fact is he's a warrior.  And this team looks to him as a leader.  He proved to everyone last night.  

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  • Jp

    I caught that last night in the post game, also. Horrific is a big word when you are talking about injuries, so what could it be? Makes me wonder more about comments made during Rondo’s “slump”. Doc would say Rondo wasn’t hurt, KG slipped in that he was. I can easily see that both guys would play it that way given an injury to Rondo. Doc would respect Rondo’s wishes to downplay all injuries (which we’ve seen Rondo downplay every injury he’s ever had) and KG would just say it like it is.

  • I hope last night wasn’t a pyrrhic victory. Almost felt like a last stand moment.

  • I thought Garnett said “hellified” injuries, or some other word that just indicates that the kid has been through a lot this season. And we all KNOW that. The hamstring. The sprain. The Plantar Fasciitis. Man, anyone who has had PF I’m sure knows only too well what agony Rondo has to have played through this season. But we all know that when Rondo brings the ball up smartly, presses the offense and keeps everything moving, we become something like unbeatable. And we know that a lot of the time he plays a walk-the-ball-up-stand-around game, and when he does that, we become so old and beatable.

  • Jp

    You’re right, he did say Hellified in this part of the presser, but a little later on is when he used horrific.

  • GH

    I’ve thought something like this all along. What it comes down to is too much time on the floor. Without a back up PG for most of the year, Rondo has simply played too much and the end result is entirely predictable. Same thing happened last year only not as bad.
    And of course the problem is as bad or worse for the Big Three.
    Boston needs a bench.

  • Yeah it was “hellified” injuries. Not to down play Rondo’s “undisclosed” injuries but KG a very emotional guy. So leaning more towards Doc’s expressed views on the issue as mentioned in previous comment. This is great media stuff but lets keep it in perspective a lot of guys on this team have played through injuires too. Its one of the things that makes them a championship team and makes the Heat’s coach “cringe”.

  • He used both words. He used “hellified” at the start (its where the brackets are in the first part of the quote) and he used horrific later.

  • Got to love Jackie MacMullan. She always seems to ask those one or two questions that brings out some surprising information.

  • What the hell is Rondo wearing?

  • Last night’s gritty comeback reminded me of the Rondo last playoff season, who dove for a loose ball, snared it and continued with it for a layup. It was impressive. But no one suddenly began picking on Rondo because of the last two games and most complaints about him aren’t injury related. No one questions his heart. We question his judgment and his lack of focus on the court at times. Injuries did not cause him to beat his man to the basket but fail to finish because he decides to pass the ball away and give up his advantage. No injury caused his free throwing to be horrific or caused him to hellistically leave his men wide open, only to vainly run at them, catch them and then get splattered into a pick. I don’t owe him an apology. I do owe him credit for playing with heart and guts, one-handed after suffering this horrific, hellistic injury. He’s got balls and tolerance for pain. Now he needs to stay focused and not think. I hope he can.

  • Rondo’s a beast!

  • looks like a louis vuitton graphite hoodie…

  • Like this knee injury: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI3QCrs8nPM
    Mar 14, 2011
    Rajon Rondo’s knee is clearly hurt. This video was shot early in the fourth quarter against the New Jersey Nets (March 14, 2011). I keep the camera trained on Rondo for about six minutes. Watch as he continues to massage and stretch his right knee — clearly it is irritating him. Whenever he has to stand, he is visibly limping.
    Rondo finished 1 for 10 shooting in this game — leading the Celtics to an ugly loss over the lowly (but streaking) New Jersey Nets.