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Taking Stock: C’s – Heat Game 3

Taking stock
After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy RAJON RONDO!!!!!!:  I can't say enough about this kid.  To come back from that injury and obviously play with one arm… and then to play like he did.  Wow.  It helps that his hands are twice the size of a normal man's… this way he could cradle it and whip one-handed passes off the dribble.  This kid is pure balls.  I said people owe him an apology?  Maybe that's not enough.  Maybe a steak dinner and a reach-around is more like it.  

The Big 3:  KG was a beast.  Paul Pierce had 27, 5 and 5.  And Ray chipped in 15 but was a game-high +21.  Rondo overshadowed some great performances from these guys… but these guys proved one simple thing:  The Celtics' Big 3 will be the reason this team wins or loses.  If they play great, the season will continue for longer than most people thought a few days ago.

Jermaine O'Neal:  Talk about overshadowed.  He did exactly what the Celtics needed by defending the rim.  He also was active boxing out… helping KG along to his 18 rebounds.  It's the kind of low-key, under-the-radar defensive game the Celtics need from him

Sell Shaq:  I was actually going to put this in as a "buy" simply for the guts he displayed getting out there.  But the bottom line is he's barely going to be able to give the Celtics 10 minutes a game right now.  I'll take it.  I'll take whatever it is because he changes the other team's game plan.  But I'd be suprised if we see any level of effectiveness out of him ever again.

Hold Delonte West:  Delonte woke up… and just in time.  His end of the half 3 to keep the game close was a huge psychological lift when you consider how Miami has been closing out quarters.  But considering the way this bench has been playing… I'm still in "wait and see" mode with Delonte.  The same goes for…

The rest of the bench:  Big Baby only played 11 minutes but he did grab 4 rebounds.  And who the hell woke up Jeff Green?  He actually played with a little bit of fire last night.  I'm begging Jeff for more of that.  Baby…. I'm wondering if Doc sees his ineffectiveness and is going in a different direction… at least in this series. 

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  • Sell shaq???????? his 10 mins were way moer effective then BBD at least shaq has reason for being late on rotations. but he dropped a nice dime finshed around the rim and did what he had to do! BBD has been awful on O, D and the glass all playoff long. he needs Von Wafer minutes.

  • I 100% agree with you. I mean, yes, Shaq won’t give us a bunch of points or minutes, but his presence alone was felt. In those 8 minutes the Heat shot 35% or something like that. A very small sample, but his presence was definitely felt.
    Big Baby sucks. PLEASE DOC DO NOT PLAY HIM MORE THAN 15 MINUTES unless he is on fire or something. I’m done with Baby.
    I’ve been criticizing Rondo for a while and watching him come back is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, but I just can’t still get over the fact his jumper and free throw shooting never improves effectively. He actually played better after the injury!
    I love you Rondo and I really hope your arm gets better soon, but work on those free throws!!!!
    ugh…Who am I kidding? If that arm needs surgery, he won’t improve his free throws during the summer 🙁
    Still, one thing you can’t deny is that this guy has a lot of heart and is a warrior.

  • I agree with Jester00 that’s what I mean to say..

  • meant* ugh…

  • Rondo MUST work on his shooting this summer. And, honestly, I’d like to see him work on a skyhook.

  • Any chance we have of prevailing against the Heat, and even winning a championship, rides on the Big Four. They’ve got to rise to the occasion. I really liked the fact that Garnett refused to say that he was ‘in the zone’ yesterday. To me, it’s his way of saying that he still hasn’t necessarily played his best. That’s the attitude we need if we are to win.

  • no sweat i miss type all the time i knew what you meant

  • Rondo was amazing after the injury but let’s not forget his first
    half. He has heart. We all saw that last season when he dove for a loose ball, scooped it up, got up and raced to the basket for a layup. But he does not deserve any apologies. His limitations this season had nothing to do with injuries, just poor preparation and poor judgment. Larry Bird played his last two seasons in horrific back pain but still shot 90% from the free throw line. Rondo shot 55%. His failure to stay within 10 feet of his man then race up to him when the ball goes to him only to be splattered on the pick and roll play because he’s too late to get around the pick was not due to injury. ( Granted, he’s done much less of this during the playoffs). His horrible judgment in
    beating his man getting to the basket only to give up the advantage by not
    finishing and looking for a bad pass, had nothing to do with injury. He showed
    heart and guts and actually focused AFTER the gut-wrenching injury yesterday.
    That will go down with Bird’s return after 5 stitches in his face to beat Indiana.
    But apologies for his shortcomings? That’s for Lakers fans. We call it like it is,not pretend the past never existed. If he focuses for the rest of the playoffs, I’ll give him even more respect than I feel for him today.Respect yes; apologies no.

  • Whoever wrote this article—you guys ALWAYS fluctuate with what you say is “the deciding factor” of whether or not the Celtics win. For some reason when Rondo plays will, your saying is “as rondo goes, the celtics go” but when the big 3 plays well your saying is “the celtics will go as far as the big 3 take them”, then when the bench plays well (which is rare) your saying is “this is the type of play the celtics need off the bench if they are gonna win it”…what is the point in making all of these sayings? How about just that if the correct amount of these things go well and they play good defense then they win games? Enough with these sayings, it just looks stupid, because you change them depending on the outcome of each game.