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Quick notes from practice

Some quick notes from C's practice:

  • Rajon Rondo & Delonte West got MRI's… Rondo obviously on his elbow and Delonte on his shoulder.  Doc expects both to play.
  • Doc does not think Wade tried to hurt Rondo.  "It just happened." he said. 
  • Doc had the line of the day on Rondo playing with one arm: "Listen, I played with one hand my entire career. So you can do it."
  • Doc on Glen Davis:  "He has to play better and it's not about scoring. It's about rebounding and taking charges and being our energy guy."
  • Shaq had some expected swelling in his calf, but Doc thinks he can give in Game 4 what he gave in Game 3.
  • And Paul Pierce showed no signs of foot pain while out shooting.  That's some good news.

We'll keep an eye out for MRI results and what they mean.  I'm guessing not much unless Rondo's injuries are so bad that playing would risk even more serious injury. 

No matter what the injury news is… I doubt anything will be as ugly as the suit Craig Sager was wearing at practice today.  Yikes.

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  • Luv Van Gundy’s comment “Celtics should hold practice at the hospital”

  • Great comment by Doc about Baby. I do not at all mind Baby’s attempts to take it hard to the hole, but the guy has to rebound and play tough defense. That’s what we mostly want/need from him.
    But I think his comment on Wade is wrong, and he’d damn well better be taking it up with the league; Wade has been playing like someone who wants to hurt people, and that play on Rondo looked intentional.

  • doc’s right:)
    in poland there is a handballer(one of the best in the world) plaing with only one eye. Its not comparable but also impresive