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I think Paul Pierce hit a 4-pointer last night

That second shot was easily from 4 point range.  They should review it.

Thanks to piecz on twitter for the comment

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  • DRJ

    An ex-NBA friend of mine once told me that most NBA players don’t give a damn about winning, or anything else besides their paychecks. That they routinely pretend to care, for the media’s sake, but that’s about it. He knew this for a fact. I believed him then, and I still believe him. I think Jeff Green easily fell into that category this season. Big Baby too. Paul during the season… sure, him too, when it comes down to it. Ray… very professional, but during the season, I doubt he actually cared. KG… well… he’s out of his mind, so who the hell knows?
    But I believe Rondo’s immortal performance in game 3 — and that is not hyperbole; this was an event that will be remembered and replayed forever, even when Rondo’s an old man, and beyond — changed everything. It came at such a perfect time, it could hardly have been scripted any better. Backs to the wall, down at the half, this team’s pride was kicking in anyway…. KG was on fire…. Paul was NOT taking no for an answer… But was everybody all-in as the 2nd half began? The bench too? Baby, Green, even Shaq…? I doubt it.
    After Rondo went down, this team got fired up. They got MAD. And it showed immediately.
    But the best part was yet to come. When Rondo started the 4th, that was the Final Switch that needed to get thrown for the 2011 playoffs Celtics. Finally, EVERYBODY was all-in.
    The whole universe of people watching that event was moved by Rondo’s heart and guts. The Heat were in such shock/awe, they forgot to take the obvious advantage of Rondo’s injury. And the Celtics? They had to be saying to themselves: “Man, would you look at that. The kid’s playing with one arm! WHAT EXCUSE IS THERE for me not to give 110% now? None. We are NOT gonna lose this game, or this series. No matter what.”
    And they won. Easily. The way they should have won the first two games. The way they will win the rest of this series.
    With the switch now fully thrown — and there’s no forgetting about it after game 3, no way, not possible — I expect to see the Celtics in the Finals. And whoever meets them there had better be prepared, because once this fire is lit, there’s practically no way to put it out.