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Enemy Chatter: The series feels different

Enemy chatter

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

The Heat didn't just get beaten Saturday night, it got flustered.

And that's a bigger potential problem for Miami than the 97-81 rout of a defeat the Celtics pinned on it in a raucous TD Garden.

There's also the hardly small matter that the Celtics now might be the scariest of desperate beasts … a wounded one.

That's because Boston point guard Rajon Rondo went out with a dislocated left elbow in the third quarter after falling to the court in a tangle with Miami's Dwyane Wade, who was called for a foul on the play.

The Celtics, already in the midst of a rally, pushed the Heat around without compunction thereafter. Rondo's return did nothing but help Boston sustain an emotional high.

Oh, sure, the Heat still holds a 2-1 edge in the best-of-seven series, but the deep waters of the NBA playoffs just got deeper.

(It's worth noting, too, that Miami is 0-11 on Boston's floor since managing a victory as visitors back on April 6, 2007.)

So, the math indicates the Heat remains in the series lead.

But how the series feels is, well, different.

Palm Beach Post

This is the reaction I was hoping for.  The Heat are a great front-running team… but they've shown this year that they are not so great with adversity.  Last night they got a taste of it. 

This writer is not alone… feelings of "this might be a long series" are starting to creep in around South Beach.  If the Celtics can come back to tie this series tomorrow, then who knows what kind of panic that will trigger.  

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  • Let’s not forget that the Celtics are still the ones with a gigantic mountain to climb. But, it’s true that they did everything that one can do in one game to change the complexion of a series that looked like a sweep or five game blowout in the making. They didn’t just beat the Heat. They punched the Heat in the face, and at the same time, changed the story, while re-establishing their team unity. They just plain did everything you could do in just ONE GAME. The thing is, it will take two more of those for the Cs to take command of the series, and that still looks like a tall order.

  • this is exactly why I think if the Celtics win tomorrow, they win the series…. We’re a team thats been through adversity, & seem to dwell when our backs are against the wall, The heat however havent proven they can fight through adversity, & last night we seen Lebron choke as he seem to always do against us, he always have 1 or 2 games where he plays phenomenal in a series vs. us, & that came in game 2, but in others he chokes… & I fully expect to see Pierce lock him down again, Bosh never has been a threat to me, so now its like beating the same Heat of last year, Dewayne Wade carrying the team, & it wont be enough, Lebron just cant do the things he want against Pierce, Im sorry!!!! My heart still tell me we beat Miami in 6, but Imma just say we beat them in 7 if we are to win tomorrow… Great win last night… & lets remember last year after game 3 in the Eastern Conference Semis, we were down 2-1 to Cleveland, after a 32 point blowout by Clevelad on our court, & we were unsure of the future of the team, & just how are they gone come back to win the series, but them Celtics went on to win 3 in a row, shocked many of us, & the rest of te world, & take the series, & for some reason I feel it’ll be close to the same results this year, I just see it, & we might have a bigger will to do it this year, after seeing Rondo come back like that, &the emotions from the BIG 3 through & out the game, I just think last night, was the night we took over the series, & I hope & pray Im right… lets go Celtics!!!! #Banner18

  • & not only did we win 3 in a row in the Cleveland series to beat them, but we also won 3 in a row to take a 3-0 lead on Orlando…. & we’re waaayyy deeper & motivated this year!!!! I believe!!!! Never stopped, maybe I got worried, but never once panicked, & my advice to ya’ll is to not panic, we are capable, question is will we? & I think we will, we’re too talented to loose now!!! Rondo expected to play, West expected to ply, Shaq’s back, things are starting to come together, & now we have that ounce of momentum that we need… Last year we were 5-3 going into Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semis, this year we’re 5-2 going into game 4!! Pretty identical huh, just this year we’re more talented & deeper, & motivated, Watch out, here come them Celtics!