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Still not feeling good? Maybe schadenfreude will work

Kobe We've tried being real.  We've tried being optimistic.  We've tried just about everything we can to make you feel better as the C's head into Game 3 tonight. 

If you're still not feeling great about things… then maybe some schadenfreude will work.

Here you go:

DALLAS — Just when they were about to make things interesting, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers blew it.

Unable to stop Dirk Nowitzki all night, and their big lineup too slow to cover the outside shooting of Peja Stojakovic and Jason Terry down the stretch, the Lakers lost 98-92 to the Dallas Mavericks on Friday to fall in a 3-0 hole in their second-round series.

All 98 teams in NBA history that have trailed by that margin have wound up losing the series. Thus, the Lakers' two-year reign as NBA champions and their three-year grip on the Western Conference crown, plus the unprecedented coaching career of Phil Jackson, are all on the brink of going kaput — maybe even with the humiliation of a sweep.

I still don't feel like I can count out the Lakers… but it's fun watching them go down in a ball of flames.  

So at least there's that.

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  • Hear, hear. Or, is it here, here? Whatevah…You Betcha!!

  • All year long, the legend, Phil Jackson, has had them playing this painr-protecting zone defense. They don’t protect the wings or the point at the three. They flash out AFTER the shooter is in motion. They’ve gotten clobbered all year long by teams that see that and can hit the open three. There’s no way to change that now. Dallas knows this. I smell blood.

  • I’m a huge Lakers fan, and even though I hate the Celtics, I really hope they come back and beat the Heat. Then I want them to lose to the Bulls and for the Bulls or any team from the West (hopefully the Lakers somehow) to win the championship. The only good thing is that Bynum is finally the center that we’ve always needed and should be the undisputed 2nd option next season and until Kobe declines, then he can become the #1 option.

  • Lex

    I’ve never disliked the Mavs owner (which puts me in a minority), mostly because anyone dedicated to building a team to beat the purple is a friend of mine.
    So let me just say, thank you, Mark Cuban.
    Just as I thanked the 1989 pistons, the 1991 Bulls, and the 2004 Pistons.