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Recap: The Legend of Rajon Rondo


When Dwyane Wade deliberately took out Rajon Rondo (6 points, 11 assists) on a play which resulted in Rondo dislocating his elbow, I thought the series was over. The only positive.. the Rondo injury provided an excuse.

Little did I know that Rondo is one of the baddest mother-fffers on the planet. The kid dislocated his elbow, had it popped back in… and returned to play. He wasn't a mannequin out there either. He was making plays, diving on the court for loose balls… all with a dislocated bleepin' elbow.

As WEEI's John Dennis tweeted tonight, Rondo's performance wasn't quite the level of Schilling's bloody sock, but it was close.

Rondo's toughness overshined brilliant performances by Paul Pierce (27 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) and Kevin Garnett (28 points, 18 rebounds). These guys were DETERMINED to win this game.

Shaq (8 minutes, 2 points, 0 rebounds) played. He looked gimpy after making a lay-up in the 2nd quarter, but his mobility improved throughout the game.

On a serious note, the Boston PD have launched an intense manhunt for Chris Bosh. Pat Riley called police after his All-Star power forward failed to show up for tonight's game. We can only hope Bosh is ok.

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  • Hey Lebron,
    That’s an actual elbow injury, sally.

    Great game from the boys. KG was a beast. Pierce was Pierce. The bench was PANTS in the first half , but Green, West and Baby (with some big boards)came to play in the 2nd.
    Where was Bosh?? He never guarded KG all night?? Even after Anthony got drilled a new one Bosh never guarded him.
    These boys gotta back it up now. Rondo and West will split minutes now I reckon and that ain’t a bad thing. IMO Rondo dislocating an elbow tops Schilling with a bleeding foot. He had 2pts 7 assists and 5 TO’s with 2 hands, 4 pts, 4 assists and no TO’s with one!! Could well be the turning point in the series…

  • Epic, GOY performance by KG.
    Delonte’s 3 at the end of the 2nd quarter was a huge momentum swing after Miami appeared to seize control of the game.
    It looked like a leg sweep takedown by Wade — perhaps a dirty play, which should have been reviewed.

  • Willis Reed-like, a true display of guts from a kid who I wondered seriously about.
    I’m on Rondo’s ass as much as anyone, and he can deserve it, but tonight this kid was a warrior. If he plays like a warrior every night, this team is going to play awhile longer.
    Tremendous, tremendous display of guts.
    Nice class by Doc. I would have sent Troy Murphy out there and told him to make sure Wade left in an ambulance.

  • I like one-armed Rondo! And the big 3 remembered they’re the big 3, and it got contagious. One win away from being right back in this thing, whoever wins this series wins it all.
    Wade has never been a cheap shot artist, but the league will certainly review it. He singlehandedly kept them in it the whole 1st half.
    Helluva win, now we can all enjoy Mothers Day

  • Hahahahahaha.
    You read my mind.
    Rondo’s a man, LeBron. You’re not.

  • Chris Bosh is who we thought he was.
    Rondo is who we thought he was.

  • Rondo…unbelievable. Heart cubed.
    Here’s a fitting nickname for our point guard….”Cojones!”

  • Some grim stuff from the Doc presser: West’s shoulder may be a problem going forward, expecting Rondo to be questionable from this point.

  • GH

    I hope I never hear that Rondo is soft crap again.

  • Can we shut up about Rondo’s “attitude” now?

  • “As WEEI’s John Dennis tweeted tonight, Rondo’s performance wasn’t quite the level of Schilling’s bloody sock, but it was close.”
    this is crap, you cant compare the two. and imo, rondos performance was on the same level, if not more impressive. too bad this city loves their red sox more than their celtics. give the kid his credit.

  • somewhere jackie macmullan is touching herself

  • Please tell me you guys will be posting Chris Bosh’s postgame. Pathetic excuse for a player. PINCHED NERVE!?! After Rondo! You have GOT to be kidding me! He should be embarrassed on and off the court.

  • Schilling’s performance came in an elimination game. That’s the big difference.

  • OK EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN. People are being blinded by this one arm rondo comeback. Rondo PLAYED ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE IN THE FIRST HALF. The celtics on the back of the big 3 got out to a huge lead and rondo was the only player who wasn’t carrying his own weight. He was walking up and down the court wasn’t helping out on rebounds and was hurting the team completely offensively. When rondo isn’t attacking the basket and actually finishing he’s basically a useless player on offense it’s 4 on 5. I understand he played like a warrior in the 2nd half and got his assists up because everyone hit shots but we need more form him. Mike Bibby should not be holding rondo to 0 points in the first half and even worse the Heat aren’t even collapsing when he drives because they know he’s gonna pass it. Look at the breakaway he had with joel anthony behind him, instead of taking a layup in front of someone and maybe get an and one layup he makes a terrible pass to ray Allen gives Anthony time to recover and stop the fastbreak. Basically what im saying is everyone is congratulating rondo but i just can’t do that. He played a gutsy 2nd half which i’ll give him that he actually attacked the basket more with a dislocated left shoulder then he did in the first half and he got his assists up which helped his cause. In the first galf however he played terrible and we need to realize this as celtic fans and point this out and not be like national media and just jizz our pants over rondo

  • Exactly.
    Oh, and to the Miami Heat Players: Take THAT you overrated, egomaniacal, ball hoggin, self-absorbed, juiced up, whining cheap shot artists!

  • AMAZING night at TD Garden. KG schools Bosh, The Captain hits 5 threes and scores 27, and on Mother’s Day Eve, DWest leads the bench w/some big hoops. My voice is gone. We really were on the Heat all night-I mean we were relentless. Screaming and hollering at them all night. Made me proud to be in that crowd tonight. Great win, but still lots of work to do. 2-1 baby.

  • Agreed he played poorly – at one stage he really looked down in the dumps while some ft’s were being shot – he then went coast to coast for a layup, next thing his arm went…I think he knows when he’s a passenger for the team and he realised it then.
    Lets face it – he was more active after the injury than before it…

  • All I know is that we are right back where we were last year after three games. We all know how that series turned out! C’s just have to win the next game and all the pressure will be on miami. One game at a time baby! One game at a time…

  • All the idiots screaming to trade Rondo in the offseason after the first two games… This is the stuff that got this kid his contract, he’s got the biggest heart on the court and wants to win more than anybody. Wishing Rajon a speedy recover and hopefully he can contribute going forward.

  • Didn’t see you defending Rondo when the Rondo “haters” were criticizing him.
    I will have to admit that Rondo showed immense heart after suffering that kind of injury and coming back in but what I didn’t understand is how he played MUCH better than BEFORE the injury…
    Let’s face it, this game he played like crap BEFORE the injury and all of a sudden, he actually puts the effort and he was playing with one arm. For some reason, Rondo just felt like turning the switch after dealing with a possibly major injury and wanted to be seen as a hero.
    As much as I want to thank Rondo for what he did this game, I am calling him out on his bullshit.

  • Rondo, Rondo, Rondo. I’ve spent the last half of the season and the first half of the game cursing him and then he plays one-armed with focus and drive. I thought I was going to have a stroke when he didn’t finish that drive and passed to Ray. Then he dislocates his elbow and finishes strong on two drives in a row. He even got a real steal with his dead left arm. Maybe, his brain shifted back in gear after the dislocation. And after the takedown, Duane Wade stopped getting every call under the sun. KG must stay on the block. He was awesome. Ray was great. And then there are my 4 favorite words – PAUL PIERCE FOR THREE! Great 3 quarters of real defense (the second quarter sort of sucked). All in all, a Celtic classic performance. We need a legend at every pre-game practice. Larry’s off for the Summer; maybe it’s time for a visit!

  • Boston’s Big Three scored 70 points to Miami’s Trio’s 44. This series may become exclusively about which of these two sides play better here on out.
    Shaq’s contribution cannot be discounted. In the 4th, with Shaq patrolling the paint, Wade and Lebron drove to finish with weak floaters (both misses) instead of at the rim. In another sequence one of them stopped his drive short and passed up on what had been a go-to play for Miami so far. I firmly believe that were Shaq able to play in Miami C’s would be up 3-0 right now. Not making excuses here just hopeful that the Big Recovery can heal up and continue to give Boston ten minutes a game.
    Boston is establishing that Miami cannot win in the Garden…good stuff winning every quarter but the 2nd.

  • Correct.
    It’s typical fanboy bullshit to try to expunge Rondo’s miserable series with this injury.
    Did he play well after the injury? You bet. That changes NOTHING, however, about the fact that he had 10 steaming turd quarters on his resume before the injury in this series.
    Don’t lose sight of the fact that West’s play at the point after Rondo went down was an improvement from the first half. That tells you a lot right there.
    What frustrates objective observers about Rondo is his unwillingness to play the way he played after the injury ALL THE TIME.
    Rondo can be great. He should be great. The injury doesn’t change anything. I’m sick and tired of wondering when he’s going to give a shit enough to be great.

  • Good observation. There were two people – Shaq and Jeff Green – who changed the game dramatically without denting the stat sheet.
    You summed Shaq up well. Green did an exquisite job defensively and was very effective using his speed to stretch the floor.
    Going to need both of those every game out.