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10 reasons why the Celtics will win Game 3

You want optimism… but you don't just want it from some bleed-green die-hards who can spit-shine a turd and find a way to be happy about it.  You want it from a person with a pedigree.  With basketball knowledge that, amazingly, surpasses even my own (hey.. stop laughing).  

Well, you got it. 

Jackie MacMullan has 10 reasons why the C's are climbing back into the series tonight.  Among them:

10. The Celtics understand their season on the line

"The urgency is there," Garnett reported. "This it. We've used all our lifelines.'' Garnett repeatedly mentioned an "all in'' mentality as paramount for Game 3. Boston appears to have avoided the "trust issues" the Lakers are squabbling about. They also have been counted out before. "I like our chances,'' said Pierce. "Especially with our backs to the wall.''

One of the most admirable — and maddening — qualities about this group of Celtics has been their ability to bounce back from dire circumstances. Have reports of their death once again being greatly exaggerated?

"I didn't know we were dying,'' Rivers quipped.

They will be if they don't win Saturday.

Jackie Mac preaches in this one.  Go read it and get pumped.

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