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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #17: “The Latvian Connection”

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GeeZee and Asijs are two young Celtics fans from Riga, Latvia. Latvia is located smack-dab between Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. Because of the time difference, these 2 members of CelticNation are usually forced to be awake at 3am to watch the Celtics play. We've had many interesting discussions via Skype and Twitter on how being a Celtics fan in Latvia means alot of sleepless nights. That's one of the reasons why I felt it important to recognize these 2 dedicated fans.  

GeeZee was always a huge Kevin Garnett fan. When the Big Ticket was traded to Boston in the summer of 2007, he immediately began following the C's closely. When I asked Gee about why he latched-on to the C's, he told me: "The reason that I am such an avid fan now, however, is the great teamwork Boston shows (Ubuntu). How every guy works to let the next guy be at his best – that's what I love about this team"  Gee was very upbeat when I then asked him for his thoughts on Boston's 2-0 deficit to Miami in their current 2nd-round playoff series: "I'm an eternal optimist when it comes to the Celtics. I really do expect Banner 18. For this series, I think it'll be 4 games to 2- Celtics." Be sure to follow GeeZee on Twitter, and check out his You Tube page also-he makes some sweet Celtics videos.

KWAPT2Asijs tells me thorugh a translator that his favorite Boston Celtic is Ray Allen. He admires his hard-work, dedication and ridiculous shooting-ability. He said that if he ever had the chance to meet Ray, he'd ask him for a picture, an autograph and would love to just "talk Celtics" with him. Asjis and GeeZee have been watching Celtics games for a few years together and both agree that their favorite moment is Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals. That night, the Celts gave the Lakers a 131-92 thrashing to clinch Banner17. You can find Asjis on Twitter-just remember the 7-hour time difference.

Hope you enjoyed another edition of FanFriday. I'd like to take this time to say that if you're going to the Garden tomorrow night or Monday, do your best to support the C's. The Heat have become pretty cocky, and we need to remind them that the TD Garden truly is 'The Jungle". So be loud! Make every Heat possession that much harder. Do you want to see Miami go up 3-0? Or God forbid eliminate Boston on their home-floor? Me neither. So PLEASE-make the Garden rock! I do not have a ticket yet for either game, but will do whatever I can to be there. Thanks for reading and GO CELTICS!

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  • While I’m in the spotlight for a minute, I’d just like to say the following…
    Each and every fan of the Celtics who can go to the game HAS to leave his/her lungs out there. There is nowhere to back down for the Celtics or for us. So leave it all out there. If you have enough faith, this team will pull it out.
    You can be sure I’ll be up at 3 AM, no matter what day it is.
    Remember, we ain’t dead yet, motherf*ckers.
    –Of course, big ups to my man KWAPT for this article!

  • I did like this one, I like all of the fan fridays although you should do one of these on Lee from oregon, Balcony girl,Tim (Fire Doc), or the_bantam etc….. Seeing some of the other Redsarmy readers would be cool every once in while.

  • That just reminded me that last night I saw ESPNs “Top 10 Athletes that wore #5” and Jason frikkin Kidd got a spot but no mention of KG. I always think Kidd as a #2 if I had to pick one of his numbers…. How many rings did he win wearing #5?