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Havlicek “drops by” for some inspiration

Havlicek on west Only once have the Celtics climbed out of an 0-2 hole to win a series.  That just so happened to the NBA Finals against the LA Lakers back in 1969 (that included the famous "balloon game" in the clincher).

And one of the key guys in that series (or any series, really, for the C's of that era) was John Havlicek… who just so happened to be at yesterday's practice.  

"John shows up when he thinks we need him," quipped coach Doc Rivers. "John just shows up. He's great. I love having him around."

Coincidence or not, his timing could not be better.

While the Celtics continue to maintain that they are confident that they can get back into their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup with Miami, it can only help to hear words of encouragement from a Celtics legend who has actually been there and done that.

"I love when all those guys come around," Rivers said. "Hell, I wish they'd come to every practice. I just think they got more stories, more truthful stories . . . " and with a glance towards the championship banners that hang on the walls, Rivers added, "and the history is above them. It's always good when they (Celtics legends) come around."

And Hondo made an impression on Big Baby: 

"When things aren't working out, you can get all messed up," said Celtics reserve forward/center Glen Davis. "But I was talking to Havlicek — you know, 'Havilcek stole the ball!' — and I said, 'Which one of these banners [means the most]?' He said the one that stood out to him was 1969, when they were down 0-2 and came back to win it in Game 7 against the Lakers.

"He was just saying, it's going to take everything in you to fight and claw back to get back to 2-2, to even, and then it's going to take something special to finish them off." 

The Celtics have dug themselves a hole.  It will take all their energy to climb out of it.  And once they ARE on solid ground again, they've got to fight someone who's trying to push them back in.  

It might take everything they have.  It might be take too much out of them for the next round.  But we'll have to deal with it then.  Right now… they've got to win tomorrow night.  Or this is all just talk.


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