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Your Morning Dump… Where this might be Baby’s swan song

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Tony Allen left the Boston Celtics and has now emerged as a leader with the Memphis Grizzllies.  Kendrick Perkins was shipped off to Oklahoma City and he's been a large part of their post-season success.  Who will be the next Celtic to follow a similar path?  In all likelihood it will be Glen Davis.  Why?  Because he's a free agent and frankly, he's at the point in his career where he believes he should be an NBA starter.  Chances of that happening… much greater if he leaves Boston.

CSNNE:  Baby swan song

Alright… I'll go ahead and say it right off the bat. 

The way he's playing right now, Glen Davis is lucky to be an NBA 6th man.  Let's run down his post-seaon performance for a moment… shall we? 

  • A combined -44 in 6 playoff games.
  • He's shooting 4-11 at the rim, 1-5 from 3-9 feet, 0-3 from 10-15 feet.  Amazingly, he's most effective from 16-23 feet right now where he's shooting 10-16.  Add it all up though and its still less than 42% and he's missing the easiest shots of them all.
  • His Total Rebounding Rate (% of available rebounds he's getting) in Game 1: 10.7.  In Game 2: 4.5. 
  • He is shooting 57% from the line in the playoffs (he shot 73.6% during the season)

So I don't know if Baby is trying too hard because he's trying to impress teams into signing him… but he's got to change whatever it is he's doing or he'll be lucky to be make someone's bench.  He played almost 30 minutes a game this year and he looks tired now because of it.  

My primary concern is for Glen Davis to wake up and start playing good basketball again.  He's SUPPOSED to be a key guy on that second unit.  It's no shock they're playing like crap because he's playing like crap.  

If he keeps playing like this… I'll bet a lot of people will be happy to let him walk.

On Page 2:  KG blogs after going down 0-2

So we're down 2 and not much to say.  Fighting hard and guys are beat up.  Not happy with our games and we gotta figure it out!  We need to be a team and quick.  They've been more aggressive and we gotta start attacking in all areas!  Long flight back, so tons of discussion about what we gotta do!  Heading back to our place on Saturday, so we know the Garden with be Rocking!!!!!

KG's Anta blog

What is there to say?  At least the Lakers are down 0-2 as well.  And for those of you who are crying about home court advantage… LA's two losses were at home.  

Neither team is out of it.  Though LA going on the road to salvage a series is going to be tough.  Nice to see Pau is going back to being soft.  Little too late for my tastes.  Someone should have made him piss in a cup after Game 7.  That was too much of an aberration.  He must have had balls surgicaly attached for that game.

No… I'm not bitter.

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  • D

    The worst thing that could have ever happened to Davis is Garnett getting hurt 2 seasons ago. That season we needed him to fill a role and he did a decent job with his limited skill set. However it seems to me that since then he has thought he is better than he actually is. Trying to do things that he just can’t do. Turn around jumpers, 19′ jump shots, shooting more than Allen & Pierce in some games ect….Plus in the last episode of The Association it’s clear that he is still got some demons to overcome. His mother and father weren’t around and that could explain why he hates it when Doc gives him constructive critisism. He just wants a pat on the back and someone to say good job. Maybe that’s why he tries to do to many things. He’s trying to make someone happy and get noticed. Before the deadline I said to ship out Davis & Robinson for Battier and I got ripped to shreds. Well look at what Battier is doing now. Wouldn’t he look better with the 2nd unit than Davis right now?

  • Perkins a large part of OKC’s success? Bwahahahahahaha. Come on, Blakley. 2 points, 5 boards, 5 fouls in 34 minutes the other night. Playoff averages aren’t much more than that. He’s barely cracking the stat sheet.
    As for Davis, he’s correct there – and as of now, I have zero interest in resigning Davis, except for a sign and trade to get someone with some rudimentary basketball knowledge on this club, someone who can grasp the simple notion of “I’m shooting my team out of a game.” Davis apparently doesn’t grasp the fact that in crunch time, DON’T SHOOT THE DAMN BALL.
    Come on, Doc. Get a clue. Sit Davis’ ass down Saturday and get people on the floor who can actually score the basketball. You had a guy sitting on the bench Tuesday night who kept you in the game in the second quarter – you know, that nasty Jeff Green who Celtic Fan hates because he was acquired for The Greatest Centah Evah.
    Maybe Doc’s gone all stupid on us, as weepy and maudlin as some of the nonsense people post on this board – and others – about The Trade.

  • I love reading you guys because you really don’t give a damn about whether anything you say makes any sense at all. Take this nugget …
    ” And for those of you who are crying about home court advantage… LA’s two losses were at home. ”
    I guess Garnett is one of those crying about home court advantage, huh, considering you quoted him talking about how important it is to be heading back home?
    As for Baby, when he’s the only front court guy showing aggression against the Heat, it’s just not on to fault him. Period. And whether you want to admit it or not, the guy has been crucial to whatever success we’ve had this season.

  • You are a real genius when it comes to personnel. Since The Trade, the Thunder have played stronger and the Celtics have played weaker, but it’s “weepy and maudlin” to criticize Ainge’s Idiocy. And Davis was wrong to shoot in crunch time because, yeah, Garnett and Pierce were playing SOO SOOO WELL.
    Oh, and Jeff Green is the Next Superstar because had exactly ONE good quarter. Wow.

  • Wow. So yeah, let’s all rip Davis, ignoring the fact that the Celtics organization have relied heavily on him all year long. Where the hell do you think we would be now without Davis? It’s a rhetorical question, but I don’t expect you to understand that.
    As for constructive criticism, Davis has obviously taken criticism very well, generally, or he wouldn’t be where he is right now. But you seem to think that NBA players should be well trained dogs, or something like that. They should never have minds of their own, never talk back, always worship what Coach says like Gospel. Whatever. It’s a player’s game, and that’s how it should always be. That’s what makes basketball such an interesting sport. It isn’t dominated by coaches and front office types, and I hope to God it never will be.

  • Danny and Doc play the biggest role in BBD’s struggles. Baby is an overachiever as a 6th that brings energy and strength off the bench as an undersized big. The expectations are far too high and he is misplaced.
    For our part, we talk way too much about our 6th man and let guys that are Hall of Famers off with , ‘KG needs more than 9 shots, he needs to be aggressive’ and ‘Ray needs more than 7 shots’. If we’re writing paragraphs about how BBD struggles, we should be dedicating pages and pages to our vaunted Big 4. Bosh, LBJ and Wade put up what 80 points together?
    Yes, at 80-80 BBD shouldn’t be taking shots. But we have a better chance to win if we figure out WHY THE HELL 3 OF THE BEST PLAYERS OF THE LAST 10 YEARS ARE NOT DEMANDING THE BALL!?!?! It’s not up to Baby to draw the defense with him, it’s up to the All-Stars to run the offense.
    Baby is absolutely playing like shit, I am not by any stretch defending him. I simply find it unfair that we trash him at every chance when he is completely out of place. Meanwhile, the starters are exactly where they have been cast and are struggling to play together for 48 minutes.

  • BBD has regressed a bit in his offensive game. He needs lateral movement to get his inside shot off and away from the defender’s block. He doesn’t have a hook shot and he can’t jump high enough to shoot over someone taller than he is. Pump fake, draw 2 defenders and kick out, go right or left or reverse or even shoot a fade away but please don’t try and shoot it over a shot blocker straight up. I’ll take his 16 foot jump shot every time and I love the way he sets up in front of the rim for the charge. I don’t see him becoming a starter anywhere though.

  • D

    “Davis has obviously taken criticism very well” So crying like a 5 year old in front of thousands of people is taking critisism well? OK if you say so. Also did I say that Davis should obey everything Doc says? No I didn’t but he also doesn’t have the cache or NBA pedigree to do what he wants. I have a hard time understanding why we can’t criticize Davis when he obviously hasn’t played well for awhile. No one has questioned his hustle just his decision making. Now if you think Davis is the best option and that going 1 on 2 in crunch time is a good idea instead of giving it to one of our superstars well then that says more about you than it does me.

  • Speaking to everyone’s good points maybe we can all agree that BB is a terrific glue guy, and lately he hasn’t been setting the tone with those signature hustle plays. It’s not because the effort hasn’t been there. It may boil down to the reoccurring knee injury or that he was being taken out of his normal game due to the injuries at the 5 spot.
    From the standpoint of shot selection he’s only 35% on long jumpers (almost 5/game during the reg. season). Those shots are not in his skill set. Another disturbing trend … the Heat are shooting 54% with him on the floor up from 41.6% in the reg. season. It could be his lack of offense is effecting his overall defense. But the 0-2 hole is a byproduct of the starters collectively being out played by Wade and LBJ.
    I still maintain part of the reason Perk was dealt (mainly financial) was because of BB’s consistency with the starters (35-15, +169). Because of Rondo and Shaq’s FT liability it was BB who closed out games. Plus, it would have been cheaper to resign him over Perk. He has a lot of merit, but come on Davis is not a starting PF or even a MLE at this stage of his career.

  • Very true. I’ve never liked it when Doc makes him play the 5. Baby is all effort you got to give him that. He’s an undersized 4 who uses hussle to make up for his lack of skill. As he ages the hussle will fade and your not left with much.
    The big three struggles are a problem but the biggest problem is at the 5. JO needs to grow some low hangers and commit fouls that send a message instead of forearm slaps.

  • remind you bb was a late 2nd round pick. he’s apt to crying on the bench, but can also play solid defense and is improving his elbow/baseline jumper. expecting anymore is greedy. thankfully he’s not starting for us.

  • I agree with you 100%! Doc needs to sit baby, but he won’t. It’s like he has some sort of man crush on him. I can’t understand why Doc continues to substitute him on the 5. Kristic is a natural center and he is much better than Baby – even if he has been playing like shit. Hell, Murphy could probably do a better job than Baby right now. Unfortunately, the rotations are set and we have some serious limitations. Whether we win or lose, I think Baby should be the first shipped out of here.

  • Baby has not been crucial to any success we’ve had this season. Please…the guy had some good games in the beginning of the season, but that’s about it. Besides, the only thing that counts is the play-offs and he has sucked balls so far. Who the hell cares what he did earlier in the season if he can’t deliver NOW. Baby may have a great heart, but you can’t deny that he has some serious limitations. He is simply a liability out there for us and Danny must address that somehow. As much as I like the guy, I do not like his basketball IQ, his inability to make consistent shots, and his lack of height. I am sorry, but Baby has to go.

  • No doubt the Big 4 need to perform better, but sadly, I think Rondo also has some serious limitations. He can’t shoot for shit, he can’t free throw for shit, and he is incredibly inconsistent with what he does well. I am sorry, but Rondo is simply not a superstar. Other teams have figured him out. All they have to do is play off of him and dare him to shoot the ball. As long as they don’t close in on him, he can’t beat them off the dribble and can’t see the floor. I would like to see our big three demand the ball more, but supposedly, it’s up to the point guard to create opportunities and feed them the ball. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me Rondo cannot do that effectively when other teams play off of him.

  • Your last sentence sums up the inhabitants of Fanboy Island on this blog very nicely.
    The article author is correct, period. Davis has been terrible – for awhile. He personally shot us out of the basketball game Tuesday night.
    Whether you like the officiating or not, a round guy with the vertical of a building driving against an athletic big isn’t a good offensive option.
    Neither is the same round guy going 1 on 2, jacking up a fallaway he hasn’t made in a month.
    Let alone get a body on a body under the boards, something else he hasn’t done in a long time.
    If Davis plays more than 10 minutes Saturday without some epiphany – DON’T SHOOT THE DAMN BALL – the Heat will be up 3-0 at the end of the day.
    26 minutes for a player with the negative impact on the game that Davis has is inexcusable, and it’s a coaching mistake of the first order.

  • Rondo’s another favorite of the inhabitants of Fanboy Island, but you’ve summed him up well.
    Like each and every young player the Celtics have – or have had – they come with significant limitations.
    I’d also add Rondo’s enormous ego, as evidenced by his stroll away from the huddle Tuesday night – an unpardonable sin in my book.
    Rondo is fine when he wants to attack. He can attack against any defense, but we’re subject to his wildly varying moods. Only on Fanboy Island can anyone defend his relentless ball-stopping pounding of the rock for 12 seconds Tuesday night while the offense died on the vine. One of the few things Rivers did right Tuesday night was sit his ass down in the fourth quarter. West did a better job running the offense.
    Superstar? Not even close. No one who throws up the bricks from the field he does is a superstar. Only in the fertile – note the careful word usage here – minds of the inhabitants of Fantasy Island is Rondo a superstar.
    You’d think the truth about Rondo would begin to sink in, especially after Rose bitch-slapped him back to the Stone Age last month, but the truth frequently eludes the islanders.
    In truth, Rondo’s no different than Perkins – VASTLY overrated, but legends in the minds of Celtics fans who care more about individuals than the team.

  • Wow, when the ship starts to waver, the rats jump off first. Baby hasn’t been playing well lately but he was consistently a plus for most of the season. This season, he improved on using his body to protect his shot on drives, though he’s seemed to forget this against Miami. But, if the refs called the fouls in the last game, he would have had 6 to 9 extra points and no one would be complaining. He is looking tired but, on the whole, he hustled more than anyone. Yes, the rubber meets the road in the playoffs but I hope we keep him. His shot improved this year, he plays good defense on bigger guys and he hustles. I am disappointed with his shot selection at times but Hell, I’m disappointed with Rondo’s shot selection most of the time. The starters have let us down. Do you want to trade Pierce because he’s had 2 lousy games against Miami? Ray because the last one was a stinker? This is your team. They all have flaws. They gave up the home court advantage when Rondo tanked in the regular season. I’m confident they will get even at home. Let’s just hope.