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Shaq’s a GO for Game 3*

*Barring unforeseen circumstances

“He told me he was going to play,” Rivers said. “(Trainer) Eddie (Lacerte) thought he would play. I do expect him to play. If he didn’t, it would be because something went wrong in practice (on Friday). But right now I expect him to play.

“We’re not going to let him do too much. But, again, before someone asks ‘How much is too much?’ – how the hell do I know? Walking to the floor could be too much, who knows.”

As for O’Neal’s impact. Rivers said: “He’ll be big, I do know that.”

Yeah, there's a lot of wiggle room in that, isn't there?  

All I know is… right now, Shaq's in.  And not a moment too soon.  I'll take 10 minutes right now.

As for what it means?  It means another enforcer in the game to make sure guys think twice about going to the rim.  And it means a little better spacing on offense.  Ray Allen might be the biggest beneficiary with the picks Shaq will set.  Rondo's a close second… with the space that Shaq will eat up.  The impact should be noticeable. 

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  • Cue a piano falling from the sky onto his achilles

  • I hope Shaq puts LBJ on his ass.

  • I don’t wanna overestimate the impact of this but I think this is a huge deal if he is able to give 10-15 minutes. If Shaq plays well, and we win the game decisively, this could put a whole new type of energy into this team. The feeling of the series could change, and that’s exactly what the Celtics need right now

  • If we win because of Shaq, I’m going to hold my breathe with every game that passes this series… Just waiting for his Achilles to flare up and watch him limping off again.

  • Agreed. That crap of flying to the cup has got to stop. Not Artest-like, just a good hard foul to remind LBJ and Wade that the rim isn’t there for them.

  • The team that cries wolf…yawn.
    I guarantee scrub Joel Anthony blocks the shit out of Shaq at least twice.

  • Hope Shaq has his elbows ready for this game as well. Lets reciprocate and be physical too. Hoping for a win but if not go out with a bang not a whimper.

  • Classless, that is depressingly funny.
    Here’s to hoping! I agree that Rondo and Ray would see immediate gain from the big man on the floor, the emotional turnaround would be huge, and also a risk to see him limp off again, but damn the slim chance that he holds it together would be awesome.
    Though I might argue that Wade and LBJ would be eying a drive to the rim every time they had the ball, just because of the fact he is in.

  • You’d think Murphy could come in in Baby’s place to foul hard??? Or Baby could put a wing player on his ass? Or JO? KG? Green?!? Or the “Chairman of the Boston Celtics” Nads Krstic? I may be stretching a little but C’s have the personnel (Shaq of course being the largest) to strike first and strike back but they’ve been way too tentative.
    Time to get into this series Boston. Should the better team win and should that be the Heat I can live with that. I cannot accept the C’s not matching or outdoing Miami’s intensity thus far.

  • “the big momentum changer”

  • Exactley. Sorry, no layups or dunks Miami. Thats the one thing a miss about Sheed. He would Hack you in a minute,Not dirty just old school.

  • Yes, We have some fouls to give or try to get away with. We need to feed KG, Baby and Shaq some raw meat the night before the game. Lol. What happened to our guys slobbering at the mouth and beating their chests. I know this team can do better.

  • #nofuckinglayups

  • Shaq… we need U man, seriously we need U to make Anthony obsolete like he should be, that ugly sawmp thing looking motherfucka. We need u to lay Dwayne Wade out! This is there for the taking. If we handle our buisness in games 3 and 4 I truly beleive Miami will cave. They aren’t good at dealing with adversity. They have no talent outside of those 2 guys… we have 2 get this done!

  • Good, eat of 10 minutes of BBD’s time, plus throw in Nenad and Murphy some, I don’t want to see a single jumper or wanna-be post move out of Baby. Get those boards, take the charges and give some hard fouls at the basket, THATS IT! Get Jermaine in for the important stretches too.