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Your Morning Dump… The hustle stats are hideous


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In Tuesday's outing, the Heat took 36 free throws to the Celtics' 22. The Heinsohnian theory — blame the refs! — won't hold here. It's all about aggressiveness and athleticism. In two games, Miami has outscored Boston 53-31 from the line. Think about it: That's a 22-point swing.

Garnett, meanwhile, did not attempt a single free throw in Tuesday's game. For those of you scoring at home, that matches his free-throw attempts from Game1.

There are equally disturbing numbers on the defensive end. Tuesday's Heat win included a 9-2 edge in blocked shots. The two-game tally: 17-5 in Miami's favor. The hustle points are overwhelming in the Heat's favor.

ESPN Boston – Celtics getting pushed around by Heat

Doesn't that photo sum up the first two games?

Yes, the referees have been far from perfect. As I stated in last night's recap, I felt a couple of non-calls on the Glen Davis helped fuel Miami's end of game run.

But ZERO free throw attempts in two games for KG? That's absurd. No sensible human being can blame that all on the officials.

It's painful to watch the Celtics attempt to finish at the rim. Are they trying to avoid contact? It sure seems that way.

We can only hope that a jolt from the home crowd will help reverse this horrifying trend.

On Page 2, Pierce has a strained Achilles. Yup, I said Achilles.

"I'm day-to-day right now," Pierce said. "We're just going to see how it feels the next couple of days. When you strain your Achilles, every step is like a slight, little pain in there. But it actually loosened up when I got back in there, got up and down a few times, and it really didn't affect me the rest of the game."

Rondo wore a wrap around his lower back before the game and during intermission to keep his back from tightening up. He said after Tuesday's loss that he was fine, and even though Rivers told the media that Rondo asked to come out because of the back early in the fourth quarter, Rondo said it was due to fatigue. He did get some assistance while being stretched out on the baseline during the break.

"No, I was tired at the time," Rondo said. Asked about the wrap he noted, "I was just trying to stay warm."

ESPN Boston – Noteboo: Injury updates

Despite Paul's downplaying of the injury, I'm worried. Pierce cannot afford to lose even 1/8 of a step when covering Lebron.

I'm more concerned about Rondo's attitude than his lower back. He can't be bickering with teammates on the court and walking away from huddles while Doc is coaching. It's bush-league, rookie bull-shit.

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  • Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one that noticed that about Rondo. He’s acting like a douche out there and because of it, we most likely will watch the Celtics drop one of these home games (most likely get sweeped now that Lebron is dealing with an injured Pierce).
    *sigh* What a crappy way to end this season if we get sweeped or lose by 5… Which would make that idiot ESPN reporter, Hollinger, correct.

  • We’re done. I don’t know what else to say. It’s really painful to see it happen like this too. It’s worse than losing Game 7 to the Lakers last year because at least that was a valiant, glorious effort that we probably would have won with Perk in the game. They lost and I was proud of them. Proud to be a fan of the losing team. Now, the injuries, the Heat’s athleticism and the Rondo drama are all making us look like fools and all summer we’ll be spat upon by the media. One and done, lucky, under/overachievers… that’s what they’ll call us. This sucks.

  • Wow. I guess you folks didn’t notice that Doc was ripping Rondo’s head off during that timeout. What did you expect Rondo to to? The point is, he apparently listened to what Doc said, because he came out of that timeout like a lion. And I guess you didn’t notice that the Big Three have played like crap for two games. If you want to call someone a “douche”, then call them douches. Rondo picked up his game and stopped backing off from conflict with the Heat, started taking the game to them. That’s what everyone should be doing.
    The picture RA chose to display here says it all. If you remember that play, Rondo did what he should do. He had the courage and fire in his gut to get in the way of the James freight train. I didn’t see the play clearly enough to know if he had position, but I think he did. Not only did James get the (non)call, but Rondo’s team mates seemed less than urgent about responding. Stopping James’ freight train drives to the basket, especially on breakaways, is crucial. At least Rondo slowed him down, or tried to. Where were his team mates? They didn’t even help him get up.
    At least Rondo went down fighting. The Big Three were the ones who looked like bush-league rookie bullshit. Like you, they’d rather bitch about Rondo’s ‘attitude’, it seems, than respond to his leadership.
    And what was Doc doing keeping Rondo on the bench for five minutes in the fourth quarter, WHILE WE LOST THE GAME?! Was that bush-league rookie-bullshit douchy RETRIBUTION from Doc? You could see that Rondo lost all his energy. because of sitting there, well past the point where he had recovered his breath. Doc kept the one guy who was keeping us in the game glued to the bench during the crucial period in the game.

  • This team is not going out in 4 or 5. I think this core has demonstrated over the past 4 years that it doesn’t go quietly. They may be overmatched, but they aren’t SO overmatched that they can’t put up a fight. Neither one of those games was a blowout; things will turn around at home enough to make it a long series. And in a long series, anything can happen.
    The fans at the Garden better bring it on Saturday. Any little edge could be enough.

  • Guess I’m just worried about the Celtics because they’ve NEVER lost 2 in a row at the start of a series. Just worries me just a tad to imagine this Celtics team try to win 4 out of the 5 remaining games in this series. They definitely have to pull their thumbs out of their ass (especially the Big Three). I might have went a bit tough on Rondo. I respect him, but I dunno… he just doesn’t look like himself out there. He seems to play so-so when we all know he can do a LOT more.

  • What irks me most is the demeanor of these guys even at the START of the game. I know the half empty arena gave off the impression that it was a preseason rec league game, but after the way Game 1 ended with the ejection of Pierce, I didn’t expect the Celtics to come out as sluggish and la-di-da as they did. There was no urgency whatsoever at any point in this game outside of the last few minutes….maybe. Too much walking around. I remember at one point the Celtics were so discombobulated on offense that even Rondo didn’t know what to do (he threw up his hands) because everyone was just standing around. Luckily, KG hit a desperation shot.
    I know Pierce went down with a strained Achilles but dude wasn’t even trying to get involved. IT’S THE PLAYOFFS! There isn’t a better atmosphere than the AA Arena to steal a game on the road. I’ve seen rowdier crowds at church league basketball games! These guys just look defeated before the games even started. They play like they don’t even know each other anymore. I think some of it is related to age and some related to frustration. Celtics are quickly becoming the Spurs of the East.

  • I know John didn’t post the meat and potatoes of this article and took it from another source, but where are the hustle stats they show? I am only seeing free throw differential. Where are the second chance points and transition offense stats? Those are the numbers I want to see.
    But I agree with most on here, it starts with the Big Three. They have not shown up in this series as a group yet and i dont think they will.

  • FYI, i dont think that is Rajon Rondo in the picture? The play PaulMKane is talking about is when rondo tried to take a charge and it was a good no call because Lebron spun off him and didn’t go through Rondo.
    Basically it is Rondo vs Wade/Lebron, which is a win for the Heat every game.

  • I think folks here are missing the mountain and focussing on the molehill. So Rondo and Pierce and Doc had a spat. Rondo finally woke up and took it to the Heat. We can win this series if the Big Three do the same. It’s basically as simple as that.
    One thing’s for sure. We need to stop blaming the one guy who seems to have the right attitude right now.

  • I also agree that the Celtics are afraid to be aggressive and take it to the paint because they’ve had some drives overturned on ONE-SIDED offensive foul calls. TNT shot a sequence from under the basket and guys were playing hot potato with the ball and you could tell they were afraid someone was going to step in front of them and it would result in a turnover. But who can blame them when Jermaine took what appeared to a blind man to be a textbook charge 5+ feet out of the circle but, yet again, called a block. Or when Rondo stepped up in front of freight train James (took a lot of guts) and took an elbow to the chest on a spin move and it went for a no call. I was surprised it wasn’t an and one 20 feet from the basket, actually. They’re getting absolutely squeezed by the refs but they can’t continue to let it affect their play.

  • Enough with the Rondo fanboy bullshit.
    The original article is correct: You want to walk away from a huddle in the playoffs, then fine. We’ll trade your ass.
    What is it? Six years of waiting for this petulant little child to actually do what he’s supposed to do consistently? And now, because he finally pulled his head out of his ass late in the game – when the damn game was lost, in no small part due to his ball-stopping pounding of the rock – we’re supposed to buy the nonsense that he is one of the few with “the right attitude.”
    Sorry. That’s nonsense.
    There are a LOT of reasons why we’ve been rolled twice in Miami. Certainly Rondo’s not the only person at fault.
    But stop with the idiotic excuses. When Rondo doesn’t attack EVERY possession, this offense stagnates. And he spent three plus quarters last night doing nothing but stopping the basketball.
    Rivers make a shitload of mistakes last night; sitting Rondo’s ass down in the fourth quarter was NOT one of them.

  • You walk away from a huddle in a playoff game that’s there for the taking, you’re done as far as I’m concerned.
    Get on the phone this summer, Ainge. I’m through.

  • Are you the same guy that posted that retarded explanation on like every $*%#ing youtube video of that play?
    In case you are almost blind or something, just do a frame by frame advance and you can’t miss it. It’s 2011. These plays never go away now.
    LeTruck was driving to the hoop like Rampage Jackson. He was completely out of control. That much is nothing new.
    Rondos feet are set way ahead of contact…I mean yeah it all happens in like a second right but I mean compared to a lot of other obvious charges in the NBA. He was definitely there.
    Lebron hits him like a fullback and moves THROUGH what had been Rondo’s space. Just because he was spinning doesn’t mean he ‘rolled off’ of Rondo. You can’t both collide and roll off because rolling off is not colliding by definition. And he moves through Rondo’s space anyway.
    100% offensive foul all the way, and it looks like all three refs had a perfect view yet they just didn’t call it…
    It had to either be a blocking foul or a charge because even though Lebron “spun” he did not move around Rondo’s space, he went through it.
    And yet a whistle, even one on Rondo, would have stopped the fast break…
    …which is the ‘gotcha’ moment for explaining what happened.
    Conspiracy? No…or at least, not the one most people would guess. And it didn’t have much to do with what happened on that play.
    But on that particular play, the refs just made the classic ref mistake of turning into fanboys (Lebron fanboys) who wanted to see him dunk on a fast break. Stuff like that happened a lot with Jordan.
    The building was already hot. Rondo stepped up big to cool it down, like a Ray Ray lifeline three to stop a run, but on defense.
    But that just wasn’t the story the little kid in 99% of the people in the building wanted to see.
    The Heat fans in particular hate Rondo because he can shut down Wade. Really it was a team effort in last year’s playoffs, but mostly, they fear Rondo. And so do the Bulls fans and Laker fans. They are loving all this ‘where’s Rondo’ stuff. Rondo is actually the player most of the people who hate the C’s hate the most. People usually say it’s KG they can’t stand the most, but it’s really Rondo.
    The refs were, for that moment and a few others, part of that group. I mean the Lebron fan boy group…as far as I know, they don’t hate Rondo. But they were definitely star struck and let Bron Bron have his moment.
    And therein lies the zen of it all…
    …it was just one moment. And sure, there were a few more last night. But the refs just aren’t going to treat a man-baby like LeTruck like he’s Jordan all series long.

  • Wow.
    First. Dont come at me calling me names… you dont know me and i dont know you.
    Second, take your goggles off and stop blaming the refs.
    Third, It is a charge if a player GOES THROUGH another player to gain an advantage.
    Fourth, Lebron DID roll off Rondo, Rondo did not make a defensive play and flopped, there were harder contacts throughout the game, this play wasn’t one of them.
    Fifth, be respectful and not a dick.

  • Hear hear.
    I’m getting tired of Rondo not putting 100% into these games. Didn’t he promise us that everything would change when the playoffs starts. C’MON RONDO… it’s as if you are giving us all a middle finger and saying to all of us that you will try whenever you want to.
    I do blame the Big Three as well for playing like crap but when the offense stagnates due to Rondo being a timid player out there, the Big Three will suck. They are too old to depend on athleticism to beat the Miami Heat. Rondo needs to setup everyone for a good chance at the hoop and he’s not doing his damn job, he’s failing at it.
    I swear, if Rondo doesn’t pull his head out of his ass in Game 3 and we lose because of stagnant offense AGAIN, I will be cheering for Danny to trade his ass.
    I miss the Rondo of old… I really do. Where is the Rondo that was kicking ass and dropping dimes in the beginning of the season. Where art thou, old Rondo!?

  • and no i dont go on youtube to talk trash and “explain” videos.

  • I thought Celtic fans would be more objective and blame the team instead of blaming outside circumstances.
    The players can’t control the officiating and it is an element of the game that will always be there.
    The Celtics are not playing defense, that is the first problem. The heat are average over 100 points per game so far in this series.
    The ball movement is not there. The celtics assist numbers are below seasonal averages, the ball is stopping and individuals are trying to win the game.
    The lack of effort and energy is the third problem with these team. They are not going strong to the basket, they aren’t diving for lose balls, they aren’t getting physical. They are being pushed around.
    Last, I am VERY concerned for Ray Allen guarding Wade… The only way Ray can be successful is to get his offense going early forcing Wade to work harder on that side of the court.

  • When Rondo wants to play, he’s a great player. We’re way too far into his career for these check-outs of his, though. It’s a vivid statement when West is FAR more effective running the offense than Rondo was.
    That’s one thing. The huddle thing, though … I’ve suspended kids and dismissed them for that kind of nonsense. I applaud Rivers for sitting his ass down, and at least Doc is man enough to keep that stuff in house as much as he can.
    It’s too deep in Rondo’s career for this crap. Danny will be able to get on the phone soon – too soon – and see what he can spin him for.
    Now, if Doc will just be man enough to tell Davis: “You are not a shooter. Seriously.”

  • i just think this is more defense related, when has a team put up back to back 100 point efforts.

  • The Celtics’ defense is also shit, but I won’t even get started with the amount of times Rondo gambles in defense.
    Anyways, yeah, as of late, I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable watching the Celtics play defense lately.

  • There’s always stuff you can point to in an ugly game like that.
    Shhh….there was a ‘conspiracy’ but it wasn’t the one some people seem to think…
    There is no conspiracy to get the Heat to the finals. 29 teams and their fans hate the Heat for what they did. There is no conspiracy to get the Heat to the finals.
    What was it about that game that was so…difficult, eh? The broadcast crew said several times that the game didn’t feel close…what’s that about eh?
    People are irrational creatures. We’re animals. We don’t need to have a master plan to make something like what happened last night happen. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s primal stuff.
    For one game, the refs let the Heat beat on the C’s. We saw the exact same thing with Orlando last year, so we should know what that means.
    Hint: sweeping the Knicks made about 4/7 as much money as a 7 game series against the Knicks would have.
    Duh…it just means they want a long series. Somewhere higher up, “the league” was p****d off at the Celtics for crushing the Knicks in New York. What happened was yet more proof of the rule ‘s*** runs down hill.’ Maybe even it was a little bit like ‘punishment’ for the C’s for sweeping the Knicks. It’s not a conspiracy as in people getting together and making a plan. It just happens.
    This team has beaten that kind of social pressure before.
    They should know by now that the 100% wrong way to do it is for people to get a bad attitude and start fighting each other and cutting each other down.
    They should know by now that the right way to do it is to soak it all up, to love every minute of it and laugh in their face. You relax and let the game go because it’s already gone, and if you get it, it’s a bonus.
    The other secret ingredient…when the refs won’t call the fouls you deserve, you just can’t go to the rim. You have to recognize and accept that. What you have to do then is move the ball. Reverse the ball. Make them chase the ball, make them play defense. And most importantly, hit your shots, because they can’t take that away from you (most of the time). Hitting three’s helps a lot. It goes against basketball CW, but so does the idea that sometimes the refs won’t call a foul for you even if it’s legit and should be called.
    Refs are human. That’s why every game is called a little bit differently instead of exactly the same as every other game.
    These refs are not completely against us. We can still win this. This is not a conspiracy to send the Heat to the finals.
    Here’s what comes next…
    They’ll probably do one of two things. Thing one is that they’ll be reviewing the first two games and feel a little bit ashamed and make an effort to call the games as neutral as possible for the next two in Boston. Thing two is that maybe it will be the C’s turn to benefit from league pressure for a 6 or 7 game series.
    Somehow I kind of doubt that. But these guys don’t need a bump from the refs in the way that Miami does. All they have to do is let it be a contest.
    On top of anything he does in a game, Shaq playing DOES help the C’s in one interesting way. He’s the Big Phenomenon…the Big Champion…the 8th wonder of the world…his hey day may be behind him, but Shaq is still 300+ pounds of living legend, with a lot of good will accumulated over so many playoff games. He’s like the anti-Sheed. As much as some refs obviously loved to twist the knife in Sheed, they’d hate to do that to Shaq.
    The refs are not going to help the Heat all series long. The C’s have just got to pick their spots carefully. They need to stay focused, play their game, support each other, carry each other. They will have their opening. If they all as a team keep a good attitude, they won’t miss it.
    And honestly, that definitely includes Doc. Being abusive to Rondo is not going to help. And no it wasn’t all Rondo’s fault. You can’t just blame one guy when two guys are butting heads, even when one is the coach.
    It’s hard when you (as a team) are getting beat on like that…but they’ve got to pull together instead of turning on each other. They’ve got to work it out without turning against each other like they did.
    Hopefully…they know that and will figure it out in time. They’ve got to get the ubuntu thing back. They need that positive vibe…another thing Shaq could maybe help a lot with. Thing two..The Big Positive Vibe.
    And the third thing about Shaq…is destiny. When they got Shaq…there was this destiny vibe I got. Somehow…can’t you just feel that he’s going to be the first major guy (first guy period???) to win a title as both a Laker and a Celtic.
    And you see it all over…Bulls vs Hawks…neither has much love for the Heat…but both of them really measure themselves against the Celtics. Either would be considered an epic rematch. Bulls-Celtics and Hawks-Celtics are two of the best recent playoff series. And the Bulls even went and got our assistant coach, our defensive architect.
    And out west…the Lakers of course…what needs to be said about them? But you’ve also got TA on the Grizz and the Perk-Nate/Green-Nenad trade thing with the Thunder. The Mavs…even though they it feels like nobody is picking them to advance to the finals, they’ve even got our old friend Jason Kidd.
    Destiny? Get in line, Miami.
    It’s a game fellas. Play with a smile. Make the adjustments you need to make. Play the game. “Just win, baby!”

  • Lol you don’t deserve my respect if you can’t call that a charge.
    You are completely wrong and you have to admit you are wrong or you can’t even begin to deserve it. Period.
    You can stick to your story, but the facts are the facts. Do a frame by frame advance on the play if you have to. You really shouldn’t. Go get some eyeballs fella ahahahaha.
    p.s. enumerating your points? Now that is being a dick, dick.
    See, I can man up and call you a dick because you are being a dick. You however did not have the cajones to call me a dick directly. What you did was pathetic passive aggressive stuff, a weiner maneuver. Way to go, weiner boy.
    Lol. I mean gosh, I don’t know him…what if he’s not really a weiner boy?
    Hi, Jacob Noble, I’m frickenWaaaltaaah. You can feel free to call me whatever you feel the need to whenever you feel the need. I won’t give a crap.
    Also, don’t expect me to take you at all seriously any time soon.

  • Well that is a point in your favor. Somebody really did feel the need to post pretty much that same explanation on a bunch of the videos…it’s a big strange internet and the war of words has many fronts, but seriously…

  • are you completely ignorant or do you just listen to yourself? You are basically calling me a liar that I was not the one putting those points, it is possible that people disagree with you, especially since you wear big thick green googles for every game. take them off and analyze a game objectively, it will get you farther in your analysis.

  • “you don’t deserve my respect if you can’t call that a charge.”
    I guess you meant to say is “I am the only one who is right, i am better than everyone else, i could not be wrong, anyone who has a different opinion is a moron” keep your mind closed goes a long way to improving your own ego.
    And your facts are opinions, not facts… go elsewhere around the league and see peoples reactions… Do you like RealGM? try their forum, a bunch of people agree YOU ARE REACHING FOR A CHARGE HERE!

  • Rondo walked outta the huddle because while he’s halfway up the court, the other 4 guys are lagging behind. What is he suppose to do?
    The Celts are old and slow compared to Miami, but now are soft in the paint. The likes of Joel Anthony get every loose ball. I’m not sure there’s much of a solution to this.

  • Lol no, I’m just not wrong this time.
    They didn’t blow the whistle because they were star struck like back in the day with Jordan. The fans wanted it and for a moment, the refs became fans. Everybody except the C’s fans wanted a dunk. Heck…it’s even pretty clear now that plenty of C’s fans wanted that to be a legit play and legit dunk.
    A lot of people don’t like Rondo, especially the Heat fans. For Heat fans, that will be one of those cherished yet goony moments in franchise history moment. For us, that’s like when McHale clotheslined Rambis or when Parish decked Lambeir. The fans wanted it badly, and the refs just caved and let them have it.
    Lebron crashed into Rondo like a ton of bricks. That was no flop.
    I mean come on, should somebody really have to get all MIT and calculate LeTruck’s velocity upon contact based on the evidence, before people will accept it?
    These guys sprint at 20-30mph. Lebron started running from the inner part of the dashed circle around the free throw line, and the only slowing down he did was one stutter step at half court. So he’s been sprinting for about 45 feet or 15 yards. You can be at your top speed by about 10 yards. He’s easily moving ~20mph if not faster. Lebron weighs what, 285 to Rondo’s buck 80? BOOM it’s just like the NFL. Do people ‘flop’ in the NFL?
    Rondo did not flop. Lebron was the bowling ball and Rondo was a pin.
    People call Tommy a homer too, say he wears Green goggles etc, but he also admits he was wrong a lot more often than his reputation would give him credit for. In fact Tommy does it more than most people. He can be impulsive, but he knows that. He trusts his eyes on the first look, and he trusts his eyes on the replay, and he’s never going to tell you something other than what he perceives to be what he saw.
    Memories are fuzzy, but when there’s a digital record preserved for eternity, it’s not a matter of opinion. Two people can not disagree and both be right.

  • Uh get a grip fella haha.
    So this is you after I accepted your denial and said that you not being that guy was a point in your favor…sheesh let no good deed go unpunished, eh?
    I’m sure it’ll be an epic explosion of hilarity some time I actually do call you a liar.

  • You are without a doubt the biggest tool to ever post on Redsarmy’s walls… “Memories are fuzzy, but when there’s a digital record preserved for eternity, it’s not a matter of opinion. Two people can not disagree and both be right.”
    You act liek you are the only one who has re-watched the play… go to RealGM and tell EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE POSTERS THE SAME THING! they ALL disagree with your assessment, your assessment was made out of emotion and other theories that dont relate to basketball, you are going on mystics here that certain people wanted things and within that split second, calculated their desires which deteremined the call. you are absolutely ridiculous and your ignorance has gotten under my skin and I shouldn’t have let it because you clearly have no objective analysis to provide. I am done with ignorance.

  • Firrst, it was an offensive foul against Lebron on Rondo. He rolled into him not off of him. Second, The calls allowed 17 to 7 free throws for Miami in the 4th quarter. Miami got free throws nearly every time they took it to the hole but we didn’t. The lead ref – Joey Crawford. (The same lead ref who led the 21-7 4th quarter free throw debacle in last year’s Game 7). He called a T on Doc for merely discussing a call. The Celtics are driving aggressively to the basket but they’re not finishing and not getting calls when they get close (Lebron’s body foul block on KG late in the game). They have to finish with a dunk in mind, not accepting contact as a wall they can’t get past. Rondo is petulant, arrogant and has bad instincts. He doesn’t finish a drive when he has a step on his man, most of the time. (Although he did it against NY and for a short run here). By the end of the 4th, he was beating his man, getting to the basket and then desparately looking to pass off. Rondo’s poor mid-range shooting is a huge problem. It allows the slow Mike Bibby to be able to stay with him and clog his passing lanes. At least Rondo mostly made his free throws. The Celtics missed open shot after open shot. Jeff Green got mangled by Lebron. Duane Wade is Duane Wade. No one slowed him down. Right now, we’re playing like girls. There needs to be a Larry Bird in this locker room to call themselves out on this. I agonized down 3-1 to Philadelphia in 1981 and losing 2 in a row to the Lakers when Bird stepped up. They can do this. All of this was caused by losing home court late in the season when Rondo drove us into the ditch. It’s up to them to find their heart or close shop and look for their fishin’ hole as Larry once asked Dominique. Shut up. Man up. Draw a line in the sand and turn this around. Or go fishin’. It’s simple really.

  • I guess the refs are the reason the celtics loose every game. Has nothing to do with their awful play.

  • Who said anything about their play being good? Yes, bad refereeing effects the outcome of the game. Do you only read two lines of a post and ignore the rest? We’ve had two horribly refereed games. And we played badly. The combination has been deadly so far. But, we can’t keep getting screwed by the refs either. If there was reasonably good call-making in these two games, we would have had the opportunity to win both, despite how badly we’ve played. Give them an even playing filed and let’s see which team wins. I mean, last night, Boston shot in the 30% range and still had the game tied 80-80 with 3 and 1/2 quarters gone.

  • Here’s the other thing. Boston tied the game 80-80 with 7:09 in the 4th quarter. ALL of Miami’s 17 4th quarter free throws came in that last 7 minutes of the game to about 2 for Boston. Does that tell you anything? I’m not claiming a conspiracy. Just referees who are favoring one team over another. Whether it’s conscious or unconscious. MOST of Miami’s scoring in the last 7 minutes came from the free throw line.

  • Ah yes, another yahoo, i apologize for my comments in this specific post as I have been drinking but I am getting sick and tired of this referee crap. Yes they are bad but what were you expecting? They have been bad many years ago and they will continue to be bad.
    Go look at the free throw differential for the finals last year. Go look at every Celtics win and see the free throw attempts, I would guess (without researching) that the Celtics had fewer free throw attempts in 70% of those wins. The reason being? Their philosophy! We know the Celtics take a lot of jumpers, as I find myself yelling at the television often to take it to the basket and get contact, but they don’t do that. The Celtics are a finesse offensive team and a physical defense team.
    Having said that, have you seen the finesse-ness of their offense in this series? If you answered yes, please smack yourself. The Celtics showed signs of it in the New York series, but not consistently. Now my next question is have you seen them play a tough physical defense? again, not this series.
    Until those two things happen, this series will continue to play out as we have seen. Now for those of you who blame the officials, what are you going to do about it? What are the Celtics suppose to do about that? Write letters to the commissioner? Lets get back to analyzing basketball and stop blaming others for the Celtics problems.