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Why are people acting like this was a 2 game sweep?

On one side we have a young powerhouse.  Feared for the ability to crush an opponent with a barrage of almost unprecendented power. 

On the other we have the aging former champ.  Prime?  That passed years ago.  All that's left is a veteran savvy… and hopefully that will be enough. 

It is the early stages and the young powerhouse has landed vicious shots.  The old ex-champ looks old.  The old ex-champ looks to be done.  All that's left is to wait for the sad end to what was once a beautiful run. 



We can watch the whole fight.  

No, the Celtics aren't employing a rope-a-dope style like Ali did against George Foreman back in 1974.  I'm sure they'd have loved to win those first two games.  But like Ali vs. Foreman, it's a long fight.  And what looks like its leading to a crushing end doesn't necessarily mean it will. 

In both games, the Celtics had it down with within single-digits with enough time on the clock to make a comeback.  Credit Miami for not allowing that… but the Celtics were still there.  A couple of games in Boston could make things different.  That Boston crowd, and some home-influenced calls, and the last 5 minutes of last night's game would be different. 

The Celtics have not looked great, but they're not dead yet.  They're on the ropes and the body shots are flying… but they've taken those blows before.  You can't think of it as the Celtics needing to win 4 of 5 games now.  All you need to look at is the next game. 

Win the next one, and you're ok.

No, it doesn't look great right now.  This is not where the C's want to be.  But plenty of teams have won series after going down 0-2.  Miami did it to win a championship… losing by 10 and 14 on the road before whipping off 4 straight wins.  How they looked doesn't yesterday doesn't matter anymore.  All that matters is how they look on Saturday. 

So there will be no talk of free agency or trades around here.  The Celtics still have work to do.  And they are most certainly capable of doing it.

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  • BBD is – 44 in Dif in 6 games of the playoffs give murf or someone a chance he has no heart out there!!!!!

  • +1 Really fed up with BBD.

  • Thanks. I needed that. Last night was tough to swallow and it’s easy to forget how close it was for most of the game when the last few minutes were so frustrating.

  • Word, Celtics are far from done. And honestly, the game could still have gone either way in the last quarter and what the Celtics did wrong (or sub par) had nothing at all to do with being “too old”. I actually think they lost those two game mentally more than anything else and veteran teams usually bounce back from those kinds of losses.

  • Doc gave his “stay the course” speech post game but i hope that they make major adjustments..and by major i mean deciding to pick their poison and dictating which one out of lebron and wade is going to be their scorer. Right now the celtics are allowing those 2 to do whatever they want, i would like to see the celtics play 1 o them straight up, probably Lebron while throwing various double teams and players at wade to make him give up the ball..ill live with Joel Anthony scoring 10..but we cant have wade and james both scoring at will.

  • It’s a shame BBD looks like shit out there. I think Doc Rivers cracked into him to the point where he stopped being himself. He’s overthinking stuff just to make the coach happy so he doesn’t get yelled at.
    Shame. Doc might just need to cool down on BBD and reward him for doing a great job during games rather than tell him he can do better.

  • The Heat not only won the last 3 games but dominated. There was no big clutch endings just clear wins by Heat. Last 2 months the C’s have played inconsistently and the bench has been an ongoing problem in terms of production. Injuries hurting the team. Consistent dialogue welll next game will be a win to motivate fans is now becoming questionable.Well Shaq don’t get me started hes just a smokescreen for the enemy.
    Wow how the season changed. Started off this was clearly the team to beat the ring was in sight. First seed was going to be theirs then after the allstar break everyone knows what happened next. Its not about Perk its the Bench as a whole. The Bench was not great before but worse after the trade to help carry this team through. They did not meet expectations making the Big 3 play minutes and play hard to make up for the bench’s poor play. The window is slowly closing on this team. If they can’t win Sat I think it will slam shut. Its will be so depressing I was so sure this was the year for that ring.

  • Lol Murph are you serious? Wait a sec…hmm…you might just be crazy…like a fox!
    You know Murphy wants playoff action bad…and hey remember how good the rivalry with Leon was for Baby?
    It is really weird though…the C’s should have been the much deeper team against the Knicks, and they weren’t. And there are bright spots in 2 games but so far history is basically repeating already…
    Good bench minutes in the 2nd and 3rd are a big part of great 4th quarters from your starters, for any team.

  • In 5 of 6 playoff games, the Celtics play has been described as “sloppy and inconsistent”, which echoes the final 2 months of the season. Miaimi has now beaten them convincingly 3 straight times (all post Perkins trade). Besides Rondo, the Celtics are outclassed at every position right now. Their x-factors (Davis, Green) have been atrocious, especially defensively.
    I have little faith in this group to win 4 of 5. Even if they bring it to a game 7, its in Miami, which again is the Celtics own fault.

  • YES! Well said. Thanks for this guys. Boxing analogy FTW.
    And don’t forget people, Foreman does his version of this same story ~20 years later against Michael Moorer!
    What the C’s could take from that version: stay in the fight. Don’t quit. Take your lumps like a man and keep fighting your fight. Watch for your moment and when you see it, you take it, ’cause it’s yours! BOOM! Grandpa says ‘get back in line, young man, this is my time!’ 10th round KO for Foreman…it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Why is Doc Rivers even playing Big Baby so much? Isn’t he realizing Joel Anthony is owning him? Doc needs to play Jermaine more! Open your eyes Doc: Davis sucks!

  • BBD taking it to the rack looked a lot better than the Big Three playing like Moe, Curly and Larry.

  • How are the Celtics like old champs? Yeah, the Big Three are old, and they are acting like it too, but Rondo is a different story. We can still win this series, but the Old Fogeys have to let The Kid lead them. A couple of years ago, Rondo was lucky to be playing with the Big Three, but now it’s the other way around, and they need to wake up to this fact before it is too late. Doc needs to wake up to it also.
    Are people crazy? How can you not see that Rondo got stronger as the game went on yesterday, that from after his contretemps with Doc at the end of the first half, till he came out for a rest in the fourth quarter, he was playing with confidence and verve, that he was starting to break the Heat down and that he was starting to assert himself and his team mates (assist rate going up)? I’ll tell you right now that the Heat know it, if we don’t know it, that if Rondo continues to come to life, and the Big Three wake up, this could be a long series. You can be sure that this is PRECISELY what they are worrying about as they study film from last night.

  • Rondo played a strong game yesterday. In particular, after his contretemps with Doc at the end of the first half, and through to partway through the fourth quarter, Rondo played with a lot of verve. You could tell that he was starting to feel comfortable, that he was starting to feel that he could break the Heat down, that he was starting to change the momentum of the game and possibly the series. Then he came out for a quick breather, and Doc decided to turn the breather into a five minute penalty box stint or something, while the guys on the floor without Rondo wilted and fumbled the game away.
    Even if Doc and the Big Three and Boston media and fans don’t get it, you can be sure the Heat do. You can be sure that, as they study film from last night, their biggest concern is Rondo, and the way he was starting to come to life, and the possibility that if he continues that way, it could turn into a long series.
    Doc and the Big Three need to wake up to the fact that they can still win this series, but only IF they let The Kid lead them.

  • False