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The silence speaks volumes

The road locker room in Miami was a quiet place last night. Our Boston Celtics have now fallen-into a 2-0 hole against the Heat. As the media mentions to KG during postgame, this is the first time since 2004 the C's have gone down 2 games to none in a playoff series. Pierce seems the most optimistic-something you expect from your captain. KG is to the point-"do or die" he says, and Rondo comes off as perturbed and even a bit distracted. Here are some of Chris Forsberg's locker room clips from Tuesday night:

KG: "We at 80-80, great position to be at on the road, and they went on like a 12-0 run-you know. That can't happen."


Rondo: "I don't know, I mean, we getting good looks, a couple layups down the stretch we missed them-we missed alot of layups actually. Wide-open shots we're missing…"


Pierce: "The one part that's really killing us in finishing-up quarters. They're going on a 5, 6-0 run at the end of quarters.."


This team is hard to gauge right now. This is obviously the first, true adversity they've faced since the big shake-up after the all-star break. Sure, the Knicks gave them a scare the first 2 games of that series, but this is much different. I'm not one of these guys that's going to blame Ainge or "the trade." But the moves he made were very risky chemistry-wise so late in the year. We will truly see what kind of bond these guys have and how much they trust each other this weekend at the Garden. As KG said; "do or die…"

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  • Ugh. I wonder if this was before or after they discovered somebody had broken into the bus and stolen their cash and a bunch of personal stuff?

  • Perk, Shaq, and Thibodeau
    DA rolled the dice and the dice were chipped.
    We were doing better than OK before the trade, so it made no sense to do it. If we ended up losing Perk for nothing after the season it would have been OK for me as the point was to win now in this shrinking window.

  • Doc looked really weary in his post gme presser and the guys look mentally fatigued. The last two months they have been consistently trying to figure it out. This is got to be draining on them. If they lose they lose but please don’t make it a sweep…celtic pride prevails Sat.. The way Doc looks and the way the year has gone would not be surprised if at the end of it all Doc stepped away for awhile and then there is that inevitable chain reaction. What a year its been!

  • Rondo definitely looks like he’s in LaLa Land.

  • We’ll never know if the trade would have gone down if Quis were healthy. But the facts are Perk declined their best offer, and I don’t blame Danny for wanting something in return especially with their roster being down to 9 healthy bodies at the trade deadline. Besides, Perk was not finishing games in crunch time and you couldn’t ride PP into the post season without a capable back up.
    Alas the worst case scenario happened in the first quarter and JG did fill that void (4-5 FGM/3r). He is not an alpha-dog in the vernacular of Perk/Posey, but his defense has been respectable head to head vs. LBJ (5-18 from the field, 5-6 at the rim). But there’s no denying we would feel more confident about reversing the historical trend when it comes to being down 0-2 if TA and Perk were in uniform. Bottom line is both left for the money.
    Chemistry had nothing to do with last night. The Celts couldn’t get to the line despite Miami over the limit at the 7 minute mark. That’s a missed opportunity. The Heat are a +28 FTM in the series. They are attacking the paint and making the hustle plays. Credit has to be given to their defense. But even with their great help ‘D’, and LBJ exploding in the 3rd quarter, this was a winnable game at 80-80 until BB became the primary option. His two looks were okay for a regular season game, but with so much on the line you expect Doc to go with bread and butter plays using double screens, which results in Ray off a curl or PP matched up with a guard at the free throw line. But that didn’t happen and Miami did a great job going underneath the screens forcing Rondo to shoot when he didn’t want to. So it might have made sense to use Delonte (4-4 from the field) and KG in a screen/roll on one side while running RR on the baseline where he could score off a miss. I’m just sayin’.

  • And what a shame it is that you won’t blame Ainge and The Trade, considering that they damn well deserve to be blamed. Ainge didn’t just take a risk. He basically threw the season. He stated himself that he would not have made the trade (“probably”, he said) were it not for Perkins’ contract issue. You know, we all know, that Perk’s contract issues should have had NO bearing whatever on a late season trade in the heat of a championship hunt, with the team working on pulling together for the stretch run.
    And you should damn well blame Doc for what happened yesterday. Apparently no one wants to call it, but I will: Doc sat Rondo on his *** during the key part of the game where the run that beat us happened. Yes, Rondo had called for a rest, but it was clear that he was ready to go back in very quickly, yet Doc kept him cooling his heels on the bench while the game was lost. No excuse for that.
    Sometimes, it’s RIGHT to blame. It doesn’t mean that we don’t still have a chance to win this series and a championship. It means that people like Ainge and Doc should step up and take responsibility for their screwups. We expect players to do this. Why the hell don’t we expect coaches and management to?
    Are you ok with Rondo sitting there, glued to the bench, while the game is lost? I sure as hell ain’t.

  • no. he played better than anyone else on the team. He controlled the game, attacked the Heat and started breaking them down. He had us in a position to possibly win. La la land? Right. If that’s a place where you get close to triple double numbers then yeah, I guess.

  • I’ll be very surprised if we see Doc back on the Celtics’ bench.

  • Exactly. You don’t make a trade about years to come in the midst of a stretch run to a possible championship NOW. What, two championships in the bush are better than the one in the hand?

  • I think they went with Big Baby in the post because he was willing to attack the basket and nobody else was, except for Rondo. And I think it might have worked better if they’d had someone hitting the offensive glass – that would work well in tandem with Baby posting.
    As for your attempt to justify The Trade, I think you need to reconsider how it could possibly make sense to fix a hole in the bench by making a hole in our starting lineup. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. It never did. Losing Daniels sucked, but the way to address it was to pick somebody up off waivers to be a stopgap.

  • The shots weren’t falling in the hole no matter what Rondo did…

  • Factor #1) Marquis gets injured and we have NO backup small forward. It’s not like it was even a situation where we had a Bill Walker-type guy we were unsure of. We didn’t have anybody. This is a risk we discussed earlier in the season and the majority was in agreement that if any of the small forwards went down, it was going to be tough. Worst case scenario I thought preseason? One of them goes down or is out around playoff time. And that happened. To me, we’re in the same situation with a worn out Pierce and Allen if we don’t trade Perk and sign either a crappy SF or no one at all.
    Factor #2) I know Perk was loyal to this team, was part of a family here, and expressed a deep love for this organization… but with all this said, he still also expressed that he desired to be closer to home. So it’s not like within the first couple offers the Celtics would make to him a deal would be locked up. If Perk was still here, I’m sure there would be debate on whether or not it was too much of a risk to give Perk the money he wanted to stay here.
    Factor #2)b. Perk wanted more money than Ainge clearly was willing to give up. With Dwight Howard definitely on the market either via trade or free agency, Perk’s injury history, and the two major factors above already mulling, it’s hard for any GM to take that risk. Especially with this core group’s timetable wrapping up very soon. Very soon being an optimistic way of putting things.
    Factor #3) Jeff Green is exactly the type of backup we’ve dreamed up since losing James Posey. He’s athletic, has KD/LBJ length, has a great shot and is willing to learn and buy into the system. Oh, and there’s a possibility that he can still bloom into an All-Star on a championship level team. I know we gave up some pieces that didn’t hold just technical importance to this team, but given the circumstances, it’s hard for a gambler like Ainge to say no.
    Which brings me to my last point… Ainge has ALWAYS been a gambler. He’s always rolled the dice. I think fans have started to forget that because the big three have made it to the Finals two out of the last three seasons and we have another run in us. We know what we’re getting with DA. Some could legitimately argue that even conservative GMs would peg this trade as a necessary risk.
    All that said, we still have a big chance here. After last year, I won’t ever doubt THIS Celtics team. Go Celts.

  • I hear you man, and I really appreciate the feedback on my post. And just to clarify, Rondo actually asked Doc for a breather at one point as he was gassed.

  • Yep … Rondo should have never been taken out of the game. There was an opportunity to play small with RR/D.West/PP/Ray/KG. It was Delonte who had the hot hand, so why not put him in a position where he can make a pass or score instead running two straight set plays run for BB? Running an ISO for him is not a high percentage play, and his second attempt was blocked leading to a live ball turnover that Miami converted into a dunk. Those attempts were not consistent with his normal shot selection, and it’s not like he was having a stellar shooting night where you can risk riding him. Lately he’s been downright horrible (-44 for the series). Maybe he’s hurt or maybe he’s been put into difficult situations because of the injuries to the center position, which comports with your point about Perk.
    There’s plenty of time to attach blame, but Danny erased 20+ years of angst and there were precedents. With a few exceptions no teams were buying out players because of the looming lockout. The Celts were paper thin at the 3 spot, and I don’t recall anyone decent being available. So that spot had to be upgraded. Perk was going to test the market and was unrestricted. Haywood got MLE money, so Perk was in for a big pay day and the Celts were powerless to match. It’s my opinion the trade was not all about Perk, rather it had a lot to do with Davis. He was playing great up until the injury, and would have been cheaper to sign. Let’s not forget they were 33-10 with Shaq, and finished second in efficiency (35-15) with BB and the starters.

  • The trade has nothing to do with this. Rondo was hurt the most by the trade, and he played well last night. Besides, their slumping didn’t start right after the trade, but few games later when they already reached playoffs. And these 2 games are product of their overconfidence from Knicks series. They had one great game in that series and finished it 4-0, so they thought they would get away with it in this series too. Guess what? Heat are not Knicks, it doesn’t go that way with them. Still, I’m a believer the C’s will pull themselves through this. They are capable of doing it, the question is how willing are they? I hope the answer is “Enough”…