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Taking Stock: C’s – Heat Game 2

Taking stock
After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Positivity:  I wrote it earlier but it bears repeating.  The Celtics are not dead yet.  The team is not dead until it loses four games and it's only lost two.  I don't want to be Mr. Rainbows, Sunshine & Puppy Dogs… the C's are exhibiting serious flaws right now… but it's not malignant.  I'm not going to overreact to losing a couple of games. 


Glen Davis:  I don't know if its the pressure of not being under contract or what.. but this guy has been pretty bad for a long time now.  I know the Celtics gave him the ball a lot during a key time, but that doesn't mean you have to go 1-on-2 with it.  Yeah, I know you got fouled, Glen… but recognize who's on the floor with you too.  Those shots belonged to someone else.  Your job was to pull guys out of position.  

Hold Jeff Green:  Hey, that's up from a sell.  When Pierce went down with the strained achilles, he chipped in with 11 points on 4-6 shooting.  But his defense on LeBron was spotty at best.  No shock, though… Jeff Green isn't going to be able to guard LeBron.  But expectations are high… so he'll get called on it.

Delonte West:  Nice shooting night.  4-4 including a couple of 3's.  Now… can he keep it up?

The Starters:  If the Starters had played up to their capabilities, the C's may have split this series.  Our hopes rise and fall with their performance.  They need to step up and give good efforts for a full game.  Rondo woke up for a surprising 20 point, 12 assist night but it felt like it could have been so much more.  KG's 8-20 shooting has to be better.  Pierce has to fight through nagging injuries and Ray's gotta find a way to get more than 7 shots.  

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  • when your on, your on……………..and your on!!!! can’t disagree at all any word on the big Shamrock or is that a pipe dream?

  • I don’t see Shaq coming back. He’s done. Even if the C’s get to the Finals (a BIG if), he would not be in game shape.

  • I like the positivity, but you are wrong about Davis. Big Baby showed exactly the fearlessness and aggressiveness the Big Three should be showing. Stop blaming him for having the right idea.
    And while it’s true that Rondo could have done much better than he did last night, it’s clear that he is starting to figure out how to play against the Heat, how to begin to break them down. Basically, what we need right now is for the Big Three to follow The Kid’s lead.
    And Baby’s. I’m sorry, but the day when Baby shows more heart than the Big Three is a day that the old guys need to look in the mirror and decide whether or not they are still ballers.
    And let’s make it clear to Doc that we do not want to see him gluing Rondo to the bench while a game is lost in the fourth quarter. Rondo asked for a breather and Doc seemed to glue him to the bench. By the time Rondo got back in, we were down ten points and Rondo was cold.
    Let the Kid lead the way. It’s basically that simple.

  • Excellent buy-sell as always.
    Only one disagreement.
    I wouldn’t sell Glen Davis.
    I’d give him away.
    Or at least force him to write two basketball concepts he has absolutely no clue about on a chalkboard 100 times: Assist and blockout.
    Let him walk.

  • Like your stock assessement. Always make a point to read it. Just watching Chicago series who have just won their second game against Atlanta. Celtics are a much better team than the Bulls in my opinion. So just wondering if Celtics got that first seed how things may have turned out different. Yes they would have probably have to go through the Heat to win the East but playing through the Paces and Hawks would that have allowed the C’s to work out some of their difficulties on the floor before battling the Heart in the final east round? All the should of or could of are haunting.

  • add those thieves heisting the team bus and the refs on the sell option. buy the garden home court advantage

  • Not sure I agree. The most sobering aspect of the first two games of this series – and watching the Bulls – is the huge deficit the Celtics have in terms of athleticism. We’re extremely short of athletes, and it shows.

  • Rondo, Please put your damn headband on for game 3. We need the kid back.