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Someone in Miami robbed the Celtics

No… not the refs. 

Literally… as in stole things from the bus:

When the Boston Celtics climbed on the team bus in the bowels of American Airlines Arena late in the regular season, the mood had been thick with anger and disgust over finally losing to the Miami Heat. Only now, several sources said, the Celitcs discovered a deeper, knifing violation: Someone had snuck onto the bus and stolen cash and belongings from the coaches’ and players’ bags.

“It was pretty bad,” a source told Yahoo! Sports. “A lot of stuff, a lot of money.”    

This falls squarely on the Heat franchise.  You have to secure your facility.  How do you let the team bus of a team full of rich NBA players just sit there unprotected?  On top of that… who the hell was it that went onto the bus?  Was it some schlub off the street or was the bus parked inside a locked facility than robbed by an arena employee?? 

No matter how you slice it… this story stinks.  The Heat should reimburse the Celtics for their stolen items.

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  • This is terrible. And WEEI’s @pflanns got his stuff stolen before the game last night there too. Not a good look for Miami!

  • The Miami Heat organization is definitely one of the most pathetic organizations in the NBA.
    Crap fans, Lebron riding the coattails of Wade to win the championship, their stupid parade to announce their Big Three (as if they won the whole thing), this incident due to lack of security.
    I hope a lot of bad years happen to the Miami organization because honestly, they do not deserve it whatsoever.

  • WHAT??? I missed that

  • Yea, he mentioned it in a tweet this morning. Said his luggage, clothes, laptop, everything got swiped. What scumbags would do that?

  • I demand a search warrant for Mario Chalmer’s locker.

  • If you actually read more about the story…research, you would know that the Miami Heat security had video of the team bus and nobody entering or leaving the bus besides Celtics personnel. You lose games, makes excuses, make rumors, get tech’s, get flagrant fouls, get frusterated, and cant make half of your shots. The only thing the Miami Heat can get charged with is stealing the confidence away from the Celtics.
    You know for a franchise being pathetic, they do sure have the executive of the year, a championship in the last 5, and yeah they celebrated, but I do remember BIG things when Allen and Garnett showed their faces. Nobody will remember that though…wishing bad luck on the organization? Get in line buddy, they have Dan Gilbert, Cleveland, Ohio, and just about all the rest of the 29 teams doing that. You wish bad years on them because they dont deserve it? You make no sense Alex.

  • WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski
    Heat spokesman tells Yahoo that video tape of Boston’s bus during April game showed no one entered vehicle during Heat-C’s game.

  • Don’t forget last year on their message board when their sweet fans said they hoped the Celtics plane crashes on the way to Miami. Pure class both of the Heat fans.

  • Schlub, never heard of that word. Lol. Funny shit man. Yeah, the Miami Schlubs.