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Et Tu, Legler?

RedsArmyAdmin May 4, 2011 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Et Tu, Legler?

There's no doubt Tim Legler has been one of the biggest fans of the Celtics in the mainstream media.  Which makes his comments today on WEEI a little more painful.

“I think the problem ultimately for the Celtics is going to be that they don’t have home court,” Legler said. “I think they’re going to derive a lot of energy coming home. With the change in venue and the couple of days off they’re going to have right now is going to do them a world of good. I think they’re going to energize themselves. I think they’re going to get their competitive edge back up again and realize: ‘Look, we’re not going out like this.’ And when they get home, you’re going to see a much better effort.

“Having said that, they can win two games in Boston, I don’t think there’s any question about it. But then you’re turning it into a best two out of three, but two of those games being in Miami, and you see the type of energy they played with down there.”

[…] “I think it’s the first time since this [Celtics] group’s been together, since ’08, that their defense doesn’t look as quick or as suffocating as it normally is. And I think a lot of that has to do with how fast and how quickly Miami gets to their spots offensively, and how they beat you off the dribble. And they’re getting to the rim and they’re getting to places before the help defender can get there. We’re not used to seeing that against this Boston team. And I think that speaks directly to the athleticism involved with the Miami Heat and that might be eventually the undoing for the Celtics in this series. They’re just not athletic enough to deal with this.”


The Heat are definitely more athletic.  But is it really too much for the C's?  Will the return of Shaq change things?  

I know some of my optimism is blind faith.  But I know there's solid basketball behind it too.  I know the Celtics can correct their mistakes and win this thing.  I know it's not just athleticism.  I know it's about the Celtics coming together and executing better.

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  • Great points by Legs. It’s clear as day that Miami is more athletic. Now earlier in the season they were as well, but they still were feeling each other out. Now that this team has had time to work together, they can really use that to their advantage. The C’s will have to play their best ball or hope Miami falters at home once in order to win this series. It definitely can be done, but it won’t be easy.

  • I’ve always said Legler’s the only ESPN analyst that’s not just a complete clown and his analysis never seems swayed by the popularity of the player/team. He’s always logical and insightful and he may also be right about these Celtics. Damn.

  • I feel Legler’s comments today. I’m not losing hope by any stretch, but the more you look at this team and see what they’re up against in this series, you realize it will take everything left in these guys to win it. I do believe the Garden crowd will help get the best out of them and we could very well be 2-2 next week and feeling much better. Right now, that’s what I’m hopeful for. It won’t be easy though.

  • He is right, but I still believe this is doable for C’s. They’re not as athletic, but They are intelligent enough to overcome it. But there has to be more effort by C’s if they want to go anywhere else.

  • no coverage of the miami thief? “Someone had snuck onto the bus and stolen cash and belongings from the coaches’ and players’ bags. “It was pretty bad,” a source told Yahoo! Sports. “A lot of stuff, a lot of money.”
    stay classy miami

  • It’s coming.

  • Unfortunately, he’s right as rain. The weakside defense is non existent, as is the help. Shockingly so.
    A sweep is possible if Rondo doesn’t wake the hell up and start moving the basketball. Doc’s also got to cut Davis’ minutes, even if it involves Green. Can’t have someone on the floor at crunch time who treats an assist like a blockout – never present.

  • The Miami faithful stole coaches’ bags?
    Anyone think it could have been an “inside job” and that it is part of the reason the Heat FINALLY figured out the Celtics after losing the first 3 games to them this year?
    Or, is it just because the C’s had Shaq or Perk in the first 3 wins against Miami this year?
    Just some thoughts.