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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is too unselfish

Kg in miami
Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Kevin is the most unselfish player in the NBA,” teammate Delonte West said before yesterday’s practice at the University of Miami. “It kind of goes against his game. He makes the right play at the right time. Sometimes he passes up shots for the betterment of the team, and it works for us. But moving forward, I think we’re looking for him to start knocking down some of those shots that he’s accustomed to doing.”

Coach Doc Rivers took the blame for Garnett’s lack of involvement early. The All Star forward attempted just four shots in 18 first-half minutes.

“I have to do a better job with getting Kevin involved,” Rivers said. “Kevin is one of our featured scorers, and I didn’t think we did a good job with him at all.”

Herald: Green to get in touch with KG

Nine shots just isn't enough for KG.  

I think sometimes when a guy like Ray Allen gets as hot as he does, KG gets into "set a pick" mode or "Keep feeding Ray" mode.  And that's great.  We should want Ray to get the ball more, but not at the expense of one of our top three options on the floor. 

KG's got to be more aggressive and win that matchup with Chris Bosh.  That's an advantage the Celtics have.  They need to win that battle or they're going to have a lot of problems in this series.  At least KG knows that.

“I was stressing ball movement and what they asked us to do as a team and Doc [Rivers] tells me I got to be a lot more aggressive so I will,’’ Garnett said. “Our mind-set has to be a lot more defensive. Mine was probably a lot more offensive. [Tonight] I will be a lot more aggressive.’’

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On Page 2: Pierce takes a jab at the refs

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"I was surprised in getting kicked out," Pierce said. "I didn't think what I did warranted ejection. Sometimes players get caught in the hype of the game. Sometimes the refs do, too."

Pierce does know one thing. A repeat meltdown on his part can do nothing but hurt the Celtics' chances of winning Game 2.

And while he's likely to have some thoughts about Game 1 prior to Tuesday's Game 2 tip-off, by no means does he plan to use that as added incentive to play well.

"I don't need no motivation," Pierce said. "I don't need that to fire me up for this. I have a common goal, just like the rest of my teammates, and that's to win a championship. I'm trying to do everything I can to make that happen."

CSNNE: Pierce: I have to keep my composure

Yes Paul, you do.  But Paul's right about the refs getting caught up in the emotion of the game. 

My question is… what happens to Ed Malloy today?  He's the guy that blew both techs.  He's responsible for the Celtics star player being ejected.  And what about the entire crew?  What happens to them for calling a flagrant on one end and not on the other?

What happens to the crew that cost the Celtics a five points AND their best scorer in what ended up being a nine point game?  Anything?  

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  • I was watching the Celtics’ pregame warmups on on Sunday. Mostly guys were shooting around. Rondo seemed to do the most intensive workout. That makes sense, as he’s the weakest shooter. Garnett was there for much of the warmup, but barely did any shooting. Mostly he played defense against the guys shooting. I thought that said a lot about who Garnett is, about the kind of big brother type of team guy he is. Everyone else was locked in on working their shots, but Garnett was trying to offer some help to everybody by playing D.
    And for those who think Garnett is the biggest jerk in the world, I saw him standing under the basket at one point, and when a ballguy came running up to retrieve balls under the basket, Garnett reached down and picked one of them up to toss it to the ballguy. I’m sorry, haters, but he seemed more like a nice guy than a jerk.
    For a while, Rondo practiced postup moves on Garnett. This suggested to me that Rondo might be planning on doing some work in the post – and that’s how it turned out, of course. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that his practice against Garnett was very desultory. He seemed unfocused, not very intense. In fact, the whole team seemed that way. Not quite awake, somehow.
    Tonight will be different, I suspect.

  • During pregames (when I used to play soccer for the city), our workouts and warmups had to be chilled… NOT intense. Enough of a chill workout to get some sweat going, not exhaust yourself before the game even starts (especially a Playoff game when you need ALL your energy).
    Just my two cents (which you probably already know already hehe)

  • I’ve definitely seen KG do similar things.
    At one game this season, I watched him spend almost the entire pregame warmup feeding balls to Luke Harangody. Harangody was doing his thing, and Garnett kind of crossed paths with him, nudged him into position, started passing to him… and just didn’t stop.
    Though I suppose the anti-KG brigade would spin this as KG being abusive to a poor defenseless white rookie by forcing him to shoot. 🙂

  • Don’t we say this about KG every year? Its a tired storyline. He’ll get his shots.