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Shaq’s out tonight

Sherrod tweet

It doesn't sound good from that tweet by Sherrod Blakely… but WEEI's Paul Flannery tweets.

Doc said Shaq looked 'phenomenal' in practice yesterday. But he 'doubts' Shaq will play tonight. Doc said Shaq was sore after the practice which featured his first scrimmage since injuring his calf against Detroit.

So who knows.  Game 3 is Saturday… so there is time for him to get past any soreness.  We'll see.

Udonis Haslem is out for the Heat tonight.

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  • he better Pull a Willis Reed here real soon, Miller brewing Co. wrote me a letter. Since I quit drinking they had to lay-off 3 workers and sell a truck!

  • Looks more like he’s pulling a Bill Walton. At this point I’ve completely given up on Shaq as a contributor to this team. It’s all about JO now, and if they dont win tonite, it’s pretty much over anyways. I dont trust the C’s to win both games at home, so tonite is crucial. You picked a bad time to quit drinking Jester00!

  • He ain’t walking through that door, people.

  • Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing Glue.

  • Real tired of hearing about Shaq. Why to the Celtics continue to make Shaq the story? I love Shaq, but there’s a whole team there that is capable of winning a championship, Shaq or no Shaq.

  • Please stop this sad Shaq saga.

  • I’ve done well this postseason just ignoring this stuff and being reserved to the fact that I’ll know he’s back when I see him on the floor. But I’ve had about enough too. It’s a distraction. It pisses me the off that he even came to Miami. Not mad at him mind you, but mad at the situation. At this point, if the said he’s done, I’d be satisfied. The distraction would be over at least.

  • and the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

  • Great quote from another site…Its just a Danny Ainge “smokescreen” ….no intentions of Shaq playing..