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Recap: Miami’s Big 3 outdoes Celtics Big 3


I don't like what I'm seeing. This Celtics team looks old and unathletic. And that foot injury Paul Pierce suffered in the 1st quarter isn't going to help.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chrissy Bosh scored 80 of the Heat's 102 points. James took this game over the moment Reggie Miller called him out for not playing well. He scored 24 points in the second half and flat-out dominated.

Ray Allen (7 points, 2-7 FG) was invisible. The only time I heard his name was when he was whistled for fouling.

The foot strain clearly slowed down Pierce. We can only pray that three days rest will help him heal.

Kevin Garnett (16 points, 8-20 FG) was aggressive. He found his stroke in the 3rd quarter where he scored 10 points.

Here's a telling statistic: Boston's Big 3 shot a combined 2-4 on free throws.

As for the officiating, I thought it was decent until the 4th quarter. Glen Davis got jobbed on a couple of drives to the hoop, while Wade and James got whistles anytime a Celtics player knicked their arm hair. The officiating was pivotal in the Heat's decisive 17-4 run that sealed this game.

Jeff Green and Delonte West played well… oh screw it. I'm not in the mood to talk about any positives from this game.

I know I'm going to catch flak for this, but what the hell… I'm afraid the Celtics are going to get swept.

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  • Perfect headline. Pierce never recovered, you could see the foot was bothering him-his jumpers looked awkward. Heat were all over Ray, but Ticket actually did well. C’s could just not get big stops of James and Wade when needed. That, some sloppy play..oh I’ll just stop now. You all know this already. We now must win 2 games at home for any shot at winning this. That’s it. I know we can do it, it’s just a matter of if the “good” C’s show-up. I hope they do. I really do.

  • good thing danny got that future first rd pick

  • It is necessary for the Celtics to win their two home games coming up. Losing one will end the Celtics’ run unfortunately. They just look terrible out there. Garnett was hot, but Pierce and Ray Ray decided to play crap this game. Rondo looks like shit and Glen, oh boy this guy.
    If C’s lose Game 3, they are going to get swept. If C’s lose Game 4, they will lose again in Miami.

  • I think there’s a BIG positive to take from this game. As the game went on, Rondo clearly was more and more in control. Unfortunately, the game was pretty much lost when he was on the bench. If Rondo keeps playing like he did tonight and dials it up some more, playing more aggressive, taking control more, pushing the ball more and setting up his team mates more, we damn well still have a chance to win this thing. Maybe a good chance. There were times when Rondo seemed to be finding ways to answer BOTH Wade and James repeatedly.
    What is hard to understand is the way the Big Three are playing. At least Rondo has gotten his head into this series. But what about the Big Three? They are still playing like they are afraid of the Heat. They need to look hard in the mirror. We can still take control of this series, but they’ve got to play better. Rondo stepped up tonight. Now it’s the Big Three’s turn.
    Another good thing was that the Cs did well when they attacked the rim. I think that’s why they went to Baby on the blocks late – because he is more than willing to attack the rim, and the Big Three just weren’t doing it. It was a good decision to do go with Baby then, except that Doc needs to break the No Offensive Rebounding rule at times. We need to attack the offensive glass if we are going to attack the basket, at least sometimes – Rondo especially, because he can get back on defense better.

  • momentum killing both games 1 and hoping the c’s get “the big momentum builder” back saturday! new nickname!

  • What is this about Rondo looking like shit? He played very well; we need more of what he gave us tonight.
    As for Baby, at least he’s willing to attack the basket.

  • We don’t need Shaq. We need the Big Three to start playing like the Big Three.

  • Final tally was 80-36 in the battle of the Big 3’s tonight. The losses to NJ, LAC, CHA are now amplified when you consider we could of had these two games on our home court.
    Celts couldn’t get to the free throw until the final 2 minutes despite Miami over the limit at the 7 minute mark with the score tied at 80-80. At that point the offense turned to BB on the block instead of KG. The results? Two missed layups on the way to a 14-0 Miami run ending with a KG 20ft jumper. Doc seems to be riding a dead horse. Davis logged in a -14, and so far is a -35 for the series. Miami a +28 FTA for the series … the more athletic team is finding the paint and the lose balls.

  • Sadly agree this may be the end run for the Celtics. End of the Big 3 era?… they have never lost the first 2 games in a playoff before with the Big 3 i believe. Hate to say it but wonder if having that first seed would have made some difference in having home court. What makes it all so depressing is Winning 4 out of 5 games is looking pretty tough right now for the C’s.If they get beat next huge question is whose coming back next season. Nothing going right since allstar weekend.
    Was really hoping for a Laker vs Celtics final but…….

  • Guys, Miami is clearly the better team. I hate to sound like a negative asshole here, but it seems like they have an answer to everything we throw at them. Our guys are playing hard and it`s not fair to sit here and play the blame game. It`s just not our year. I`m still a C`s fan to the bitter end though. Peace

  • What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Lakers were up in 4 Game of 2008? Hell no! What the F happened to the Redsarmy I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest Series of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to Cheer with you Jester, we might get in Beat.” Well just kiss my a$$ from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. James, he’s a dead man! Wade, dead! Bosh…

  • in game 3 pierce against knicks pierce did a block and landed and his feet were haphazardly landing. i knew somethiing was wrong. i didnt watch the game. i was so nervous. i am sure c’s will recover. as series wears on other team also will get tired.

  • The only starter who played like it was a playoff game was Jermaine. Yeah KG had 16 points, which really isn’t much to write home about, it took him twenty shots. Not exactly stellar. Pierce was done before the game started. He and Ray were completely invisible when they were on the floor. For a veteran team with a week of to get fresh they sure haven’t been able to put even a relatively decent game together. Pierce with a foot, rondo with a sore back, ray with a “chest” problem if I heard Reggie right; all seemingly happening at the same time. Conclusion: this team is old; the window is closed. If you need 42 minutes into a playoff game to get yourself ready for a playoff game, you’re probably not going far. I hate to say it as I’ll continue to go down with the ship, but this series appears to be all but over. Hopefully they’ll put up a fight in front of the home crowd but even that I’m not so sure of.

  • 10 point road loss is not bad. especially in playoff. it is just we are shocked that c’s didnt finish close like a 1 point loss. in the past playoffs c’s always stole one of the opening games. this is just different. thats whyyou guys are bit taken aback (including me). a great team will always overcome these kind of situations. c’s havent had a threatening beginning to a series like this. thats all. plus injuries haunting us and always talk about could cause fatigue.

  • BBD has got to go.

  • The Heat won their TWO home games to start the series. We need to go hold serve at home as well. The amount of people jumping off the bandwagon makes me sick. You people should not even consider yourselves fans already screaming to shop Rondo in the offseason? Game 3 is Saturday, win at home like you should and are fully capable of doing and then move on to the next game. It’s not like the Heat are unbeatable or the Celtics suddenly forgot how to win ball games. They are proven and experienced, the sense of urgency will be there and they will fight to the end. I cannot believe what I am reading its pathetic

  • Typical C`s fan. I really admire you, but fast don`t lie. Remember that. This team has our number. When James and Wade compliment us after this performance, Well their being nice. I hope we can turn this around. I` m thinking rebuild. Nothing personal dude.

  • Celtics wont get sweep but unfortunately, we wont make it out of this series. Time to think about off-season, Kristic needs to go!!!!

  • Painful. They still havnt played a single really good quarter of basketball in this series. I’ll give some credit to the Heat defense, but the C’s are basically playing the way they have since the trade, which wont get it done against these guys. Outplayed in every quarter tonite, and not closing out quarters especially well. I didnt see any urgency in a game they could have easily won. Big Baby missed some shots but he seems to be the only guy willing to hit the floor for a loose ball. In contrast, Jeff Green is showing the world why OKC didnt think enough of him to even pick up his option. Yes he hit afew shots tonite, but he proved once again he can’t cover any postition, much less 3 of them. I’ll end by saying something positive. the Heat havnt overly impressed me either. The C’s could potentially win both games at home provided they hit thier stride and actually put together afew quarters of good basketball. They have to at this point, otherwise we can look forward to alot to discuss as far as the future of this team.

  • The Jester is correct:
    4k the facts, stats and shipjumping rats (Not that we have any in Sparta..)
    Nothing is over.
    Hit this:
    and prepare to Defend! the Gahden.
    As you were,
    Ganjalf the Green

  • Jerster00 I love your enthusiasm and spirit cause I need to be picked up right now. Where’s the spirit? Where’s the sprit of the guys out there on the court? Cause not only did we get outplayed we got outhustled. I know we beat these guys 3 times earlier in the year, but that seems a long time ago, the heat are a different team now, a better team, whereas the C’s….
    The good thing is other than afew minute burst there in the 2nd half, the Heat look beatable. Hell, everybody that’s left is beatable, the championship is just there for the taking but seriously, they have to win the next 2 at home.

  • Yes.

  • Yes Vivek-let's hope so.

  • It's tough-I hate to fall into the whole "Ainge screwed us up" thing, but we have not beaten Miami since the trades. We haven't.

  • We need to run a lot more, I haven’t seen any real fast breaks and none that finish at the rim. We get into our halfcourt set, and they drop a defender off Rondo so the paint is crowded and they (Wade/LeBron) have the quickness to get to our shooters. It’s frustrating as hell just watching it and I’m sure Ray and Paul don’t like it much either. Pierce is the only guy trying to get to the rim just not coverting or getting calls. Big Baby needs to stop thinking he’s a star and get his BIG ASS down in the paint for BOARDS, his hustle and giving up his body has turned into Im going to show you my moves and my jumper, if that’s the case bring in Nenad or just shorten the rotation.
    It’s crunch time, we need both at home and still one more at their place, which I don’t feel is going to happen.

  • Maybe if this team gave 2 shits in the regular season, they would be playing the Hawks right now at home. Then again, Ainge gave them a built in excuse when he murdered their chemistry.
    I see a lot of “atta boys” for Green. Why? Any points he scored, he immediately gave back on the defensive end. He bit on more pump fakes than a YMCA player. He can’t guard Lebron….I don’t know why they insist on it.

  • +1000.

  • The bench played well enough to hide the Big Fours crappyness. The bench can’t be out there during closing time. Green and West could have been story of game so far as saving it had the starters been 70% of what the Heat’s big three where.
    A little home cooking should change everything for the better. If Shaq is to play (if he can even go) I say save him for the pivotal games 3, 5 and 7.

  • So true about BBD. He’s become so one dimensional it’s not even funny. He literally has one offensive post move and guys are just going to keep pulling the chair out from under him. He’ll keep falling for it..the worst part is is that the Big 4 seem content with that type of horrid offense running through him. Not to mention he’s horribly undersized. His market value last season didn’t get him the payday he was looking for. He sure as he’ll isn’t doing himself any favors this postseason. I’m disappointed with how the Celtics are seemingly folding. I can’t remember if it was here or on celticsblog that someone likened Green’s demeanor to that of a person standing in line at the bank. It seems as if the entire team has now taken on that personality. It’s frustrating to see no fight out of these guys until it’s too little too late. Game’s 48 minutes not 58.

  • Totally agree.
    And what is clear today more than ever is that THE TRADE KILLED THIS TEAM.
    Compared to January, we basically lost Perk and Shaq (the news saga by Celtics headquarter was really bad..) and we added Krstic and Green.
    They’re even putting a nice effort out there, but the Heat are just more talented, they’re gonna win the Championship. The run they had after the game was tied 80-80 was pretty meaningful to all of above..

  • I am sick to death of people blaming “The Trade” for what’s going on with this team. Perkins has contributed very little to the Oklahoma City team besides fouls. Two points and six boards a game doesn’t mean shit.

  • Any claim that Rondo played well is absolutely laughable.
    This offense dies on the vine – translated: ends up with our beloved volume misser Glen Davis – whenever Rondo stands outside and dribbles incessantly. A couple of late drives to the rim doesn’t change anything.
    When in hell is Rondo EVER going to learn that he’s useless to this team when he’s not attacking with the basketball?
    Watching him be a ball stopper is every bit as old as watching Glen Davis act like he thinks he’s a scorer. Both have GOT to stop, or the off-season is at hand.

  • Orb

    DEAD! Jester’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards.

  • Glad you caught that started to feel old LOL

  • Oklahoma City is a different city, and the Thunder are a different team with a different play system.
    I don’t know if Perk is struggling there, all I know he was a defensive enforcement for the Celtics, who had their own identity based on defense.
    After Perk was gone they just didn’t find that identity anymore, due to the fact that Shaq wasn’t available as well. In the end we lost Perk and Shaq for the playoffs and got not much in return, given the highs and lows of a young, yet talented player like Jeff Green. Sure not much enough to make it to #18.

  • Identity? Esoteric nonsense. Perkins is what he is: an offensively-inept player whose game is rebounding, illegal screens and whining about EVERY call to an official.
    $9 million is an absurd price to pay for a badly limited skillset, and considering the state of the franchise, thank God Ainge didn’t decide to wildly overpay for a concept – identity – that flatly doesn’t exist.
    The Perkins trade is a convenient, yet vapid, excuse for people who simply can’t live with the notion that the nasty old Danny Ainge wouldn’t overpay for their favorite player.
    We’ll find 2 points and 6 boards somewhere else. In fact, we did: JO had 8 points and 9 boards last night. The idea that Perkins would change this series is fantasyland and has zero basis in fact.

  • Whatever.
    You first calm down, and then look at the way C’s have been playing since the trade.
    Identity is an “esoteric nonsense”? Chemistry too? Then Doc and all the players must have been talking BS so far. I never said that with Perkins we would have gone through this series, I’m just saying that if we had a chance, the trade the way it turned out just killed it.
    I’m not the Perkins biggest fan at all, all I’m saying is that he was part of a functioning machine.
    Danny made a bet about this machine, and if Shaq was still able to run he probably would have bet right.
    But it’s an all different story out there, as you can see.

  • What a bunch of bullshit.
    Feel free to post, with attribution for verification, any quote from any member of the organization attributing any of this team’s struggles to the Perkins trade.
    I’ll be waiting.
    In the meantime, you’re spouting the same kind of fanboy nonsense the other dude is posting here about how well Rondo played last night.
    It’s a team game, and the trade of Kendrick Perkins has nothing whatsoever to do with this team’s wide variety of issues. Professional basketball players don’t hold hands and whine incessantly about their beloved teammates, as much as the blogosphere, which doesn’t know shit about team interactions, wants to believe.
    Or I suppose you doubt longtime team observers like Heinsohn. Like Sherrod Blakley. Like Tanguay.
    These silly fanboy excuses bore me to tears. I don’t give a shit whose favorite player got traded.

  • Thank you. Jermaine gave us more last night than the Greatest Centah Evah – Perkins – gives the Thunder on any given night.
    Pierce was MIA. Allen’s worthless unless the perimeter screening is good, and it was atrocious. Rondo was doing the Bad Rondo thing again, stopping the basketball. Someone’s got to tell Garnett that the overpassing has to stop. Fat Glen still thinks he’s a shooter, God knows why. The helpside defense was a step slow all night.
    I agree entirely. This team will get swept unless Rondo pulls his head out of his ass.
    And even if he does, one or two games tops. The off-season looms.

  • I don’t like your arrogant tone at all, and I don’t give a damn how bored you are by my “bullshits”;
    just watch your language and be respectful.

  • Let murphy play!