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Just do what you do

I'm going to echo Doc Rivers right now: 

“It would be nice to run our game plan, then at least we’d know whether what we’re doing is right or wrong,” he said. “You got to run them off threes. You can’t turn the ball over and then we just have to move the ball offensively. Those would be the three things.

“Everything else, we were pretty happy with. You know Dwyane and LeBron are capable of having big games. We knew that going into the series. They’re capable of doing that tonight, too. But you can still win games when that happens.”

Dear Celtics.  You have advantages you can exploit.  You have a mental edge.  Don't outsmart yourselves.  Don't take yourselves out of this game. 

Do what you do, and you'll win this thing. 

If you're in the Boston viewing area, tune into CSN right now for Celtics pregame live… then flip it to TNT for the game. 

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  • Lets go celtics we got this. OWN THE PAINT! Put the pressure on miami and they will fold as long as the refs don’t bail them out.

  • This one is solely on Doc Rivers. Absolutely inexcusable to leave that fat bastard Davis on the floor to shoot you completely out of a tie game. All that offensive talent on this team and you leave Davis out there for three bricks and his patented missed box out. Some of the worst coaching from Rivers in his seven-year tenure in Boston. Horrible. Just horrible, Doc. How many damn times did Davis shoot us out of a game in the last month? What the hell are you thinking?

  • Davis is trash now. I dunno what’s up in his head but he’s awful out there.
    Rondo is also awful out there as well. He seems to have lost control over his team and the Big Three just do not look like they trust him anymore. It’s a complete utter mess.
    Looks like I will be cheering for Chicago Bulls (IF they beat Memphis that is…)

  • Absolutely no excuse whatsoever for Davis on the floor in crunch time. He’s a damn black hole who can’t elevate or finish. Rondo is just garbage.
    The off-season is coming. Soon.

  • Disgraceful loss, Rivers. Tie game, 7 to play. Get your best damn five on the floor. Davis is NOT part of your best 5. You lost this game, Rivers.

  • DWEST and JO should be on the floor duiring clutch mins

  • I won’t be surprised if Davis and Rondo gets shopped. Davis is going downhill and there is no more upside to his game anymore. We’ve seen all of his tricks and he’s a damn black hole. Rondo has been entirely inconsistent in the second half of the season and the playoffs. Could be his injuries or fatigue… who knows… but this is just sad.
    The C’s need to win their upcoming two home games or they are done for. If they return to Miami with a 3-1 series, we say HELLO to an early offseason.

  • This. I would rather have Dwest over Rondo and JO over Glen during clutch time. Rondo is clutch but it’s obvious we no longer can count on him.

  • Long been an advocate of trying to spin Rondo and Davis to New Orleans for that fella in the Yankees hat at the game tonight. Rondo is just wildly inconsistent and petulant, and Davis is disposable. I don’t know who told him he’s a scorer, but the person ought to be throat-punched.

  • I dont know if anyone else saw this but rondo pulled his back and didn’t warm up with the team before the second half and was getting treatment for the rest of the game. Seeing him pick it up at the end of the game was pretty encouraging. Also what is with all the pessimism? Miami did what they were supposed to and held homecourt. If the celtics do the same it’s a whole new series. A series doesn’t start til someone wins on the road. Let’s get some rest before game 3 and get it done.

  • WADR, you’ve got to be kidding me. A couple of layups changes nothing about Rondo’s game. He’s not creating squat running the offense, and he’s not stopping anyone.
    This game was there to be won, and Doc Rivers pissed it away by watching idly while a player with no lift and no ability to finish shot the game away. Glen Davis has NO business on the floor at crunch time in the fourth quarter. Bury him, and then trade his fat ass in the off-season.

  • I think it’s the way Rondo is playing that discourages me. He looks like crap out there and the Big Three are trusting him less and less. Funny how the bench came to play (except Glen who fucked up their chances) and the Big “Four” was nowhere to be found.
    Argh, it pains me to watch the Celtics (a team that uses FULL teamwork) lose to a team that heavily depends on three people to do the work.

  • That being said though far too many turnovers. Some really dumb (crosscourt) passes down the stretch.

  • What the hell are people talking about?!!!!!! Rondo played a great game. He did start slow, admittedly, but even then he controlled the game well, and he got better and better as the game went along. We need him to do what he did tonight, only more of it, and more aggressive, and starting earlier. God I hope his back is ok.
    We need to attack the basket, and if we are going to play the post game, which we should, we need to hit the offensive boards. But mainly, the Big Three need to play a lot better. They lost this game for us. They are playing tentative, like they already feel defeated by Miami’s Big Three. We could have won this game tonight if the Big Three had been in the game more.

  • My God, Rondo was the only person who played well tonight out of the Big Four, and he’s the one you all want to crucify?

  • What the hell are you talking about? When Rondo isn’t attacking, he’s worthless running the offense. And he didn’t attack tonight – not nearly enough. Just settled for fiddling and diddling, as Johnny Most liked to put it, and when Rondo does that, he’s ordinary.
    If you were paying attention to the game, you saw clearly that Pierce and Garnett were not happy with his play during timeouts.
    When in hell is he going to figure that out? Will he hit 30 first?
    I’m done with him. Shop him in the off-season. Call New Orleans.

  • My God, you ARE serious, aren’t you?
    What game were you watching? Rondo was terrible. All night. Stopping the ball, pounding the ball at the top of the key instead of attacking. Letting Mike Bibby score at all is inexcusable defensively. Bibby is a fossil.
    And then, he stomps out of a huddle and away from two veterans yelling at him.
    I expect this shit on Celtics Blog, but this site is devoted to serious discussion. If you want hero worship, visit that blog.