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Is there already bickering between Bosh and his teammates?

Chris Bosh didn't do much offensively in Game 1 but he did grab 12 boards.  Still, I don't think people would look at Bosh's performance and say he played particularly well.  LeBron included

Later in his quote about Garnett, LeBron said, “He’s a great player, we don’t expect to hold him under his average all series. We don’t expect him to have another game like he had last night, but we don’t expect (Chris Bosh) to have a [game] like he did last night also.”

It was an understandable knock on his teammate, who scored only seven points on 3-10 shooting in 37 minutes. But when asked to respond, Bosh wasn’t too concerned with his performance. 

“I think I did a good job,” Bosh said. “For one, we won the game, and I rebounded the ball. I didn’t make that many mistakes on defense, either. On offense, I’m not really worried about that. I know I can make shots. I’m glad I made mistakes in the first game because that means a I have a lot of room for improvement.”

I'd normally blow this off, but they've taken little digs at Bosh before.  And I know Bosh is sensitive.  So 99% of me tells me there's nothing more to it… 

… but 1% of me is still going to watch to see if Bosh forces things tonight.

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  • His 12 rebounds are fools gold. The C’s were tossing up bricks all day.

  • The way I see it, if Celtics pull together, we take this series.

  • ‘KG is nasty and he’ll put up more points, but bring it on, we are confident Bosh will too’
    That’s what he meant to say right?

  • Last season there was also some bickering reported between Bosh and his Raptors teammates in the locker room. Bosh even at one point was the one who called out his team mates in the media. LeBron calling out Bosh now….interesting chain of events.