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Your Morning Dump… Pierce should have known better

Piercejection Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

It was an appalling development for the team captain and supposed leader, who, instead of helping Boston scratch back from a deficit that was as high as 19 points, lost his composure and was forced to watch the remainder of the game from the locker room in disgrace.


Shouldn't Pierce be past this? All indications were he had matured into a reliable elder statesman, a Celtics winner who had taken his rightful place among the greats in this storied franchise.

Yet Bill Russell was never tossed from two playoff games. Bob Cousy, John Havlicek and Larry Bird never were, either.

Veterans are supposed to know better. When you are tagged with one technical, you cannot afford another — under any circumstance.

ESPN Boston – Pierce should know better

Those are the words of Jackie MacMullen – one of the most respected basketball journalists in the world. And if she is drudging up memories of Pierce's immature past (see Indiana series in 2005), then you know the Truth misplayed his hand yesterday.

Aside from the horrible 4th quarter officiating, Pierce had to be most frustrated with his play. He struggled to find his groove from the opening tip, committing 3 bumbling Tony Allen-esque turnovers in the 1st quarter. 

I'm willing to cut Pierce some slack on the ejection. I hope Ed Malloy's atroicous decision is scrutinized by NBA brass and he quietly disappears from the playoffs.

But if the Celtics are to win this series, Pierce needs to be the guy who provokes technical fouls, not collects them.

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On Page 2, Doc says his guys were overthinking it.

“I thought [Rondo’s three fouls] was huge,’’ Rivers said. “The only thing I told Rondo, I thought him and [Kevin Garnett] played the game in thought instead of instinctively. They were thinking about what they should do instead of playing. Those two guys probably have the best instincts on our team. They both played with the right spirit, it just didn’t go well.’’

Globe – Early troubles forced Rondo to bench

The Celtics need more from KG and Rondo. How's that for an obvious understatement?

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  • The 2nd T was total BS…. but I’m with Jackie Mac on the first one. THAT’S the one where Pierce let James Jones get to him. Pierce is better than that.

  • Exactly, right on.

  • Right after he gets that tech. They set a back pick on him and James gets the alley oop. They fed off of his frustration. I know Paul is better than that. He knows he was wrong. We will see a different Pierce come tuesday. Glad Ray and KG stayed cool. This game was very winnable. Looking forward to game 2.

  • I’m so used to seeing the Celtics getting into their opponents heads it really feels unreal to see it reversed like that. Still, I think they will now crush the Heat on Tuesday to save face.

  • Nobody got in Pierce’s head. He’s gotten several technicals during the season showing he’s not taking anyone’s crap. The second technical, however, was a fantasy. It should not have been called. People swear at each other every game. Technicals are only called when someone is taunting the other person. This was no verbal taunt. It was nothing but an incompetent hack getting emotional and interfering with a playoff game. I was angry at Pierce 15 years ago when he got himself ejected…legitimately. This was not that situation!

  • I agree with Jackie … to a point. As a coach, though, I have a different perspective.
    One of my greatest fears every night when the ball goes up is that the officials get in my kids’ heads. CLEARLY, Spolestra’s three brothers were firmly in the C’s heads by the time the fourth quarter rolled around.
    Always, always emphasized to my kids that the officials are mine. If there’s a problem, I’ll take care of it.
    So I’m disappointed, frankly, that if Doc saw the situation, he didn’t get up and unload on Malloy – who was watching two different games all afternoon long; the Wade runover of Davis that turned into an and-one is just one example.
    Doc, baby, take the officials on to keep them out of your guys’ heads. You MUST avoid a repeat of your placid demeanor Sunday while your players are boiling. Auerbach would have been ejected.

  • I love how NBA writers like MacMullen still pretend the officiating isn’t broken. Like Ostriches with their heads in the sand.