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Taking Stock: C’s – Heat Game 1

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Ray Allen:  Early on Ray Allen was the only guy who could hit a shot for the Celtics.  He seemed to be the only guy who came in comfortable and ready to lead the team to a win.  On a day like yesterday, I'd have been happy to see him get 30 shots instead of 13.

Sell The Bench:  How much longer are we going to get crap performances out of these guys?  Glen Davis hit a few jumpers but only managed 4 rebounds and was a horrific -21.  Jeff Green hit a 3 and got that nice Dunk-And-1.  But those plays are too few and far in between.  And Delonte West's head doesn't seem to be here for stretches.  Getting a tech for tossing a ball at a player is a dumb, DUMB move.  

Paul Pierce's lost cool:  I know he was frustrated.  I know James Jones came down on his head.  But Paul Pierce has been around too long to lose his head the way he did there.  Getting the tech there put him in the position to let an overzealous ref toss him for nothing.  If Pierce had kept his head earlier… that BS 2nd tech would have just been a blip in the game.

Ed Malloy:  Refs are supposed to keep their cool out there.  What he did on the Pierce/Wade play was the opposite of that.  The NBA needs to discipline him for being overzealous and overreacting.  It will be interesting over the next day or so to see how the league responds to what happened in this game.

Hold Every starter not named Ray Allen: Pierce was off early but I'm not expecting much out of him offensively because he's guarding LeBron.  KG and Rondo gave the effort… but their games weren't there.  And Jermaine O'Neal almost seemed more concerned with his offense than his defense… which showed in 0 blocks and 3 rebounds in 21 minutes.  All of these things, however, are correctable (except for Pierce, who will likely continue to struggle offensively).  I'm not even close to selling these guys… and I expect them to return to form in Game 2.

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  • there will be a reckoning, Celtics by double digits on Tue.

  • Get the ball into KG. It is also tough to come back without getting defensive boards. I’m not sure what the stats say but it seemed like each attempted run got stifled by the Heat getting an offensive board.

  • The Celtics will be back Tuesday, playing real Celtic ball, and with Rajon Rondo leading the way.
    Props to Dwayne Wade. I think he is the real leader of the Heat, and he showed it.

  • Game 1 was a joke we forgot James Jones was the NBA 3 point contest champ and gave him rec league looks at the YMCA, you got to know who you are guarding bottom line we were out played. Baby sucked as always give nads his minutes he a least looks like he cares, PP lost his cool, refs were awful (O’neal foul) 5 point swing. it will be a blow out in game 2 same thing happened with Cleveland last year. Also any word on shaq return it could help?

  • How do you kick start that Bench??? They need to contribute more is becoming an understatement.