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James Jones does his Best Ray Allen

During the 2011 All-Star weekend, there were several folks taking bets as to who would win the three-point shootout: Defending champion Paul Pierce, or the greatest three-point shooter of them all, Ray Allen.  James Jones of the Miami Heat spoiled all of the fun and shot his way to the trophy.

Fast forward to Game 1 of the 2011 ECSF and the C's had trouble keeping up with Jones again.  Jones drilled five three-pointers, mostly off of the C's over-helping the strong side and leaving him wide open for bombs.  ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz as well as ESPNBoston's Chris Forsbergalready have done exceptional work breaking down the plays got broke down the Celtics' defense.  Check out the video below of all five makes, as well as the misses (that were easily make-able).  Just abysmal defense by the Celtics.


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  • I highly doubt the Celtics will let this guy open this much in Game 2. Well I hope not. I noticed it’s normally the bench players covering him when he fired away and the bench has been PURE SHIT this postseason.