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Your Morning Dump… The Heat are happy wanderers

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

According to Dwyane Wade, the Heat will open with Mike Bibby on Rondo, then Mario Chalmers and LeBron will get turns to give him different looks and fresh defenders.

But Wade will have his hands full, too, with Rondo’s backcourt mate. He said it will take a team approach to deal with Ray Allen because the Celts veteran guard runs through so many screens.

Spoelstra remains fairly amazed by the work of the 35-year-old Allen.

“His commitment to run,” the coach said when asked what impresses him. “He’s in fabulous shape. He’s one of the most highly conditioned professional athletes that I’ve seen. He’ll make you run with him, and if you do it for two or three quarters, can you continue to do it in the fourth?

Herald – It's personal between Celtics/Heat

Perrrr-fect.. (I say as I wring my hands with a sinister laugh).

Not only do I love the Rondo vs the cement-footed Bibby/Chalmers duo, but I love Wade on Ray.

The number don't lie. Ray averaged 20 ppg and 49% FG shooting vs the Heat this season. For all his defensive prowess, Wade has a hard time with old man Allen. Maybe Wade isn't one to fight through screens. Or his tendency to roam on defense bits him in the ass.

"You have to put them in as many pick-and-rolls, screen action plays as possible," another scout said. "Otherwise, they'll just keep on cheating over defensively."

Said another scout, "You look at most of the high-energy plays they make defensively. It's not what they do to the man they're guarding; it's what they do to the guy that didn't see them lurking."

Boston's ball movement will be instrumental in forcing both to play their men more tightly.

CSNNE – Scouts identify what Cs have to do with Heat

As for LeBron guarding Rondo, there is one clear-cut response: Paul Pierce in the post.

On Page 2, how Jeff Green fares guarding LeBron James.

So how has Green performed while guarding James during his career? It's a limited sampling — a mere 14 plays — but, according to ESPN Stats and Info, James is 3-of-12 shooting (25 percent) with seven points and two turnovers when defended by Green.

ESPN Boston – LeBron vs Green

And some people had the balls to doubt Danny Ainge and the Trade. The Celtics PR people should have released these stats months ago.

In all seriousness, Jeff Green needs to play well defensively (rebounding too) vs Miami. Just forget about your offense, Jeff.

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  • Amazing that some media hacks still stooge for The Trade. But how else are ya gonna get access, right?

  • Without a doubt, though, this is where Jeff Green really needs to step up. And if he can put some real defense on Lebron, and keep Lebron busy, that will help us a lot.

  • Can’t wait for this game to start! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • @Paul
    Its not just media hacks…
    a majority of honest-to-goodness hardcore C’s fans hated The Trade and are still very skeptical of it. There is no conspiracy.
    anyways, pumped for the game!!!!!
    and, think this is my first comment on Reds Army…just wanted to say LOVE this blog – thank you all so much.

  • I bleed green and LOVE the trade. Media types and “fans” with no memory forget that we had NO backup 3 (small forward) to spell Pierce if gets in foul trouble, gets dinged, or just needs a blow. We also forget that Perk and Delonte were hurt and Nate was the only backup point. They forget that the Celtics were in first place with the best record in the East with NO PERK for the first 33 games. They forget that Perk was limited offensively and with Rondo on the floor, the C’s had 2 players who the defense could sag off. They forget that Perk almost never finished games because of his poor free thro shooting (and because the D could load up the paint. They forget Per’s endless “moving screen” fouls, and the way he ALWAYS brought the ball down after catching inside.
    Trade was great from day 1, and may lead to a Title if Green can step up his defensive intensity a notch. They were not going to win without a backup 3.

  • @banner18
    okay, so since you like the trade, do you get to refer to yourself as a fan, without the quotes? And folks who disagree with The Trade somehow less authentic than those who agree with it?
    All I am saying is, the angst and disagreement with The Trade is not some media-driven conspiracy. A large amount of “real” “fans” believe The Trade sucked. I personally give Ainge & co benefit of the doubt, and have been trying to convince my boys it must have been necessary and will hopefully pan out in the long run, but it’s pretty annoying that supporters keep ringing the ‘media hack’ bell, again and again.
    Whether you are in agreement or disagreement of The Trade, you cannot argue that it wasn’t incredibly controversal, and that those who are ‘hung up on it’ are not stupid or whatever other deregatory term you choose, they just have a different opinion. More than anything tho, they are absolutely NOT fake, pseudo, or fair-weather fans.
    Finally, all your claims are complete opinion and speculation. “may lead to a Title if Green can step up” “they were not going to win without a backup 3” —
    oh alright now, if you say so…