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Recap: James freakin Jones destroys the Celtics


Dwyane Wade (38 points, 14-21 FG) played a superb basketball game, but James Jones was the difference in the Heat's 99-90 victory in Game 1.

The sharp-shooting bench player nailed 5 threes and scored 23 of his 25 points in the 1st half. He was the reason Miami took a 15 lead into halftime. Jones can't do much besides shoot, yet Celtics defenders repeatedly left him open on the perimeter.

Miami's defensive intensity was the second biggest factor in this game. The Celtics shot under 40% in the first half and scored just 36 points.

Rajon Rondo (8 points, 7 assists, 7 rebounds, 5 turnovers) was aggressive early, but not in the right ways. Too much posting-up on Mike Bibby.

Paul Pierce (19 points, 6-14 FG, 7 rebounds, 4 turnovers) was awful in the 1st half. He was out-of-sync. He dribbled the ball off his legs on two possessions which led to Miami fast-break points.

KG needs more than 9 shots.

While the referees did not affect the outcome, they made several awful calls that all went against the Celtics.

1. Jermaine O'Neal's flagrant foul on Jones. Puh-lease. It was a bump. Nothing more.

2. The non-flagrant call on Jones for raking Pierce on the head. Yes, Jones should wrap up Pierce to ensure he doesn't get off the shot, but that doesn't mean he has to knock him in the head.

3. The quick-trigger technical on Pierce that got him ejected. Wade ran thru Pierce on a pick (a possible flagrant foul itself) and then Ed Malloy delivered one of the quickest Ts you'll ever see.

No – that was not a head butt by Pierce.

I'm frustrated as hell that the Celtics delivered such a lackluster performance after a week's rest. But I'm more than confident they will take Game 2. There is too much to improve upon.

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  • Early fouls (some of them silly), poor shooting and poor execution. Period. I know there will be many complaints about the refs, who were bad, but it was the C’s that lost this one. Other than James Jones, Miami did nothing special-Wade and Lebron got buckets like we knew they would. But Rondo, Pierce and KG cannot all “mail it in.” And of course the bench didn’t get it done either. I chalk this up to too much time off. C’s were rested, but they do well when they’re loose and flowing. I promise you this though-they won’t play this poorly again next game. And they really (or Ed Malloy did) pissed off Pierce. Ask the Knicks what happens when you do that… Oh-and I hope Juwan Howard gets punched in the balls by someone at some point. “Get the f**k outta here” he says to Paul after his 2nd tech. IT’S ON LIKE POPCORN.

  • Celts actually converted 3 more 3 point shots than Miami, and came out even in FGM (32) on 7 more attempts. Game was lost on free throw disparity: Heat (26-32), Bos (14-18). Yes there were some horrible calls, but this is the playoffs and the more aggressive team always seems to be the beneficiary.
    PP’s ejection was a uncalled for. But after the ejection Rondo commits 5 turnovers in the next 12 possessions.
    When Doc opted for JG on LBJ it enabled PP to find a rhythm prior to the ejection. But JG is going to have to adjust his defense by playing off LBJ using his length instead of body to body, btw … Celtic bench -47, BB -21!
    No reason to panic … Celts lost game one in Cleveland last year, but if they plan on winning this series Rondo and KG must exploit their individual match ups.

  • Sell the Boston Bench for the amount they contributed in this play off game. Its all on the starters unfortunately and they not in this game either. Pressure on the C’s on the Heat’s court. C’s don’t win game 2 well……

  • I have to admit, I am not confident at all with the Celtics bench. Big Baby is already a former shell of himself, I’m not sure what the hell happened to him. It’s a shame we can’t compete against the Heat’s bench… mind you, they are the weakest bench in the whole NBA, I believe.
    This was just one game and I gotta admit, those three fouls on the Celtics were the worst. Ejection was also the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
    Argh, let’s forget this one and hope the Celtics realize they are in danger now. They must win Game 2 to take home court or they are screwed.

  • Terrible first half. Poor help-side defense most of the game. Little or no offensive patience.
    Let’s play a game: Guess the officiating crew for game 2. I’m going with Violet Palmer, Gloria James and Alonzo Mourning.
    Ed Malloy and Danny Crawford were pretty good for the Heat today, too. Malloy is a clown.

  • Not fazed or worried in the slightest. Sure, I would’ve preferred if we’d played better and gotten the W. But a loss fires up this team like nothing else. PP is going to be ON FIRE in Game 2, I just know it. Bring on Game 2. 🙂

  • Of course, the main analysis here is only partially right. The refereeing did affect the outcome of the game. The Celtics had the lead down to 8 when the phoney flagrant foul was called. It resulted in a 5-point play, moving the lead back to 13. They got nearly every call on Miami drives and I can think of drives by Green, Pierce and Rondo where there were clear fouls and no calls. That’s 11 points and the game! They threw Paul Pierce out for NOTHING! Awful defense on James Jones, yes. Poor ball movement in the first half on Miami’s constant doubling, which ALWAYS leaves someone open, if you move the ball. Awful game by Rondo. First, he refused to finish a half dozen times. Then the turnovers in crunch time. Ray was spectacular. A lot of missed open shots. PP was lousy in the first half. Hoping for a lot better.

  • the flagrant on JO giving miami 5 points was a microcosm of how flow of this game was changed by the “officials” ..every time the celtics looked to be gaining momentum..either a call was made or missed to end that.

  • Well said…

  • 7 assists for Rondo? You can pretty much tell the story from that. I don’t think the Cs had much of a game plan, beyond ‘let’s try to establish the post in the early going’.
    The good news is that they basically got creamed and still only lost by 9. If I were the Heat, I’d not be feeling very good about that.
    Yes, the refereeing played a big role, but we clearly were not ready for this game. We have ourselves to blame for losing. We need to make sure that Tuesday is a different story.

  • The nine points doesn’t comfort me. It really wasn’t that close. That being said, Miami won a game on their home court. Nothing more. Time to put it behind us and hope we split the first two.

  • I noticed that from Howard, too. Nice trash talking from a 39 year old bench warmer.

  • I’m not too concerned over this loss. James Jones isn’t going to score 25 points again (see: Eddie House’s 35 point game vs. Orlando in 2009 and subsequent games after). Despite the avalanche of good luck, calls, and shots by Miami, they still had to fight until the end to win.
    My one concern, which remains the same since the playoffs started, is the bench. Again, more milktoast contributions from Jeff “Jason Bay” Green and the rapidly invisible Glen Davis. Now it seems Delonte West wants in on the suckfest. Ainge must sit in his seat, mouth agape, wondering what the hell happened.

  • Can't stand that mofo. If I get seats above Miami's tunnel for Game 3 or 4, I'll rain down on him w/enough expletives for me and you.