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Your Morning Dump…. Where the C’s focus on Bosh

Kg and bosh
Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“First off just knowing he can score in different ways, you just like to keep a couple different options away from him,” Garnett said. “I think for Baby and myself and all the guys who played Amare Stoudemire in the first round, it was sort of a good series to warm us up for (Bosh’s) play. He can score in different ways and they get the ball to him, so we have our work cut out for us.

“When Bosh plays well, they blow teams out. It’s not even close.”

CSNNE: Celtics keyed in on Chris Bosh

“LeBron and Wade are going to be LeBron and Wade,” Doc Rivers said. “They were great before the series, they’ll be great during it and they’ll be great after it and this summer when you’re talking about it you’ll say LeBron and Wade are great players. That’s not going to chance. But when Bosh plays great, then their team plays great. He’s a key guy for them.”

WEEI: Celtics will pay close attention to Bosh

Our preview will be coming up later today and Bosh is also my pick for "gotta stop."  Because, like Doc said, you can try to stop LeBron and Wade but that's not going to get you very far.  You can try to limit them to jumpers but even then they'll still score. 

Bosh takes a lot of grief.  For example, I contend there's a no "Big 3" on either team.  Boston has a "Big 4" and Miami has a "Big 2 1/2".  But Bosh can go off if you let him.  Conversely, Bosh will cry if he doesn't touch the ball enough.  He's easily the most emotional of the group and he'll crack faster than the fat guy in the "fresh fish" scene of Shawshank Redemption.

He's the weak link in the chain.  Go at him, and you'll break the Heat.

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On Page 2:  LeBron calls the Celtics "lunch"… and Ray responds


Jackie MacMullan: LeBron had an interesting comment. Someone said something about finishing off the Sixers and he said 'well that was breakfast.  Now we're getting ready for lunch'… so the Boston Celtics are 'lunch'

Ray: Yeah…. well…. if that's the case you gotta have a big appetite… because we're a smorgasbord

ESPN Boston

Just watch Ray stew in that comment for a second.  The body language… the rubbing of the back of his head… the gaze off into the distance… he's clearly angry.  

Lunch?  Us? 

There's no doubt he walked into the locker room later and said something like "that motherf-er LeBron called us lunch"… and I wouldn't be shocked if he set off to the court to take a couple hundred jumpers afterwards.  

The Celtics will not take that kind of slight lightly.  And I'll bet good money that someone will reference that if (when) the Celtics win this series.

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  • It was nice of Lebron to pin that up on the Celtics’ locker room wall. And what a good response from Ray. Perfect.

  • I think what we need to do is attempt to negate LeBron, more than we do Bosh. KG has shown that he can hurt Bosh mentally and take him out of the game, we need to do the same to LeBron. Turn this into the Miami series from last year. Wade with a poor supporting cast (including an unconfident LeBron and Bosh) can win the Heat a game, so can LeBron if he goes off for one game. The other role players, inc. Bosh can get one more win if they’re lucky, and that still makes it a 4-3 Celtic win.
    LeBron has shown time and time again that he’s quite fragile mentally, especially in the confident department, in the playoffs. We need to make his life hell on the court, and force him to give Wade the ball. Wade needs to be Miami’s clear #1 option, if LeBron realises that, hopefully he’ll start thinking pass first, and then its all downhill for Miami after that.
    Wade plays dumber basketball than LeBron, is lesser athlete, worse at driving (because he’s smaller than LeBron) and takes more stupid fadeaways etc. If he’s taking jumpshots, no matter how many, we’ll win games. Wade can score 30 a game, if LeBron only gets 15 we’ll be fine. That’s the most important thing IMO. Get into LeBron’s head, get him doubting himself. Bosh is already a quivering mess at times, if we stop LeBron, who is already too willing to pass at times, we’ve got this series. Otherwise it’l be damn tough. LeBron can win 2 games in any series by himself, we cant have him win 2, Wade 1 and Bosh 1, it’s too late by then. I’m confident we can do this. 18

  • Real funny from a guy who appeared to be choking on his philly cheesesteak.