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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #16: “North of the Border”

With the playoffs in high-gear, this is an exciting and busy time for Celtics fans. I apologize for not offering a "FanFriday" last week. I'll do my best to keep this feature going throughout the playoffs as the C's chase Banner18.

This week, I'm going to feature a couple of fans I've met through Twitter. They are both from Canada-a country that is filled with NBA fans and many Boston Celtics backers.

Rukhshii has got to be one of the most dedicated Rajon Rondo fans I've ever come into contact with. You can catch her on Twitter before, during & after Celtics games tweeting encouragement to Rajon. She tells me the reason she likes Rondo so much is his "hustle, court-vision and hard work." She believes he is "arguably the best point guard in the league". And bewteen me and you readers, she might have just a tiny crush on him…

IloveRondo (1)

As a kid, Rukhshii's dad was always watching the Celtics. She would be subjected to clips of classic games featuring his favorite player, Larry Bird. An obsession was born, and she's been a Celtics fan ever since. She rates the C's 2007-08 championship season, their first in 22 years, as her favorite Celtic moment ever. As far as her favorite Celtics moment in person, this monster slam by Paul Pierce takes the cake for her. And let me tell you, Rukhshii may be young, but she knows her hoops and she follows as intently as any Celtics fan out there. Follow her on Twitter and you'll see what I mean.


Sig aka "SigD" on Twitter, is a 33 year-old Celtics fan from Winnipeg. His earliest memory of the Boston Celtics was when he was about 6. He remembers wondering why his Dad was "yelling at the tv-this was during the 1984 NBA Finals.." His Dad basically told him to "root for the green team". Sig says that was no problem as he "never liked purple".

Larry Bird jersey

26 some-odd years later, Sig is a die-hard GreenTeamer-and sneakerhead like me. Notice the fresh Air Jordan I "Celtics" of the DMP 1 pack in the above pic.

I asked Sig what would be his favorite all-time Celtics moment. He told me that the epic battle between Chuck Person & Larry Bird in Game 5 of the Pacers series in 1991 was up there, as was the 2002 miracle-comeback vs the Nets. But his real favorite? He told me: "my favorite moment was game 4 against the Lakers in 2008.  Seeing Eddie hit the go-ahead jumper in the 4th and yelling "I'M A SHOOTER MOTHERF***ER!" was blissful.." What more can I say…? Follow Sig on Twitter for great C's tweets.

Thank you for reading this week's "FanFriday", and keep your browser at Red's for the latest on everything Celtics. Get at me via my Twitter with any suggestions, thoughts or feedback. GO CELTICS!!!!

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  • Thanks G!! Appreciate the support..

  • How do I get repped as a Celtic fan in Maryland Baby!! LOL!!!

  • Rukhshii is one of the cutest fans I have seen in awhile! But you guys already knew that 😉

  • Follow her on Twitter-she’s real friendly.

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