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LeBron’s too good to sign a family birthday card?

Lebron-james-drake There's a new book coming out that look at LeBron's lineage… how his family came to settle in Ohio… and so on.  It's basically a LeBron history book. 

But we don't give a damn about how is great-grandfather came to Ohio.  What we care about is the juicy stuff.  They juicy tidbit that makes LeBron look like an even bigger d-bag than wearing sunglasses indoors while tossing finger signs with Drake.  

His family says LeBron won't even sign a birthday card: 

Relatives like James’ great-uncle, Steven J. Nelson Sr., claim LeBron won’t even sign family member’s birthday cards because he allegedly believes his signature is too valuable.

Wow.  That's one hell of an allegation.  That LeBron wouldn't even sign a card becaue it was too valuable? As if he'd bestow a Maserati upon the recipient by taking the time to ink his name to a $3.99 Hallmark card.  

Pardon us.

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  • Isn’t that more of a reason to sign them? It’s like giving a handout to family members without having to give anything up.

  • Hate it when people break into my house and steal birthday cards lol

  • He really has disturbing moral values. Guess his mum did a good job.
    I still don’t think he’s a bad person, he’s just lost between what’s right and wrong. That’s not an excuse for his behavior, but then again who am I to say he’s doing it wrong?

  • Eh, not to defend Lebron, but this “great-uncle” probably was never involved in his life until he hit the NBA. He was probably denied a handout from Lebron, so now he’s committing borderline libel by making shit up and cashing in with this lame book.

  • Nothing is too low for Redsarmy.

  • Nothing is too low for Lebron to do

  • And yet you are here everyday.