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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s avoid stagnant balls

Pierce lebron ad Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.  

“The ball movement, the simplicity of it, is really important, and that’s with Rondo handling the ball, but it’s also with everyone touching the ball and moving the ball,” he said. “I just like the fact in the last two games that it was simple and it was nice.”

[…] “From a defensive standpoint, we want teams to hold the ball so we can load up on them and force them to make the play they’re not used to making. Teams do that to us and we play into their hands, but when we move the ball, I love that. If I don’t shoot it in the corner, when we move the ball I can see that everyone is touching it. If I’m shooting the ball, then that means that everyone is moving it.”

Herald: Celtics' engine in tune

We saw it in Game 4 against the Knicks.  What happened when the ball stuck and the C's played a lot of isolation.  The Knicks made a furious comeback.  

The Celtic are not an isolation team.  When they play 1-on-1 ball, they almost always lose out somehow.  The offense goes stagnant, guys just stand around, and it translates to the defensive end of the court… and in a very bad way.

The offense looked good for seven quarters in the last two games.  If that can continue, the Celtics will go far.

By the way, that photo is part of Nike's "Epic" campaign.  I took the picture at NikeTown in New York.  Time to get juiced for this thing.

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On page 2:  Do the Celtics NEED Shaq against Miami?

That's the Herald's Steve Bulpett making the case on CSN that while it would be nice to have Shaq against the Heat… the C's don't NEED him (or, as I quote, they "damn well don't need him").  

This goes back to the discussion of whether Jermaine O'Neal would be enough.  If Jermaine can give what he's been giving, then no, the Celtics don't need Shaq.  If Jermaine regresses at all, then the C's have a problem because that gives up a big matchup advantage.  The C's are stronger at the point, on the post, and on the bench.  Giving up any of those advantages might be enough to swing the series in the other direction.

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  • baby, dwest, and someone else from the bench will decide this series

  • The bench has nothing to do with it. They can help, but they can’t decide anything. This article actually hits the nail squarely on the head. Movement, unselfishness and energy on offense, for the Cs, is the sole deciding factor. The Cs are unbeatable when they play their game. Unfortunately, they tend to forget all about that given any excuse, and then Rondo particularly starts walking the ball up, standing around, playing Cross Four in his mind…
    The Cs need to somehow get it fully understood in their minds that, as this article says, when they go from an unselfish, energy, ball movement offense to a slow-it-down, stand-around, iso offense (even if they are still running plays, if they slow it down, it’s still basically iso), they instantly become an OLD team. For anyone who wants to talk about a Celtics’ ‘switch’, THERE’S the switch you should be talking about. The important ‘switch’ is the one that takes them from unbeatable to very beatable, in a minute. That’s the switch that I suspect every other team in the league increasingly knows about and can smell. When the Cs start playing their slow it-down-stand-around offense, other teams increasingly smell blood in the water, I’m certain. The good ones, anyway. You can be sure that the Heat smell it. The Heat are perfectly constructed to run the Celtics out of town when the switch goes to ‘off’. They can do what the Knicks did in game 4 faster and harder, AND they play better defense than the Knicks.
    So it all comes down to this: how much do the Big Four want a championship? They are going to have to want it enough to play their game as relentlessly as they will need to do to get past the Heat.