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Pierce: Bosh is the X-factor

Chuck - Red's Army April 28, 2011 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Pierce: Bosh is the X-factor

Via Chris Forsberg's practice notes:

* Bosh = Miami X-factor?: Pierce also suggested that Chris Bosh remains the potential key player for Miami. "Well I think they've done a better job of really implementing Bosh [since the start of the season]," said Pierce. "I thought at the beginning of the year, he was sort of the odd man out. But, to me, he's sort of like the key for them, because you know LeBron and [Dwyane] Wade are going to get theirs every night. Usually when [Bosh] plays well, they're a tough team to beat."

Nice job, Paul. Way to plant the seed in Bosh's head that he's the X-factor. Now he'll try to do too much.

As for Shaq's status:

Rivers offered a bit of a surprise when he noted that ailing center Shaquille O'Neal would participate in skeleton (non-contact) drills during Thursday's session (this a day after saying O'Neal wouldn't engage in any activity until Friday). As Rivers has pointed out in the past, he could do skeleton work, so it's not much to get excited about. Friday remains the more important day as the Celtics hope O'Neal will engage in more basketball activities that day and offer a better indication of his status for the early portion of this series. "He's going to do a little bit today, actually," said Rivers. "Not much, he's just going to do skeleton work today and then practice tomorrow, hopefully. That's the latest."

I know the Celtics can beat Miami without Shaq, but I think he'll be a load for any of their big men to handle. And I want him to be there when D-Wade and LeBron come driving into the lane.

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  • As long as KG is upright, Bosh is a non-factor most nights.

  • Shaq wants a piece of Miami. He’s coming back.

  • It would be fun to see him use up his fouls, that’s for sure. PP knows exactly what he is publishing.

  • If things don’t go right for Bosh he has a habit of sulking. So it’s not inconceivable that KG can rattle his cage as evidence of the head to head edge in his favor…
    KG (12-7/W-L, 18.7/10.3r) vs. BOSH (16.3/9.3r) head to head lifetime.
    2010-11 head to head on court: KG 3-1/W-L, 15.3/9.8r, + 4.3 … Bosh 13.8/8.6r
    While it’s true Stat got the best of KG in game 1, and was not 100% after game 2, the proud warrior adjusted by keeping him out of the paint and away from the baseline. Meanwhile the Miami starters were outscored 111-64 by the Philly starters, head to head (time on the floor), and the main reason why Spo started the 3rd quarter last night with Chalmers and Anthony over Z/Bibby. Anthony was a +75 for the series, and out worked every Celtic on the glass in that Heat rout. Celts averaged nearly 13 turnovers/100 possessions vs. NY. That’s a recipe for disaster vs. Heat. I’ll take my lumps with Bosh from 16-23ft., but I don’t want Anthony beating us on 50/50 pts at the rim or LBJ/Wade in transition.