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Your Morning Dump… Where KG’s catching up on his video games

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Yo yo yo!  We're moving on!  Great energy yesterday afternoon!  Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it!  We needed to get this game, so we could have a couple of days to get our rest!  With Miami losing, we don't play until at least Sunday.  Doc gave us 2 days off, so practice on Wednesday!  Lots of treatment, recovery and catching up with video games.

The team played awesome!  We got up early and started executing better.  Baby, JO tightened down our D-fense and Rondo made our offense go.  Setting picks for the guys is my job and as Doc says, "DO YOUR JOB!".  Good picks get good shots for Ray and P2.  Friday's game they went off!!!!  Yesterday, the knicks tried to stop them, which got me looks.  I was able to make shots and get rebounds.  Didn't even realize that I had 20+ pts.  Team win is the only thing that matters.

KG's Anta blog

TWO days off?  The pickins are pretty slim as it is.  Someone better do something worth throwing on this site today. 

Oh man… what are we going to do during the lockout???

You know, KG sums up nicely what the C's offense is all about when its going well.  You have to pick your poison.  Rondo went off in Game 2…. so the Knicks collapsed more in Game 3.  Well, in Game 3, Ray and Pierce took advantage and went of…. so the Knicks stayed home on those guys.  Well, in Game 4 KG got open looks as the Knicks tried to avoid getting smoked by the 3 other perimeter players.  And if they try to stay home on all 4 guys?  Dump offs to Jermaine O'Neal or Glen Davis… whomever is in the game. 

If the Celtics are executing their offense… they have too many weapons.

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On Page 2: Adversity is a good thing

“Adversity is good,’’ Rivers said. “That’s what I take away from it. It’s a good thing, and I told our guys that. I told them to expect it going into the series.

“We’re going to have it — it wasn’t an if. Be prepared for it. Embrace it, it’s a good thing. Enjoy the adversity. You find out who handles it well and who doesn’t, but even the ones who [don’t] at times, you hang in there with them, and eventually they’ll come through for you.’’

Globe: Celtics pause for reflection

There's nothing quite like a bit of adversity for people to understand who's who.  When times get tough, people revert back to their base instincts… their normal selves.  

When the going gets tough in basektball, strong players perform, and weak players wilt.  Some people find ways to get the job done… others either watch… or fail.

The Celtics have over some some adversity so far… but they're not done yet.  And there are a bunch of people… IN Boston… on TV and the Radio… DYING for the Celtics to fail so they can prance around, puff out their chests, and give us the "I told you so" about the Perkins trade (everyone had better be picturing Felger here… cuz he's prime suspect #1).  I'll bet those idiots already have the pieces written and saved… and they're just waiting to fill in who beat the Celtics. 

There is still plenty of adversity for the Celtics.  I hope they revert back to their championship selves.

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  • What a load of crap. I doubt if anyone is hoping that the Celtics fail, and only fools think that their failure would say anything more about The Trade than is already known: The Trade was made for the wrong reasons, and was a terrible mistake. But we can still win a championship. It’s always come down to the Big Three, and even more, to Rondo. And if Rondo and Jeff Green can start finding each other, that could be a great pickmeup. And Krstic is an improvement over Semih, so while we may not have a solid starting center, at least we have a pretty good backup.

  • It’s hard for me to call the trade and terrible mistake. A calculated risk is more accurate. What do you do when your depth at sf becomes null due to a season ending injury to Marquis? Dominoes fell where the had to and this team would have different problems had the trade not happen. PP WILL have at least one game where he gets in foul trouble and we can certainly breathe easier knowing Green can come in.
    As for the future you don’t give B. Haywood $$$ to Perk (or Haywood for that matter). Ainge was also smart to ship Kendrick West so he wouldn’t be on a Eastern rival team.

  • I think whats being really underestimated is what Jeff Green’s real reason was for coming to Boston. We didn’t need him to come in a pput up big numbers eachnight (it’d be nice) what he is foing is giving Peirce the rest that he has never had the luxury of in the playoffs. ITS A GUHE FACTOR, there is a drop when Green comes in, but its as minimal as its ever been. You got a guy that can guard Melo and Lebron AND give PP plenty of rest.
    The first sweep in the big 3 era? It might just be, because PP has legs going into the 4th quarter and can put a stop to opposing teams runs.
    A bucket here and bucket there, it makes a big difference