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Hollinger refuses to give the Celtics an ounce of credit

John and I are stewing over the lack of respect (locally and nationally) given to the Celtics.

ESPN stat-geek John Hollinger offered up this analysis when asked what he thought of the Celtics going forward in the playoffs:

John Hollinger, ESPN.com: I give them a pretty mixed review. Winning in four is impressive, regardless of the opposition, but those first two home games against New York's full roster were hardly encouraging … and that was against an average team, not against a contender like Miami. I still think the Heat will breeze past them fairly easily in the next round.

John has a great theory behind Hollinger's criticism. I'm pulling this from our most recent Google chat:

The C's turn it over a lot, don't rebound, and shoot a ton of long 2's… it defies his statistical logic so he brushes them of. Like he's running around his office screaming "does not compute… DOES… NOT… COMPUTE…" before his head explodes.


Aside from Game 2, I want to know which one of Miami's wins were "impressive." Game 1 was a two point game with 2 minutes remaining. Game 3, the 76ers led going into the final quarter and were within 4 with a couple minutes left. Despite shooting 40% in the series, the Sixers have been close in 2 of the 3 losses. Yet somehow this translates into Miami "breezing past the Celtics fairly easily."

What am I missing?

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  • The C’s are a statistical anomaly. Just look at Game 7 of the Finals last year. Got murdered on the Offensive boards yet still held a 13 point lead going into the 4th. They trust their defense SO MUCH that it’s almost an afterthought when they get outrebounded; they just feel they’ll stop the opposing team again. The caveat to this is the C’s have to be efficient on the offensive end. When they aren’t, that’s when they lose.

  • A strike against advanced statistics. Next round will prove that!

  • ‘Winning in four is impressive, regardless of opposition…… that was against an average team’
    Is there a contradiction button in grammar check?
    They didn’t play Miami in the first round, they played NYK and swept. Looks pretty black or white to me.
    The ‘grey area’, i.e. nothing to do with the results, is what he wants to charge people for on Insider. I think the C’s record is pretty good when Hollinger picks against them, so Keep it coming!

  • Remember when The Celtics would be lucky to get by the Heat? Get swept by the Cavs? Lose to the Magic in 5 or 6?

  • DRJ

    There is nothing to miss. Hollinger is not a Celtics fan, and doesn’t understand what is really going on.
    The Last Missing Piece was the 5 spot, and that’s been covered now by the second coming of Jermaine O’Neal. (Plus there’s possible gravy cooking in the oversized form of the Big Shamrock… maybe.) The Last Weakness on this team was the bench, and we’ve already seen signs of improvement there in game 4, plus we know they’ll get even better after this week’s worth of practice (a very rare commodity since the trade deadline).
    But the bottom line comes in two parts:
    (1) Rondo has broken out and stepped up, just as he has every other time the Cs have entered a playoff season. This is huge, as it marks the difference between the mediocrity of the regular season’s end and the championship team of the playoffs. It’s hard to overestimate how important Rondo is to his team.
    (2) This group is now DETERMINED to win it all this season. Many of us always thought that had to be the case, if for no other reason than the realization that this may be their last clear shot at the second ring (what with lockout looming). In games 3 and 4, the Cs showed us just how motivated they are.
    I’m not going to even bother talking about the talent on this ballclub, except to say that it’s there, it’s HEALTHY… and it’s overwhelming when properly applied.
    The Knicks series didn’t need the Cs to apply their talents maximally, true. But that alone is an indication of nothing. What’s important to take from that series is not the weakness of the competition, but the strength of the Celtics’ determination to get this job done.
    All of which leads me, if forced to predict outcomes, to pick the Celtics in 4, every time. I know it’s near-impossible, and I even know it’s not gonna happen. But gun-to-head, I can’t see this team losing. So though I know it’s kinda crazy, that’s my prediction. Celtics in 4.

  • Do we care what Hollinger says? I don’t, he lacks logic and reason in his recent assessment. I guess the regular season stats weren’t good enough for him either, was it 3-1 over Miami? But they will easily blow past Celtics. Fun stuff

  • If Hollinger wasn’t enough, check out the new Insider article on ESPN. Basic point – we can’t win because we shot the ball so well against the Knicks. Not joking, the writer actually believes that.