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Your Morning Dump… Where the bench finally stepped up

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Doc: the bench tonight… think about it Paul was 1-10 at halftime.  Ray was 3-8.  I may be off on that one… I'm guessing.  And we had a big lead… and it was because of our bench.  They all were feeling the adversity and going through it… and just hung in there.  That's what happens in the playoffs.

Glen Davis:  Sometimes emotionally I can get down on myself and get frustrated.  When you're emotional you worry about the wrong things.  Today I just played the game.  That's it.  I just played.  I didn't worry about no shot.  I didn't worry about anything else.  I just played. That's what you gotta do.

Maybe most encouraging was the way the bench maintained an early lead for Boston, something it failed to do in the first three games against the Knicks. The Celtics kept at least three bench players on the court during a near nine-minute stint spanning into the second quarter in which a five-point lead built by the starters grew to nine before the first unit returned to the floor. 

The secret? 

"Just played a little bit harder," said Jeff Green, who missed five of the seven shots he put up but chipped in five points and seven rebounds over 16:45 in a solid effort. "That's about it. I think that's what we needed to do. [Delonte] West came in and gave us some big minutes, myself, [Glen Davis] played tremendous today. It was just the effort that we needed to put forth today. It had to be another notch up." 

ESPN Boston: Getting off the bench

Seems like the guys responded to Paul Pierce's criticism since Jeff Green basically echoed the captain's comments right there.

And it's pretty obvious that Glen Davis is just an emotional guy.  He's going to be that forever and ever and ever and there's no way we're going to change that.  He's the opposite of Jeff Green.  Jeff is stoic (Doc calls him a "Poker Face" guy) and he'll rarely show you a lot of emotion on the floor.  These are their personalities. 

So the only thing Doc can do is try to work with it and harness that emotion in positive ways for Big Baby. Yesterday, Baby was able to keep it in check and just play ball.  When he does that, he can be pretty good.  When the emotions get the best of him, then you've got to find a way to rein him in a bit and get him back to just playing. 

Good stuff out of the bench yesterday.  We'll need them against Miami

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On Page 2: Doc gets on KG… and KG responds


“I don’t get on Kevin often,’’ said Rivers. “But today he was so pass conscious because of the trapping. We had times where there were point guards on him. We just wanted him to be aggressive.’’

Garnett listened to his coach and came out firing in the third quarter, doing his best Carmelo Anthony impression and exploding for 18 points on 7-of-10 shooting in the period. But he may have taken his coach’s advice too far. With Garnett as the main offensive option, the Celtics’ lead shrank from 23 to 10 points.

“We got away from what we call our formula,’’ said Rivers. “We went to too much [isolation], too much post where they could see us and trap us. And that allowed them to trap.’’

Globe: Garnett got the message to fire away

Garnett’s final two shots came off simple pick-and-pop plays, with Rajon Rondo[stats] drawing attention going to the hoop and kicking it out for the type of shot Garnett practices daily.

“On those types of plays, Rondo usually takes my man with him and I just have to get the proper spacing and knock the shot down,” Garnett, who finished with a team-high 26 points, said. “That was no different.”

Herald: Kevin Garnett finds range, finishes with a flurry

I love how KG talks about his job like he's not a primary weapon on this team. 

Funny thing is… Part of me thinks he believes that.  He passes so often… he so team-oriented… it's almost as if Doc has to hold up a mirror on the bench and say "who do you see in that mirror?  Do you remember you're Kevin Garnett?  Now go score."

When the C's work the ball around, they break down defenses and find openings.  When they go iso like they did in the 3rd, they simply rely on shots going down.  It's terrible.  I hope they see that in film session.  When four guys are standing around, the offense blows. 

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  • I thought Kristic played great much better defense then usual as well as help the 2nd unit rebounding on both offense and defense. Id like to see him get more minutes in the next series due to our disticant big man advantage over miami Kristic is a 7 footer and Doc shouldn’t forget that even if Kristic just come in to give HARD PLAYOFF FOULS ON LEBRON FROM GAME 1. Plus if shaq comes back imagine the 2nd lineup with him out there. It would be spurts of Oneal Kristic Baby and Green. If green plays small forward then that means u could have two 7 footers out there or play the aggressive energy of big baby with either shaq or jermiane.

  • The bench needs to perform like this every game vs. Miami.