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Woj: Doc Rivers might stay

Adrian Wojnarowski was on WEEI today and he painted a pretty rosy picture, relatively speaking considering all the uncertainty, of Doc Rivers' future in Boston:

“I know this, and I talked to Doc about this in the preseason: The appeal of being the Celtics coach for life has really improved for him. I think Doc knows he will never have it better than what he has right now in Boston, with this group of players and an ownership and a GM that he works great with, and a city that I think adores him and that he has come to love coaching for.

“I think it’s going to be really hard for Doc to walk away. And he talked in the preseason about thinking about going through the rebuilding, about having an interest in doing that — rebuilding around Rondo. … The idea that he would leave and all of a sudden sign up in Miami tomorrow or right away and have to come back and coach against [KevinGarnett and [PaulPierce and [RayAllen, I don’t see him doing that. I think his relationships and what Boston means to him, I think he’d sit out at least a year, and then I guess it would be open to anywhere.

“While I think there’s times Doc feels like maybe it’s time to walk away, I think in a moment of truth, leaving this organization is going to be really, really hard for him. Because I think deep down he knows he’ll never have it better than he’s had it here. That will pull on his heartstrings.”

Doc Rivers is the reason why guys come to Boston now.  Yeah, yeah… it's also the chance at a title and the history… but Doc's the guy that makes the sale.  You can have the best product in the world… but if you have a crappy salesman, you'll still have problems. 

Doc tells it like it is.  He lays out what he expects from his guys and they respect that.  I would love for him to stay.  Maybe we'll get a scenario where the C's end up with his son Austin.  Wouldn't that be something?

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  • why hasn’t orlando begged him to be their GM?

  • Doc loves Boston!! Woo-hoo.
    Nice to know he’s not like Phil Jackson…

  • Austin is great, and he will only get better, but if we get him, we will lose Doc, and the older Rivers is the one we should prefer.

  • This.
    Austin is amazing, so it’s fun to fantasize about getting him. But I really doubt that he or Doc wants to be in the position of being on the same team.

  • Agree with you on the second one,I was thinking of that, but didn’t make it clear. And I do understand fantasizing, but I’m not fan of it. Sorry about that.

  • If we get Austin Rivers, it means we’re in the lottery. Doc will smartly leave when the Big 3 ride off into the sunset.