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Toney Douglas: Great at backpedaling, bad at defense

Toney bit harder on that shoulder fake than Chuck bit into that triple bacon cheese burger yesterday. 

I've never seen anyone fall for a fake like that since Chuck with that transvestite last weekend.

Hold on… I've got one more….

No one's back-pedaled that fast since Chuck was caught at that highway rest stop.

Seriously though… that's some really.. REALLY crappy defense by the Knicks.  Why do people think this team will be good next year? 

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  • And it means that we have to be a bit careful about seeing our Cs as a juggernaut about to roll over miami

  • Ehhhh..I think Douglas was instructed to play that way by that hack Diantoni.

  • He’s not the only Knick known for “backpedaling”…..

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that Douglas backpedaled his way right outta the League.