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Taking Stock: C’s – Knicks Game 4

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Jermaine O'Neal:  I don't think he's gotten quite enough props around here yet for what he did yesterday.  JO came into the 4th quarter when it was 84-80 Celtics. The Celtics went on a 17-9 run to end it.  There was suddenly a feel that when he came back in, the Knicks would have to work a lot harder for points.  They only attempted two shots within five feet after O'Neal returned.  

Yep… JERMAINE O'NEAL is currently our tough-as-nails defender of the rim. And the best part is… he's doing a pretty damn good job of it.

The Big 4:  Pierce and Ray had off shooting nights but the group as a whole is doing what it should be doing to win playoff games.  The 3rd quarter lull aside, this is the group we're going to rely on to win Banner 18, and each guy is coming up big.  

Sell Nothing:  You know what?  We just finished off a playoff sweep… the first one for the Celtics in a quarter century.  Yeah, the Celtics are still turning the ball over too much… and yeah, the Celtics really lapsed into their worst habits in the 3rd quarter.. but I'm happy with four straight wins.  Now this team gets what it needs most: rest.  There's nothing to sell right now.

Hold The Bench:  But that doesn't mean there's nothing to hold off on right now.  I'm not buying the bench after one decent game.  In the 3rd quarter, Jeff Green looked horrible.  He did finish with five points and seven rebounds, so there are positives there.  Same with Big Baby… who stepped up.  I still need to see more from him to buy into him.  Delonte West seemed really hesitant until that dust up that seemed to wake him up.  Overall… we just need to see more consistency before buying that our bench is back. 

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  • How come no love For Nads 2 big blocks perfect from the floor 5 rebonds and they were + 5 when he was on the floor.

  • You’re right… I could have mentioned him. But he still falls under the “hold” category with the rest of the bench.

  • I’m totally digging “The Redemption of Jermaine O’Neal” as an underlying storyline this playoffs.

  • But wait, I thought you guys were telling us that we didn’t need tough defenders like Perk. Now suddenly we need them again?

  • …My interpretation is that the C’s, with the return of 1-2 O’Neals, would have some tough interior defense to go along with the depth at the wing with the addition of Green.
    Get over the Perk trade. Last game he played 19 minutes with something like 2 points and 4 boards. His team also got the W but the last time I checked Boston is batting .1000 this so far.